There is no shortage of love in the world

There is no shortage of love in the world, and the waves of the past have quietly faded and the desolate water surface is extraordinarily quiet.. In the distance, the fishing boat was dotted and the mast was unable to support the sun setting in the west.. Bloody sea, fine waves slightly swinging. The rest after the wind and rain breeds more surging passion!     Yes, there is no shortage of love in the ocean of love, only endless breeding and endless catharsis. There is no shy cover – up, not to mention gorgeous dress – up. Love is beauty, beauty is natural, beauty is natural.     Walking on the road of life, I do not know the passage of time. Suddenly looked up! Only to find that the road of life is coming to an end. Bow down and meditate, the years are intentional. It brings youth like fire and love overflowing with the sea.. Years of relentless, it quietly swept away the beautiful years and beautiful appearance.     I seem to feel; In the world of human love, there are no more open flowers, no more revelry like drunkenness and love of TouGu selflessness.. The feeling that gradually deserted, the love that gradually deserted, let a person shudder.     Only” one hundred years together, the earth is short of time’ ”, this good wish, this promise of love and affection, is deeply engraved on the heart, the years cannot be swept away, and the time cannot be taken away.. Until the thick loess is buried in the face of the doddering old man.     Some people praised the sun, wrote immortal and fascinating verses, and spread them for one hundred years. Some people praised the late mood and wrote the best music in the world, some tactfully low, gentle like water, some majestic feeling like the sea.     However, no one cares about the miserable situation. Love and love, without season, without reincarnation, have only a passion of one thousand li.! Month after month.     In middle age, it is as if the season has reached late autumn, with gains and losses. Perhaps, this is the balance of nature..     On a cold autumn night, when you can’t sleep, your thoughts will sort out the harvest of the first half of your life.. A civilian, of course, this harvest is poor. However, will be surprised to find that the most harvest is love.     Seriously and carefully pack all love and treasure it well. There may be no better collection than this in one’s life. Whether it’s early love or late love, this most precious collection will let people through the terrible love shortage.     Don’t suffer for loss of love, don’t grieve for loss of love, this is a temporary desolation in one’s life and in the world of love.. After winter, it is the season of sowing love and love. As long as the contract does not give up, as long as the magnanimous, as long as the industrious to cultivate.     Life has a long way to go, love always accompanies it, there is no rest, no death, only a continuation of one thousand years. In the world, there is no season for love shortage.