And smell of jujube township wine jujube fragrance

One morning in late autumn, I walked through a vegetable market and suddenly heard the sound of selling dates.. The familiar cries aroused the memories of my childhood hidden deep in my heart.   Hometown is jujube village, jujube is not so famous, but there are many jujube trees.. Moreover, there was such a tree growing in my courtyard, with its dry and hard branches stretching out to the outside of the wall. When the wind blows in the flower season, some Su Dongpo’s ” rustling clothes, towels and jujube flowers” were beautiful..   But when I was a child, I didn’t have much’ cold’ about this idyllic landscape. In my eyes, there is nothing good about jujube flowers. I only hope that large and small jujube trees can be hung all over the branches and have a good meal.. I like eating dates best remembered by my mother, who has been away from home for nearly twenty years, but every time the dates are ripe, my mother will always say that I like eating dates.. In order to wait for me to go home, my mother always drags off tomorrow today and the day after tomorrow, and refuses to pluck the dates from the trees in advance.. But I had so little chance to go home that I couldn’t wait. My mother made wine dates, sealed them in jars and kept them for me all the time..   Jiuzao, I don’t know exactly which dynasty it originated from, but the history of Jiuzao has been recorded as’ Yu made Jiuzao, looking forward to Du Jun’s return’ ( Du Jun refers to Du Fu ), which shows that its history has been a long time ago.. The method of making it is not complicated. Select the jujube to clean and dry without damage, dip in some white wine, put it upside down in a jar with a little wine, and seal the mouth. After two or three months, it was edible.   I seldom ate dates when I was a child. I couldn’t eat them at first, but I didn’t want to eat them later.. I remember my childhood seems to be very greedy, but when the date falls into the tree, it may be sold, so my mother always pesters adults to give me some.. Most of the dates picked were sold, and the rest were made into wine dates..   But I still wanted to eat, and when I asked for it again, my mother said, ” I’m still waiting to go to the collection to buy dates and leave money for the public.”. ‘ I didn’t know what the so-called withholding money was, but I knew that on every day of handing in the withholding money, the loudspeakers in the village rang incessantly, and it seemed that they couldn’t afford it..   But in a few days, I started the idea of Jiuzao again. The jar containing the dates was in the corner, and no one paid attention to it.. I secretly opened the seal, grabbed one in my mouth in panic, and sealed the altar as it was. I think, steal one or two, adults will not see it. I comforted myself so often that I repeated my actions again and again and did not find them by adults.. However, it was not until winter when my father was preparing to take the dates that he realized that there were very few dates left in the jar.. Father didn’t say anything, just sat there smoking a bag of cigarettes sullenly. Until now, I was afraid to think of my father’s face. In my forties, I was too early to be covered with sorrow and hardship.. I only remember that my father only shared the remaining dates with our brothers.   I heard my father sigh softly.   I guess it was a lot of unsealing and airing. The dates didn’t taste so good that I didn’t like drinking dates for several years..   Day after day, the day before yesterday night in my junior year, I got up to pee, but I heard my father and mother still didn’t sleep. ‘ Go to his aunt’s house and borrow some money. You can’t even eat a dumpling. It’s New Year’s Day.. ‘ mother said.   Father sighed again and said nothing.   As the days passed, wrinkles gradually climbed up my forehead and canthus. More and more far away from home, but more and more deep memories of dates from home. Occasionally I saw wine and jujube sellers in the market, but I couldn’t help buying them, but I couldn’t find the taste of jujube in my hometown..   A few days ago, my brother came from home with a bag of wine dates, which were very sweet and crisp and had a bouquet of wine..   My brother told me to build asphalt roads in the village, occupying half of my courtyard, and jujube trees were just on the widened road and had to be cut off. This is the last time you eat dates from your yard.   I suddenly thought of a question and could not help but ask: Is it still handed over and retained?   Brother smiled and said, ” You are talking about agricultural tax and special tax.”? I don’t think so. Each person can also receive subsidies from the state. I listened and said nothing. I saw my father sighing again. I thought if I saw him now, I would not sigh..