Forgive me, son

In the morning, I was woken up by a burst of cheerful birdsong. I rubbed my sleepy sleep, and a ray of sunshine had already leaked into the bed, and spilled into the eyes of crying red at night, planting a person’s pain, which was my most regretful choice. Regret and my room constituted a lonely short circuit.. The video is full of pictures of his son, full of flashing sunshine and his fantasy of growing up.     Lying in bed, you can see a few magpies flying around on the bare elm poles that stretch out of the wall, flying from one branch to the other and flying back from one branch to the other is very free and free.. After a while, several sparrows flew in with laughter and noise. How comfortable these little creatures are? The in the mind a strange sour, still too lazy to get up, tears have slipped down quietly, wet the pillow towel.     It would be nice if you could glide freely and automatically between mountains and waters like these birds? However, you can’t. You don’t belong to me or your home. You just belong to a solid green military camp in the vast Gobi and belong to an inviolable line of defense.. You belong to the motherland, belong to the people, belong to the holy western territory! Who let you wear this olive green? Because you are a dancer on the tip of the knife, the wind and rain are like rock, stirring with sincere patriotism. Armor cold, but wrapped in hot love national conditions. You are a warm-blooded man on the way to join the army. For you, if you want to have a small family, you will not consider the gain or loss of serving the country.. For soldiers, Yong is the crown on their heads and loyalty is the oath engraved on their hearts. I understand all this. But I really regret why I let you go to the army? What do you get from the hard work of coming and going in the wind and rain and dedicating all your good youth to the frontier?? What have you lost? Children, is the mother’s heart too hard?     The choice of not going back, the reunion that I can’t catch, my eyes are full of your shadow and breath. I really miss you, son.     Your grandmother came last night, and her right hand has been shaking more and more since she suffered from the thick blood.. People in their seventies are getting weaker and weaker. I regret to let you stay in the army when I see her.. On the first few days, your grandmother heard that you were about to change jobs. She was so happy that she read the calendar book every day and counted your return date with her fingers.. She wanted to see her grandson, but she also wanted to see the festive atmosphere of the family reunion.. In fact, I also look forward to your return, for fear that you will get cold and cold when you go home. I bought a lot of coal balls and asked the matchmaker to tell you the match.. I also imagined the reunion scene after more than two years’ separation, and the way I wrapped your favorite dumplings for you and watched you gobble them up.     When your grandmother heard that you were not discharged from the army and cried, she cried loudly and scolded me, saying that I only wanted you to save money and earn face, she didn’t think that you should say that your daughter-in-law is married and married in the twenties.. I’m afraid I won’t see you in the future because you won’t come back this year. Listen to your grandmother’s nagging, my tears are also spouting uncontrollably. Your grandmother scolded me for not being able to live with you, but I know my heart is also uncomfortable..     Yeah, son, it’s all my fault. If I insist on encouraging you to go home, you will retire and our family will be reunited.. I can also have a stable reunion year with other people’s family, and even get engaged to you. Then you and your daughter-in-law will go out to work together to develop your studies and add a grandson to my life.. But I was confused. When you called me to ask for my opinion, I strongly encouraged you to stay in the army without consulting your father, so that your father still kept blaming me. Am I confused? But I always think that there is a future for you to stay in the army. If you join the Party, ask for help, and then you have a good prospect in mixing up an official and a part-time job, won’t you kill two birds with one stone for the sake of our family?? You are a dutiful child, so you listened to my instigation and also believed that there is a prospect of staying in the army, that is, suffering a little bit and getting tired..     In fact, it is my selfishness that has always been respected. I can’t stand the embarrassment of face. I always feel that you didn’t win honor for your family and fight for face, and can’t lift your head in the village.. The village head came to see you off when you left, and relatives saw you off. They all looked forward to seeing you off. You are a college student soldier, and you will surely give me this small village to fight for face and honor, and will have a bright future in the development of the army.. Every time I think of these, I have the selfishness and want you to stay in the army for development. That day, when you asked for my opinion on the phone, I firmly rejected your idea of returning home from the army.. And think that now the society is full of college students, everywhere are wage earners, and there are several people who are really promising.? I didn’t think you were too old, and in the countryside you have already stepped into the age of youth. You haven’t talked about love yet under the situation that little girls are in short supply. Is it my carelessness to stay in the army??     