A period of pain and a transition

There are two things in my life that people always think of as secrets that are constantly being dug up: one that I cannot say; One thing I don’t want to admit.   I often feel like a spicy hot pot on the street. Someone keeps coming. You scoop a spoonful of it, and he comes to pound a chopstick. Everyone is fishing for my bottom material at will. After eating well, they are gone, leaving me in a mess to cuddle up to my residual self – esteem..   Life is so far-fetched that it seems to erase the self-esteem that once hurt self – pity, and it doesn’t matter now what is difficult to say and unwilling to admit..   The day is still like that. If there is something like nothing to live by, it seems that one day can be missed, and neither day can be missed.. Everything seems familiar, but more often than not, the mood and experience are very different from what they used to be. I can’t say how much I feel, and I have a little more lasting appeal..   After every game, I won’t throw in the towel, occasionally speaking, but I thought if I had another game, it wouldn’t be like this.   Today, I suddenly found myself in a mess of losing. He smiled, let go of the smile in his mood, whether he would laugh so easily if he had tasted a painful pain, and laugh out all the indifference and care he had in his time.? And how much pain does it take to realize how much enlightenment? Only then can we know how ridiculous it is to use other people’s words to motivate ourselves to work hard every day, and we should really change our way of life..   However, as before, I still use rational logic to describe every step that should be stepped out in the future, but I also always persist in those principles and feelings naively.. Also always capricious let oneself of sensibility and inertia, also always scold oneself have no backbone.   Today, I sent him a WeChat” I finally understand that your maturity is not exactly what I can imitate with reason and simple logic. After a while of hard support, the girl’s willfulness and naivety will come out.. No wonder those vicissitudes of life and heartbreak that have been passed by years and true feelings will make me decide to love you well and use this life. No wonder I no longer spend my heart, and the gentle outpouring of deep emotions is my hard injury.! ‘ Haitao said,” Love is a pig killing knife.”, I burst out laughing, yeah! He came without warning and was slaughtered like a pig, but when he left, he must be bloody.   Thinking about the smiling corners of my mouth that I couldn’t sleep at the beginning, I should be a happy person. God is so intelligent that you exist in this world, so satisfied!   Now, I am more and more convinced that I have a dream every day and night..   After careful thinking, after struggling, life, friends, relatives, life and lovers will inevitably be redefined, so life will enter another track with the big and small principles of life expressed with tears..