In such a mood

I have to write some words to comfort my heart . Ah, when I write this sentence, my heart is dull, like a blind man, and I don’t know what the road ahead is.? So, I quietly looked out of the window at the cloud, a long-lost mood, then quietly jumping at the fingertips!     What kind of words should I write about my life? I have been wandering in the words of life for several times. Now, in my middle-aged life, I still have a appreciate each other’s mind wandering in the days.!     Life, a period, some from scratch, some only a certain period of memory. I think that today’s writing is just a reminiscence somewhere in this life, or it is lamenting a lost time. Now my young heart, gradually haggard with the passage of time, can no longer find the puffed-up as in youth! I only feel that my heart is wandering among clouds, like a wind, embedded in the footprints of clouds, slowly recreating the memories of life.!     A person’s heart is like a house. Now, I haven’t cleaned this heart’s cabin for a long time. It’s like being covered with layers of dirt, bothering the heart that only has a fist but never stops! Our world is wandering here.     The sky outside the window gradually darkens, one holding down the other, just like the leaves tightly leaning against us, squeezing our mood away into the gap and suffering the heat of summer.! The clouds are not high, and they cover the top of the head from the sky. It seems that as long as a gust of wind comes, I think this summer’s rain is an unmanageable situation..     Perhaps, I am used to banishing my mind from the text. However, when facing the heat in front of me, I am filled with layers of heat waves, leaving little room for my heart.!     In the body, I always can’t control myself. It’s like holding a ready arrow in my hand and holding generate on the bowstring. Once touched, I will shoot this arrow out at any time … Ah, life, walking on the road, is inseparable from this so-called worldly and worldly world of mortals. Even if we want to be an idle person sometimes, however, some things always irritate our nerves when entering the line of sight.. For this reason, I still can’t hide from incessant nagging, complaining, blaming and arguing. In the end, our hearts will still hurt the most. Our hearts will be like victims of a war, black and blue, and finally buried by smoke of gunpowder.!     Now that I think about it, the prayers are so pitiful. The pitiful is like a Xiao Mao exiled by his master, who is not in a lonely alley, letting the man come and look superciliously.!     I often intervene in this homeless person’s heart, not sympathy, not pity, but lamenting the helplessness of this world.. We all don’t want to be pitied and live, and we all want to stand tall and be ourselves in a dignified world.. However, some people have intercepted this humble side and seem to be practicing a philosophy of larceny. In fact, one day, they will find that all they have done is to find a reason for their desire and greed.!     The world is always full of struggles without smoke. Sometimes, although you don’t want to take the initiative to provoke it, some things seem to have trouble with yourself. Some people call it fate and others call it fate.!     Yes, if there is no fate in the world, why do we have to meet, perhaps accidentally, some people don’t want to see each other all their lives when they meet, but some people always can’t let go of it in their hearts. If there is no predestination in the world, why did I look at you and you gave me a smile in Qian Qian’s millions of people? If there is no predestination in this life, why let us meet and let us accompany each other through a road?     When I think of these things, I am already depressed. At this moment, I don’t know what to do?     I dug a word of life in my mind that I knew and didn’t know, from the memory of a long time ago to the reverie of a long distance, I walked all the way, then suddenly felt my heart was like a summer rain that broke the ground and didn’t know where to go? In a rustling sound, I was alone in my life? Once again, I fell at random on the word ” vacant”.     At a loss, this long-lost word entered my words again. Remember those days after the college entrance examination, my life was almost baffled by this vacant time and asked myself the question.. I always can’t find the answer. The heart that has never been cared for seemed to see the eyes that despised me stabbing my heart at that time, and seemed to hear the words that were hard to hear exciting my numb heart.. For this reason, I have been reading books all day, reading all Lu Xun’s words, from novel shouting, hesitation, to prose, to poetry like fire, and my heart has since felt that the loss of a torture of our life is so far – reaching, and sometimes, it is also a filling and compensation for the blank of our life.!     Life is a process, an experience. After the loss of life, we will gradually grow up. Yes, although some people and some things can’t be seen or understood, we won’t take out our hearts as easily as we did when we were young.. Because these experienced lives tell us that we can make a decision only after thinking about anyone and things. Even if the decision is wrong, we will not regret it, at best, it means that we are unable to reach the goal.. Maybe this is life? Grow up, mature, and die in a daze!     At this moment, when writing the words of life, once again gradually entering the vacant words, the room was dull and let my thoughts wander in the room, seemingly controlled by a suffocation … 201 6..6. 30