A counterattack

A few days ago, I had a meeting with several friends, but three of the nine contestants were peaceful mountaineers.. On weekdays, when I rarely drank, I saw a few fellow countrymen. On a whim, I picked up the wine in a white glass cup.. To tell the truth, this occasion is really a bit like the scene in the TV series ” Water Margin”, the feeling of eating meat in large chunks and drinking in large bowls.. Fortunately, I this person likes this kind of small atmosphere informal coincided with the scene of bustle.. This drink, but also drink, drink comfortable, drink carefree! Maybe it’s the effect of alcohol. The cerebral cortex is particularly active in the evening, always thinking about the past when I was a teenager studying in Heping Yangling.. I can’t calm down for several days now. It seems that I have to sit down quietly today to sort out the feelings in my heart and spit them out as soon as possible.! Otherwise, the heart is like a cat’s grasp.   When I was twelve years old, I was in the fifth grade of primary school, and the school where I was studying was in Heping Yangling.. I live in the estuary and go early and return late every day, but the only way to go every day is through my father’s unit, Peace Forest Industry Station. I also often run to the window where my father lives to see if he can be there, but I seldom see him there.   At that time, in order for our children to concentrate in class, the teacher often consciously separated the naughty boys from each other when arranging seats, and specially arranged to sit with the girls who did not like to talk and who were honest, or arranged to sit with the girls who studied well and poorly. Of course, I did not belong to the latter. The teachers thought such an arrangement would be safe. In fact, the peace is still the same, and the lack of peace is still the same. But one thing I didn’t think of was that one day I really let the teacher in charge, Zhang Fuan, feel helpless..   I didn’t even go to grade one or two at all. When I went to school, I began to study abacus and ran to Yangling in less than three years. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t pass the’ water dividing line’ – 60 points.. From an early age, I knew that I was buried in my head, diligent and studious, and disciplined. My name came from the teacher’s mantra of praise.. But it was such a’ good’ me that one day I was worse than the’ attack’ of the most brominated boy in the class..   My deskmate is one of the most naughty boys in the class – Qian Guisheng. At first, I didn’t know that he was a son of a forest industry station, but only after the outbreak of’ war’.   At that time, I was never tall, always short, black and miserable.. Qian Guisheng, who is tall, big, sharp – pointed, and fearless, didn’t take me seriously at all. It’s a piece of cake for him to conquer such a weak girl as me.. Look at him: he carved a four-foot desk with a knife in the middle into a hard-printed’ zebra crossing’, as did the long bench, even the ground under his feet was chalked with’ national boundaries’. As long as my arm and toe slightly touched the chalk line he drew, he punched and kicked like a murderer. But also always find bifurcation to punish me. I don’t like to talk, but I also often submit to humiliation and let him kill me..   I don’t care about minor frictions at ordinary times. When a ” blood case” really happened one day, you saw me as a warrior and a lion, rising up to defend my words – ” If people don’t make me, I don’t make prisoners, if people want me, I will make prisoners.”. ‘ I heard this quotation from adults before I went to school, and it is still so deeply rooted!   The’ blood case’ occurred during class. Today I can’t remember what caused it. But I clearly remember that my little finger was cut deeply with his knife and bloodied. I didn’t cry, but pounced on him with all my strength and strength, buckled his collar and dragged him to the head teacher to argue with him.. The teacher in charge hurried to take me to the hospital at the bottom of the school to dress up, but I insisted on not going to the hospital. Born stubborn, I must wait for his parents to come to school to compensate me for my debt, before I go to bind up.   The teacher in charge looked at Qian guisheng, who had always been ” evil – doers”, and tore up the neckline of his clothes against his head. the arrogance of the past was completely suppressed by me.. The teacher in charge finally had no choice but to lead us to the principal’s office and ask the principal to come forward and inform his parents to come to school..   Time is not too long, he saw his mother running to school, shouting at her mouth, you short-lived dead, thousand – knife – shaven beast so naughty, you see how I can pick you up today . Ah, his mother scolded, and held up a bright clashing kitchen knife in the air..   Everyone is pulling Qian Guisheng’s mother and snatching away her kitchen knife.. However, I was justly and harshly accused: You are a parent, how do you discipline your son at ordinary times? He started to commit crimes now, and did you get it later? Ah, I sent the bloody hand to her to show her, and she hastened to compensate me for the debt. Ah, maybe I often went to my father’s residence and was recognized by her, saying you are the one thousand catties of Yang’s tutor’s house. I’m really sorry, sorry, I can give him food when I come home today, but I have to starve the beast for a few days. Ah, Qian Guisheng wrote an inspection afterwards and apologized in class..   Later, I learned that his family lived in the peaceful forest industry station. His mother and my mother had a good relationship and often went into the mountains together to gather and cut red vines.. The natural time of this matter is not long, so it will be gone, and then I left peace with my parents … Ah, this scar left on my small hand often reminds me of something when I am an adult! A person is honest, loyal and honest, which is his part of life, but sometimes he has to learn to protect himself and fight back.. Perhaps it was the experience of the fight that led me to protect myself from being hurt by the image of a ” local ruffian” on Wuhu’s ” devil incarnate” territory.. With the passage of time, I also went through several times, also letting me know the principle of ” to spare people and to spare people”, but not excluding the principle of ” to sell when it is time to do so”.     Xiao Mei wrote it at the desk on November 2, 2013