At night, the fragrance of jasmine

Today is the death day of my mother. Four years passed quickly, leaving only scattered memories and endless thoughts for the living. Brother and sister are missing me alone, leaving only a few lines of clear tears in the south thousands of miles away, and only writing a few notes to comfort and grieve.. At about 10: 00 a.m., while sitting around with friends, little sister called and said that she had just returned from her mother’s grave and that her eldest brother and younger brother had personally added a grave to her mother’s grave.. I called my father at 7: 00 in the morning, and my family was busy in the west courtyard. nobody answered me. I slept in a daze until more than 8: 00 and was woken up by the noise of the machine. opening my eyes was already reflected in the east window..     The little sister said on the phone that the plum in the yard was ripe, delicious, crisp and sweet. I don’t remember whether Li Zishu was planted by her mother before her death. I only remember figs and persimmons that she had when she was alive.. Now the fruit trees are still bearing sweet fruit year after year, and the man who planted the trees is already gone, leaving only warm memories and thoughts for the living.     Business in the store is light. I have more time to spend time reading books. I have already seen the last chapter of Shen Fu’s ” Six Chapters of a Floating Life” Bill.. The story of ” three white women” in the book makes people sigh, especially the fate of ” Yun Niang” is full of melancholy after reading it.. A good book brings people to the scene. The hero’s rough fate touches the hearts of the people and makes the reader’s mood difficult to calm down.. For a long time, I haven’t been worried about an irrelevant person. I see the shadow of my mother from the woman. Once upon a time, her mother often refused to see a doctor for minor ailments, and Chinese women are virtuous and considerate. She is too overworked and overworked to lead to a serious illness..     The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and the weather is getting hotter. There are only a dozen acres of lotus root land outside the middle school wall, with only a pond full of’ lotus leaves on the next day’ and’ lotus flowers on the next day’ may become’ lotus flowers on the next day’. Go out for a walk in the evening and walk through Lin Shu’s garden. A faint fragrance wafted by. It was jasmine with a strong smell.. That afternoon, my family were taking a nap. I was not sleepy and came to Lin Shu’s garden again.. Under the mango tree in the small garden, among the green leaves of a large cluster of jasmine flowers, countless white jasmine flowers bloom.. Sweet snow jasmine, so four words popped up in my mind. I think the word sweet snow is the most appropriate for jasmine..     I also have two pots upstairs, sometimes picking a few flowers and putting them in my room. The whole room is fumigated with fragrance. ” One flower can smoke one room of fragrance”. This ancient poem is the best portrayal and praise of jasmine.. I also like to soak jasmine in a transparent glass, see jasmine bursting in the water, and make a cup of jasmine tea to drink, so that every cell of me has the fragrance of jasmine..