I want to keep spring

In the process of rapid urbanization, young rural youths have successively gone to the city for development. However, I have repeatedly refused my son’s invitation to live in the city, still sentimentally attached to the land where I was born and to the life with local flavor.. When I was young, my friends and I worked hard and sweated hard on this land.. I remember being with my friends, chasing and playing barefoot on this soft soil. Those warm and true feelings are always in my memory like yesterday.. Later, I joined the army and left the land. After changing jobs, I also worked in the city.. After retirement, I returned to my hometown. It is lucky and happy to live in this land of my hometown and smell the familiar smell of soil.. No homesickness, no pain of missing. Looking back, it is familiar streets, hutongs and courtyards. The trees on both sides of the street, the flowers and plants under the tree. When you go out, you hear a friendly accent.     In March, when the breeze was blowing and the rain had passed, it was already late spring and the spring of the year was about to pass. After breakfast, I strolled in the spring fields..     Walking on the familiar field road, it is easy to see green fields. White plastic greenhouses gleam in the morning dew, passing through dead branches and fallen leaves of trees, revealing faint warmth. The wheat in the wheat field has already been spliced and packed, and will be heading in a few days. The vegetables in the greenhouses are green, fresh and tender. In this transparent spring, in the spring breeze, the pear trees in the orchard have already borne clusters of pears, the peach blossoms have already been thanked, the small peaches are still wrapped in buds, the apple trees are still covered with white flower clothes. The prosperity and beauty of the blossoming branches have performed to the fullest. At this beautiful moment, I wish I could feel the freshness of spring in the years to come..     I often think: what kind of way should I repay this land that gave birth to me and raised me from the ground?? The small me is just a drop of water in the sea and a grain of rice in the granary. A little dust in the boundless world, my life is a life of ordinary people. I would like to turn it into a seed and plant it on the land where I was born and raised, so that it can breathe new green in spring, give birth to the miracle of life and add beauty to the land where I was born and raised..     I walked in the spring field and looked at the tall trees by the roadside, the dandelion yellow flowers under the trees, and the unknown purple red flowers. The industrious little bees were circling over their heads and gathering nectar. At this moment, I couldn’t help thinking of the saying’ Spring is the year’ but this beautiful spring is about to pass..     Look at the fields in spring, swaying colorful dreams. I know that when I entered the field of spring, I entered the land where I was born and raised. I embraced the beautiful spring and the beauty of life. At this wonderful moment, I think, I really want to keep the spring.. ( Article Reading Network: World Wide Web. Three articles. Net )