How long is the way to buy a house

It has long been my dream to own a house in the city.   More than ten years ago, when I graduated from college to work, I had two dreams: one was a woman and the other was a house. At first, my dream of a woman surpassed my dream of a house. A few years later, my dream of a house surpassed my dream of a woman.. Real life has taught me that with a house, it is easy to find a woman who is satisfied with her needs. Without a house, it is difficult to find a woman, it is more difficult to find a good woman, and it is even more difficult to find a good woman.!   I came out of the valley, and the hard life in the countryside taught me to be down to earth and not to dream. For the house I dream of, I don’t want to be big, about 90 square meters is enough, just enough to live, and I can’t afford to buy it when I’m big. The room is not big, but there are many rooms. Three rooms and one hall are the best. The couple live in one room, the old man in one room and the children in one room. It doesn’t matter if the area is smaller. It’s warm. Decoration does not require luxury, simplicity and simplicity are also home, and family comfort and happiness are the most important.   However, it is also very difficult for me to realize such a dream. Parents have worked so hard to raise our children all their lives as farmers. Helping to buy a house is totally impossible. Our relatives and friends are all in the countryside and depend on the soil for food. They are generally poorer than our family and cannot help at all.. And I belong to the kind of character who won’t come to work and won’t make any money. I will only work honestly, without the authority of an official, without a gray income, without a windfall, and without a chance to take bribes.. House to me, like a charming and charming woman, has been posing at a distance, making my heart waver. Real estate discount is a tease of women’s breasts and half dew, making me feel infuriated.. But I was like a eunuch, and I could only look far away and talk long and hard, because I didn’t have the capital to get close to me..   During more than ten years of work, I have worked in four units and worked tirelessly for the dream of the house, but I have always been a flower in the mirror and a moon in the water..   The first unit I worked for was a factory in my hometown town. Home town is located inland and the economy is underdeveloped. My monthly salary is only 300 yuan, with a total income of less than 4000 yuan a year if I don’t eat or drink.. After working for a year, I counted my savings: 700 yuan. At that time, the house price in the county seat was about 400 yuan to 500 yuan per square meter, and a 90 square meter house was bought at a total price of 40 thousand yuan to 50 thousand yuan, which I could not afford in my lifetime according to my income at that time..   Two years later, I jumped into the county newspaper. County newspaper is a unit where outsiders feel good and actual welfare benefits are very general. When I first entered the newspaper, my monthly salary was more than 300 yuan, and then slowly rose to 400 yuan, 500 yuan, 600 yuan and up to 900 yuan.. At that time, the house price in the county seat was 5,600 yuan per square meter. According to my income in the newspaper, it would take about 20 years to buy a 90 – square – meter house..   After six years in the county newspaper, I entered the city TV station to work. My monthly salary has risen to more than 1,000 yuan, and I can save more than 5,000 yuan a year. The house price in the city is about 800 or 900 yuan per square meter, and it takes about 70 or 80 thousand yuan to buy a 90 – square – meter house. It will take me more than ten years to afford it..   After working in the city TV station for a year, I resigned and went out to work. I now work in a town TV station in the Pearl River Delta with a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan.. The house price in my town is more than 3,000 yuan per square meter, and it costs nearly 300,000 yuan to buy a 90 – square – meter house.. According to my income, it will take me about ten years to buy a house. This is the closest I have ever had to my dream of a house, but at this time the children will go to school and their parents will have to support them when they are old, and they will need a lot of money every year.. As a result, the dream of my house suddenly drifted away.   What makes me want to cry more is that in recent years, house prices nationwide have risen like crazy.. Not to mention the Pearl River Delta, even the price of my home town in mainland China has soared to RMB 1,800 per square meter in 1000 yuan, while the price in the city has soared to RMB 2,000 per square meter.. Originally, I wanted to be unable to afford a house along the coast. I went home and bought it. Who knows the sudden change of circumstances and the house is also difficult to afford.. Friends get together and talk about the house, all shake their heads and sigh: Such house prices really don’t make people live!   When I was suffering from the dream of a house, I thought that I had the privilege of attending university and had a few jobs that were not too bad. The dream of a house was so long to come true that ordinary wage earners in Qian Qian, who are absolutely worse than me, wouldn’t even want to buy a house! Some people say that it is not possible to mortgage to buy a house? However, in the next few decades, you can’t lose your job, get sick, have no accident, and your family members will have to go in peace. But who can guarantee this?! I dare not bet on it.   Walking in the city, I envy more than a high-end residential district. I often look up at the dense windows on the high floors and dream of owning one of them one day.. The house is near at hand, but the possession is far from the end of the world. I can’t help but sigh from the bottom of my heart..   I often think that if one day I could sit in my room reading, my children watching TV or playing in the living room, my wife cooking in the kitchen, and the old man smiling around the room. I think at that time, I was the happiest person in the world!