Cough at night how do you teach night cough treatment

Bird's nest fungus cure dry cough, night sweats bird's nest 10 grams, white fungus 15 grams, crystal sugar。
The bird's nest first test it again with water, then add hot water soak for 3-4 hours, and then choose to go soft。 Then add hot water soak 1 hour Serve。 Tureen with canopic jars or poured into a bird's nest, white fungus, rock sugar, ranch cooked, take。
Complement deficiency, Yin Yang, back Hot, cure dry cough, night sweats and other deficiency or lung。 Porridge spleen Yifei raw yam Chinese yam 30 grams, a little sugar。
The yam rolled fine sieve, transferred to cold water, while stirring while cooking, boiling Serve twenty-three。
Add a little sugar to taste, taking。
Spleen diarrhea, kidney photo collection, cough treatment injured workers, spleen diarrhea, as well as all of the frail wasting disease。 Grilled candied yams cure lung deficiency chronic cough cough at night how to do yam 1,000 grams dates 10, 100 grams of suet Ding, 350 grams of sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus sauce, wet starch, a little lard。 Yam washed into the pot, add water flooding of yam, stir cook。
To be more rotten picked yam, peeled, knife Generative 6 cm long and 3 cm wide rectangle。
Shoot flat, candied moment stand halves enucleated。