finding pleasure in learning

I am happy to learn that the discipline in the first grade class is not very good these days, and there are students who speak to the students behind me and even walk past their positions in each class.. I also know that it is difficult for them to control themselves. After all, they are still young. Today I went to the first grade of mathematics, and the discipline in the classroom was relatively good. Before the class, I asked the first-grade pupils who had brought notebooks, almost all of them, and only a small number of students, including Liang cuifen, did not bring them.. Cui Fen is a quiet and shy girl. Although she didn’t have a notebook, she listened carefully in class and answered questions actively.. Today, my content is division, which is a little difficult for the first-grade pupils, but my purpose is to let them lay a good foundation for learning multiplication and division in the third grade ahead of time.. In class, I asked them to read the multiplication formula collectively, and asked them to copy the multiplication formula after class and then memorize it. If they learn the multiplication formula by heart, they can do multiplication and division more easily in the future. After class, lovely Triffin came to me with a dollar and said softly in that tender voice, ” Teacher, I’m going to buy a notebook now.”. Hear this sentence! It really melted my heart! She is very cute.. I nodded, and she ran to buy a notebook and came back. When she saw the screen closed, she told me to open it and then copied it carefully. She is really a good boy who is willing to learn. If she keeps doing this all the time, she will certainly have a promising future.. Willing to learn, learning will bring us knowledge and pleasure.