All the way through the world of mortals

Life is like a play but also like a dream. In the stormy wind and rain, a few times of flowers and flowers fly away and the world’s vicissitudes are exhausted.. The ethereal world of mortals, the vast sea of people, the world of mortals all the way, who will be intoxicated for whom? Who will shed tears for whom? Who can make who happy all the time?   Sitting in a quiet corner, my thoughts flow and my pen is lightly touched. How many stories always bloom in different seasons and wither in different seasons. Time flies, time flies like a song, gathering and scattering in a hurry. The purple world of mortals, who would like to read who? Who can understand who? Who will hurt who? Who will cherish who?   Heart like water, not dye fine dust. Light thoughts fluttered in the wind. Disturbing the world of mortals, who will look back for who? Who will stop for whom?   All the way through the world of mortals, I am your passer – by, you are my passer – by, and you touched me with sincerity? Or did I really retain you?   Time flies, the vicissitudes of life, the world is as beautiful as flowers, blossom and fall. The world of mortals, the origin of edge out. Two hearts make a promise, a hundred-year covenant. True or false, true or false. What is yours? What is mine? Who’s who and who’s who?   The oath carved in the Red Dust Yee Dream can’t stand the wind erosion of the years. At the end of the day, I don’t know who is who or who?   In the past of rolling in the world of mortals, how many people stopped and looked back after each other? How many people will know each other, agree with each other and cherish each other because of the real encounter, and then translate the ordinary story into the beautiful legend of the world of mortals in life. It’s a long river, a long boat trip, Qian Fan’s passing away, and we always wander between getting and losing.. Prosperity is like a dream. We can’t hold the moment’s prosperity and can’t catch up with the sudden loneliness. Prosperity and loneliness always weave around in the world of mortals..   The world is flashy and fleeting. Home is our harbor for shelter. But many times, the heart is wandering, but home is not necessarily a harbor for peace of mind.!   The world of mortals, the heaven of boundless love, has fallen flowers intentionally with the flowing water, and the flowing water has no intention of falling flowers. The world of mortals is still noisy all the way.. The sun and moon cycle, rain and shine.   In the dream, the world of mortals, white clouds leisurely, bamboo forests deep, bridges flowing with water, can’t see the bamboo dance, and can’t enjoy enough water and sediment.. The grass is green and Ye Er green. The flowers are full of flowers and the wind is blowing in the wind. The wind is blowing slowly. The tender feelings are swaying and the heart is flying. It is drunk into this dream and tells the customs. The dream has no intention of waking up.. Fragrant and secluded dreams bloom together, the memory is shallow and the universe is boundless. We are just a grain of dust on earth and a grain of fine sand on the Ganges River. We are just many passers-by on the journey of life. Why not laugh at the world of mortals, sing for wine, pour a cup of green tea, taste all the flavors of life, cook a pot of turbid wine and drink all the flavors of life..