Elder sister

( 1 ) On the evening of the first day of my home, my elder sister came down to see me, carrying some strange things in her hand. What is that? Elder sister said: You go with me to dig earthworms first, and I’ll tell you what it is.     We dug up a lot of earthworms in the vegetable field, and the elder sister canned them with small coke and came into the yard to spread out the strange things. Oh, it turned out to be some cages made of nylon thread. Big Sister said they were used for lobsters and eels.. Some small square cages have small hooks wrapped with wire, and the elder sister strung earthworms on the hooks as bait to attract Monopterus albus into the cages.. There are also some cages like long queues with no iron hooks, but there are some cucumber slices and potato slices in them. Elder sister said this is lobster’s.     I haven’t seen these things before. Elder sister said it was only used in the last two years.. I see! So are we going to get out of the cage tonight? Elder sister said she was interested in lighting me up with a flashlight. No, yes, go with me. Of course I will.     It was already dark but not yet dark. Elder sister took me to a hilly pond first. Elder sister asked me to hold a rope head and stand at the water’s edge. She took a few steps into the water and scattered the long net cage in her hand. The cage sank into the water. Elder sister took the rope head in my hand and wound it around a branch inserted in the water.. After getting out of the four cages, the elder sister explained that she would come and fetch them every day at dawn, and there would be many lobsters in them. Later, the elder sister took me to the edge of some rice fields and asked me to stand on the ridge of the field and carry the square cages one by one into the ditch.. The rice seedlings are heading and need some water, but Monopterus albus likes to make holes and the water in the field will drip dry. The elder sister said that the eel was killing two birds with one stone, which could not only maintain the heading of rice seedlings, but also be edible and delicious..     Elder sister, although her legs are not convenient, she always does things quickly. When it gets dark, we are on our way home. I was afraid that snakes and worms would come out of the grass. Elder sister took a bamboo stick and walked in front of her.. I think the fields under the night are full of mystery.     The next morning I was still awake. My sister woke me up and showed me the harvest from yesterday’s cage. My god, a basin of lobster you squeeze me and I pinch your crawling, there are many eels twisted in the bucket next to it. We have delicious food at noon! But so many, can’t eat. Elder sister said don’t worry, can’t eat and sell it in the market.     In this way, I accompany elder sister everywhere every night, looking forward to the next day’s harvest, and then looking forward to the market selling . ah, I like to see stacks of tickets fall into elder sister’s hands, she smiles happily.     ( 2 ) Elder sister’s life is relatively difficult. When she was three years old, she was unfortunately suffering from polio and her right leg was limping. I didn’t seem to feel her misfortune until I was seven or eight years old. That’s when our sisters went to the movies together. When we crossed the valley, we all leaped past. The only elder sister had a hard time and fell and hurt herself.. At the moment of watching elder sister struggling to get up, I suddenly realized that she is different from us. This difference makes people sad and heartbroken.. Oh, my poor sister!     But the elder sister never felt sorry for herself, she was very strong. Take school for example, children in the village often have to walk more than 20 miles to study in junior and senior high schools, and elder sister never needs to be transported to and from the village like a child with normal legs and feet, rain or shine.. She kept on going through high school. Later, she won the heart of a young and outstanding young man in the village and married him. I was still in the fourth grade of primary school when she got married. During this period, it was fun that I once served as a messenger for her and her brother – in – law. When they are in love, they often write letters, usually on my way from school, my brother-in-law will encounter me and then hand me a piece of paper folded into a heart shape ( useless envelope ) and tell me not to give it to my elder sister in person.. This task is mysterious, and I am curious and willing to complete it. Elder sister, also told me to do so. Until then, they confirmed the relationship, and I was not a messenger.. As long as our family burned anything delicious, my mother told me to go to the mountain and ask my future brother-in-law to come over for dinner.. I’m usually happy too, because I think I’ll be happy to do so.     Later, when I was in junior high school, my elder sister had her first baby. What I read is that the key point is to send it to me. I can only go home once every Sunday.. Every time I go home, I will run to the elder sister’s house to see the baby and rub some delicious food.Want to know the bad food in the school, either cooking a pot of Chinese cabbage or a pot of radish every day, without any oil or meat. The rice is made of a large aluminum plate box. The rice and water are put together and then steamed in a large pan. After steaming, the master cuts the rice into nine pieces, one for each person and one for about 3 to 4 ounces.. The cook sometimes puts too much water, so we have to eat porridge as dried rice. When the water is low, we have to swallow hard rice as a gun. This kind of food makes me look like a hungry wolf when I grow up physically and intellectually.. The first thing to do every time I go home is to open the cupboard door to find food. Elder sister naturally loves me very much, and every time she lets me round my stomach and go to school again.. One of my deepest impressions was that she cooked pig’s hoofs with soybeans, which were very delicious. I ate two large bowls of them at one go, and my stomach ached terribly after the meal, crying and regretting my sister’s impatience. She complained that she shouldn’t have let me eat so many soybeans.. She would rather not let me take it to school than let me have a stomachache at a time..     Another thing that I will never forget is that elder sister helped me heal scabies. When I was still in junior high school, the school buildings were rebuilt, and girls of one grade were arranged to sleep in a large classroom and play the floor. The ground is covered with straw, the straw is covered with a mattress on which people sleep. At that time, there was no special bathroom, so we had to eat, wash and live in this big room.. For a long time, wet and unsanitary made us all scabies. Scabies is a very itchy skin disease and is also contagious. At that time, when I felt itchy, the more I felt, the more I felt itchy. It was not easy to stay up until Sunday, when I returned home and my parents were not there. I rubbed onto my elder sister like a poor puppy, and her sister was not at home.. Standing outside the door, I felt hungry and itchy and miserable. The elder sister didn’t come back until it was dark. She was pregnant with a second baby.. Seeing my miserable appearance, she thought I was hungry and was in a hurry to cook three poached eggs for me to eat first. I couldn’t eat balsam pear with a face.. Elder sister is very strange. She even asked what happened. I said’ itch’ and snapped them crying.. Elder sister lifted my clothes and froze. She later said that she had ever seen such a sad situation: her skin was red and festering, and she was streaming with yellow water.. Elder sister was so anxious that she quickly took me to a barefoot doctor in the next village and took some Chinese herbal medicine. When we got home, it was terribly dark and we stumbled over more than five miles of mountain road before we got home. As soon as I got home, my sister told me to eat poached eggs and make a fire to cook the medicine. In order to make it cool quickly, my sister took a fan and fanned it hard. When it cooled, she told me to go over and carefully spread the medicine all over my body.. The potion worked very well. I soon could not feel the tickling sensation and then slept comfortably all night. I don’t know how my sister lived that night, but I know she worked very hard for me. She was pregnant with liujia, hungry, walking back and forth more than ten miles, decocting and applying medicine . ah, it’s time to finish the work in the middle of the night . ah, how can she not be tired?!     When I grow up, I want to thank my sister, but she never wants my thanks. Nowadays, when I go back to my hometown, I usually buy her clothes to eat. She doesn’t refuse to accept them cheerfully, but gives me more love that I can’t repay with material things.. She has always loved me like her mother, without any return. One of the words she often said was: younger sister, I should have.     Alas, I often feel like I can’t do anything in front of my elder sister. I can only dance with tears … ah