Childlike heart flies in the sky

On July 3, it was the fourth day that our’ blooming summer’ practice team arrived at Shiqiao Primary School..    Since the primary school is going to have a final exam, we have been arranged to teach kindergarten. The courses our team offered to the kindergarten included painting class, manual class, game class and braiding class. The kindergarten is divided into small classes, middle classes, large classes and large classes, and I am responsible for teaching painting classes in small classes and middle classes today..    When I came to kindergarten, some children were still eating breakfast, so I took a blank sheet of paper and tried to draw it. I didn’t expect to attract a bunch of children to watch. They looked at the finished painting with clear eyes like curious babies and asked me many wonderful questions, which were very cute.!    Since there are more children in kindergarten than in primary schools, and small classes and middle classes are combined, and large classes and large classes are combined, many team-mates have come to work as teaching assistants, and children like handsome brothers and beautiful sisters very much and have been holding us back all the time..    It is difficult for children to calm down during the formal class, so kindergarten teachers clap gongs and drums to help us keep the children quiet so that the painting class will officially begin. I was the bishop of this class, so I first drew cubs, chickens and rabbits on the blackboard and asked the children which one they wanted to learn. Most children replied that chickens, so the teaching content of this class was to draw chickens..    I adopted the teaching principle of ” small steps” and divided the steps for teaching. At each demonstration step, I will go down to help the students who can’t do the painting together, and the teaching assistants and teachers will also assist me in guiding the students.. As the students in small class and middle class are younger, many of them can’t draw, so we need to teach them to draw with our hands. They are all very obedient, saying’ teacher’ makes my cold heart melt.    After class, the children played with us, pulling us, pulling us, holding us . ah, playing with us was lovely and interesting! Everyone who is a little teacher likes these little angels very much and has the demeanor of a nurse and a nurse.! Our hearts were softened by the smiles of these little angels, and the whole kindergarten was filled with joy and laughter resounded through the sky of the whole kindergarten.!    I used to hate’ Xiong Haizi’, but after this time, I changed and found myself falling in love with these simple children.! Their world is so simple and beautiful that we are not willing to leave for a long time!