* ST Hairun you think in the end is to make money or lose money?

November 2011, Hairun PV Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hairun Technology") backdoor ST Shannon (), the company's short changed "Hareon"。
That time the announcement said, "Hairun PV Technology Co., Ltd. as a new energy industry representative enterprises, and has broad prospects for development and good profitability。
"After these words and the reality of the huge loss year after year Hareon contrast, ironically。
April 2015, the company stock short by the "Hareon" changed to "* ST Hairun"。
Throughout the four years, the original shareholders through continued reduction of Hareon get wealth, while the secondary market investors can only tortured。 Seemingly infinitely better Hareon actual loss has become a bottomless pit, although the numbers game against the barely profitable, but in the end long-term plan。
In 2011 net profit of 401.66 million yuan, which is the only high light Hareon time。 After that 2012 profit 2.08 million yuan, in 2013 the huge loss of 202.6 million yuan in 2014 is the huge loss of 947.6 million yuan。 If there is no whitewash non-recurring gains and losses, the loss is even more alarming Hareon。 2011-2014 net operating revenues outside Hareon up to 703.12 million yuan, from 2011 to 2014 non-deduction net profit was 262.84 million yuan, -39 989 million -23 398 million -98 106 million yuan, total 1.35209 billion yuan huge loss。
Mid-2015 has reached a critical moment, if a loss again, Hareon will face delisting, * ST Hairun you think in the end it is to make money or lose money?。