Hundreds of Chinese restaurant named the world's best high-end cooking rise list

Reference News Network December 1 French media reported that, according to LaListe restaurant rankings to be announced, the number of Chinese and Japanese have the world's best restaurant ahead。 As a "more scientific and reliable" British competitor named the "50 Best Restaurants" list of the best restaurants in the French version of the 1000 ranking list LaListe set up three years ago, modeled on the world tennis rankings and Shanghai Methodology world university rankings assessed on a comprehensive consumer guide to newspapers and travel websites, including TripAdvisor travel sites, including。
Although this list is the creation by the French second consecutive year, it announced Guy Savoy in Paris flagship riverside restaurant led into the 100 of the world's best restaurant for the restaurant and French cooking, but the most important trend is upscale Chinese cuisine the rise。
Japanese 138 list will be among the best restaurants in this list, China will be a slight gap of 123, followed by。 Processing data for this restaurant "Ultimate Guide" Joerg 齐帕普里克 said: "China continues to rise is the main story。 "齐帕普里克 said:" So far, China has one of the most difficult to obtain relevant data。
"He added:" The number of Asian restaurant reflects much more than in Europe, LaListe list it for granted。 "Sushi restaurant to 'extraordinary and reasonable pricing' famous Tokyo Samurai restaurant for a long time ranked third, ranked number one in front of it by Emmy award-winning American television chef Eric Ripert's New York Business seafood restaurant "勒贝尔纳丹"。
Japan's capital as well as other restaurants in the top 20: Luxury restaurant KyoAji Beijing style restaurant and a French chef Joel Robbie male in a converted French manor opened, is the highest ranking after their China restaurant, Beijing Andingmen "Huaiyang House" – specialties of the restaurant is Pork。 Reported that, although the list of several former restaurant did not change significantly, but the top 10 restaurants with three new faces, including "French Laundry" – from the bar into a restaurant in California's Napa Valley It is "kitchen confidential" and author Anthony Bourdain called "the world's best restaurants, not one."。 The restaurant with the French seaside resort of Saint-Tropez LaVagueDor restaurant and Lasarte village of Spain Basque Country "Martin Berazategui" restaurant are given a near-perfect 99 points (out of 100)。
The sharp rise another restaurant is Aponiente restaurant is located on the other side of Spain, where diners wash their taste in a plankton juice, this hotel in the port of Santa Maria in Andalusian seafood restaurant received a Michelin three-star rating after, in the ranking standings rose 200。 In addition, the top 100 restaurants in Canada for the first time with the restaurant – Toronto ALO restaurant, while Turkish female chef Eileen Ya Qi Ji Oulu to let his highly rated restaurant in Istanbul, Nicole entered the top 100。 New York "Madison Park 11" restaurant was the 2017 "50 Best Restaurants" list of champions, it ranked fifth in the list LaListe。 But beyond that, there are these two extensive list of differences – even though they basically have been recognized in Spain Girona ElCellerdeCanRoca restaurant, Modena, Italy, "Oster Maria Francis Canavan" restaurant and "Alan Di Kasi" and "勒贝尔纳丹" restaurants are more or less represents the pinnacle of the culinary arts。
Although Japan, China, France and the United States as the largest number on the list and ranked first tier restaurant, but Switzerland has 800 million people and 38 restaurants on the list to be the list of per capita than any other country restaurant。 Superstar chef Gordon Ramsay's London flagship store is still the highest-ranked British restaurant, ranking it second only to British restaurant is open in Cumbria in northwestern England, a former blacksmith's restaurant LEnclume。
This year's winning restaurant will be officially announced next week at the Paris dinner, the global 40-renowned chef was also invited to the Elysee Palace audience with French President Emmanuel Make Long。 齐帕普里克 said that the list of database – now with smart phones provide external access to the application direction, covering the world ten thousand restaurants, they are divided into various categories from "high-end gourmet" to cheap "treasures" of。 (Compiler / Cao Weiguo) Editor: Fei Fan。