Your grandmother was still crying. I looked at her aging face with tears and stains. I was very sad.. Your grandmother cried and said, ” You are a bird in a cage, and its wings cannot spread.”. Because you have ideal and ambition since you were young, but now you can only wronged yourself. I feel even worse after hearing your grandmother’s words. It’s not easy yet. Your grandmother advised me to go home, but my heart was empty..    I am in a warm home, but you are in the most difficult environment in northwest China. I am sad to think of you standing guard on the Gobi desert as so hard, blowing sand and cold wind all over the sky and hitting you in the face.. I’m sorry to think that your studies are useless. I’m sorry to think of your classmates in our village, some children who have already run all over the place will take bottles and make soy sauce.. It was sad to think of the moment when you stood under the banner of the army and left the retired old comrade – in – arms, son. I’m afraid of your tears, I’m afraid of your homesickness, and I’m afraid of your mental stress, so I’m worried about it.. But you are my son, you are strong, and you will not be depressed and depressed by the departure of your comrades and your staying at the lonely frontier.. Because I know that the road is your choice, there is no right or wrong.     Although it is a time of peace that can not bring up heroes, everyone is a hero as long as he is willing to do so.. Although there are no waves and no once upon a time in america in your camp, although there are joys and sorrows and joys and sorrows in your camp, there are also joys and sorrows and joys and sorrows, but you are a soldier, wearing a bright military insignia on your head and carrying two bright steel guns on your shoulders. The sign on the shoulder plate with olive green is strong, responsibility and leader in defending the dignity of the motherland.! You are not a peddler or a model with exquisite binding. You are a soldier and you should do well what you should do. The army needs you, the motherland needs you, that’s enough.     As a matter of fact, I said I had nothing to do with what I thought, but I was the weakest. When I woke up at night, I did not know when tears had already soaked my pillow towel. I knew how reluctant a smile was when I advised my mother – in – law.. Son, I’m afraid to see your weak side, but how much I want you to surround your parents like the children in the village, marry and have children, and be safe. I know you like reading, and I hope to see you reading at home. It’s not a gun but a flashing finger between calligraphy and tea. It’s good to watch a piece of music you like on the computer, such as mountain water, spring river flower and moonlit night, and then taste the deep and remote dreams of the deceased, or cry and cry when things are not going well in front of me..     But I know that you can’t afford to enjoy these things. You can’t expect them to happen soon.. I know that you are constantly training in the army every day. The days are windy and rainy, the days are gray and the roads are muddy. You have to climb up after stumbling and falling. That kind of suffering is not acceptable to ordinary people, so you are still my proud child, unlike ordinary people.! Son, I’m no longer sad. You can do it. You will bear any hardship. When the sky drops to a position of great responsibility for the people of Sri Lanka, they must first work hard on their bones and muscles and their hearts, gather dust all the way, and suffer a lot.. At the critical moment, you can afford to let go, do things cleanly, and learn to conquer your inner frailty. this is what a soldier should have. The war horse is sentimentally attached to the journey, and the soldiers aim at the battlefield. Believe that the barracks is the place where you display your talents and win glory.     You have all these thoughts, son. You have your position. I’m not worried. But you have to remember that the stage of life is full of steps and you have to come down if you don’t go up. If the green leaves leave the tree, they will always be fallen leaves. If the big tree falls down, it will always be just a piece of wood.. come and go with every season’s original grass only dances for the strong. The world has never recognized the strong, children! Don’t be stingy with youth, the motherland needs you, I – willing to give up, you also know! Children, forgive me for encouraging you to stay in the army and stick to the frontier defense. Please let go of your hands and feet and defend the western frontier defense of the motherland, because each line of defense is your glory!     Forgive my selfishness, son. The year 2013 is coming to an end. Although you haven’t had three Spring Festivals at home and we haven’t had a reunion for three years, mom still wishes you a happy New Year in 2014.!