Father’s Day with Long Taste

Today is Father’s Day, and tomorrow the little mouse ( little daughter ) will start the senior high school entrance exam. This is two different days, but the daughters will link it up.     As I said earlier, such a festival was almost dispensable in my mind in the past, so when I was younger, there was almost no blessing from us in the days when my parents were still alive.. Today’s children are not the same, probably because of the opening up of the country and the increasing frequency and popularity of cultural exchanges between China and the West.. This is also a good thing. No matter the children who are far away from home or living nearby, they will not forget to send their best wishes to their parents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I’m afraid they will consider themselves the happiest and happiest person in the world on this day.. As far as parents are concerned, the best hope is that the child can be a grateful person first, and if he has some ambition, it would be best.     As early as eight or nine days ago, when the college entrance examination started and thousands of students showed their courage, the little monkey ( eldest daughter ) wrote a very emotional article to give him a bill in June. She remembered her achievements in the senior high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination in her hometown, and did not forget that I squeezed the time to go back to her hometown from Suzhou and accompany her through the examination.. The senior high school entrance exam is in June, the college entrance exam is in June, and Father’s Day is in June. Therefore, in her heart, the best gift she gave me on Father’s Day is to get a good result, to get her own level and to go to an ideal school..     If it wasn’t for her daughter to express herself in words, I really couldn’t think of it. In her heart, that would have been the idea in those days.. Although I am now a sophomore year old, I feel a few more feelings when I touch the softness in my heart.. As early as a week ago, she bought me a short-sleeved shirt and sent it to me by express mail, saying that it was the right dress for me to wear and could smell like a 40 – year – old man..     Tomorrow, it’s the mouse’s turn to enter the examination room and fight hard. She must have the same idea in her mind.. The examination room is a battlefield, a war without smoke. The ancients said that the ten-year cold window is not only suitable for high school years, but also suitable for junior high schools.. Six years of primary school and three years of junior middle school, taken together, are nine years, which is exactly what the old saying goes. For the third grade children, this is their first choice to face life, and it is also a very important choice not to be careless. In other words, although it can’t be said that the test will last for a lifetime, the starting point and supporting platform of each part will be different after shunting. Who dares say that it will not affect their future life and work?     However, since it is an exam, it means there is competition, and it is fierce and white-hot competition. Every child dare not be careless. Every parent is worried and every point is crucial and cannot be easily lost. One can imagine how much pressure the children have.. Although I have repeatedly told the little mouse not to put too much pressure on myself and just test out their normal level, how can there be no burden in children’s hearts? For everyone, they will feel the pressure of being everywhere. You know, in children’s hearts, they have their goals and dreams as well..     Although today is Sunday, I still have to go to work. I just finished brushing my teeth in the morning and the little mouse will go to school with her bag on her back. She gets up earlier than me every day and will go to school very early.. She called dad, hugged me and said, ” dad, happy father’s day.”! Words did not fall, tears gushed out of the brush. I hugged her, patted her on the shoulder, and the little adult in my arms was still the same as when I was three or four years old.. Thought she was under too much pressure, she advised him to relax completely, not to put more pressure on herself and review well.. It’s enough to test your level tomorrow. The little fellow promised in a low voice, snuggled up in my arms for a while, broke free from my hand and turned to go to school..     When I saw her walking and wiping away tears, I could hardly control my tears, shouted at her, held her gently, and said in her ear, Don’t cry and believe in yourself.! The little guy nodded.     Watching her go out, go downstairs and watch her go to school from the window sill, tears streamed out silently. Although I was middle-aged and in my forties, I was still a very emotional person. The small things in my ordinary life will stir up waves in my heart as well..     Although the senior high school entrance exam is about to start, and although I can’t completely break down the child’s pressure, I believe in her. Still in that sentence, it is ok to test your true level, but one thing must be paid attention to is that you must be careful and careful, never be careless and careless. After all, it is a big test, and you can’t be careless. At ordinary times, no matter what the big test is, there are mistakes and opportunities for correction, the mid-term exam will be different. If you shouldn’t make mistakes, try your best not to make mistakes..     This Father’s Day, because there is an exam standing on the side, is especially interesting to people..