The heart is not the same beauty, but the same expectation, not the same happiness, but the same pursuit. Life changed us and hurt us at the same time.     Yes, due to different families, due to different parents’ care. Some of our children are not satisfied in their hearts, and when they are with their peers, they do not have a common language and cannot find a trace of joy.. When children are together, they all want to have common words, and those who have no common ground will be forgotten by their partners. At the same time, because there is no student’s concern and no parent’s care, loneliness will take him away in silence….     I grew up in a family with parents’ love and happiness. No matter how much sorrow my parents have, they always face us with a smiling face at home. Even if we suffer more pain and injustice outside, we will go away with the wind. The smiling faces of my parents gave me memories and courage to live. At the same time, also gave me special care.     Society is changing, and what children need is not material satisfaction. Perhaps, in the old society, what children need is meaningless’ money and goods’. However, due to the different times, parents’ ideas should also be changed. They can no longer use the old ones, but should change with the change of society.. What I said was not to lock our parents’ love, but to do it was not to want us to be parents’ wrong love for our children.. Perhaps, your wrong love will make him send out a kind of unhealthy bud in his heart, and if it lasts for a long time, it will only make him lazy and think that he will gain if he doesn’t work..     I dare ask our parents if you can guarantee him a lifetime of life with more wealth.? I can forcibly answer, impossible. Because of the limited amount of money piled up in the mountains, he could not appreciate, let alone fall from the sky.     Some of our parents may give me an unknown blow. You are evading our love for our children and creating a dislike for our love. Because you don’t love your parents so much. I can tell you that in my lifetime, I will make more money for my children, hoping that he will not have to worry about it all his life. Anyway, I won’t let my children suffer. Don’t tell me that you are jealous.!     In the face of all this, I have nothing to say. Because I am also a child, I can only sneer at your words like this. Yes, my parents didn’t give me such love, but he gave me the power to be independent and gave me the opportunity to improve my abilities in various fields.. I don’t know if my parents’ love is correct, but I know that I need it because I want to improve myself.     I don’t want to say that your love for children is wrong, because I know very well that different parents have different ways of love, some parents don’t want to let their children suffer, and some parents want their children to be happy in suffering.. However, I am presumptuous here. You said you would give your child money that he would never use up in his life. Have you ever thought about how long his life will last, maybe 60 years, maybe 80 years. According to 100 yuan’s money per day, I estimated that it would cost more than 2 million yuan in a lifetime. If children and wives were added and there were some contacts, I would not dare to estimate it.. Besides, there is a misconception in everyone’s mind that he has plenty of money and can buy whatever he wants, but when he gets old, he can only suffer. I believe every parent doesn’t want to see this scene. Even if you can’t see this scene, you should also think about this day, for the sake of your child’s happiness and for the sake of his foundation. Now let him suffer more hardships, learn more skills, and let him have the ability to live independently. That’s what you really give him.!     Ranfeiyang on August 17, 2004