After a million times monotonous, to reach pride

3-year-old little girl, barefoot, standing silently on the floor, facing’re dancing aunt Yang.Innate artistic cells, so she had a strong interest in dance, may, however, her mother said: aunt dancing very focused, so you will not disturb her.But the little girl is a ton of bricks, every night, she would quietly climb out from under the covers, hiding in the door of the house of Aunt try to figure out.I do not go back to Dali, and I want to stay in Beijing, I want to see aunt to dance, I want to learn to dance, when a dancer.The little girl said this to his mother, aunt next to be laughing.Everyone knows that the United States Yang Liping dance was awful, but they did not expect less than 3-year-old girl can also be attracted too ecstatic, children’s dedication touched aunt.She said: come, let you jump for a look at Aunt.The little girl no stage fright to be some difficulty is not low rotation.Yang Liping amazed, surprised and said to his sister: this child, I was also worse than simply!You see her turn up, is like a little flags fluttering in the wind because these words, the little girl with a beautiful name of small flags.Yang Liping dance every night as long as a start on the second floor, small flags must be unannounced, sitting on the stairs see obsession, neck outstretched, like a little swan.Yang when they go out, small flags sitting on her door.Wait until Yang came back, she became the aunt of the little tail.Yang Liping has extraordinary love of nature, I would get up early in the morning stroll in the garden and fruit trees, look at the crystal dew Caojian fibrillation, observe open flowers, butterflies, birds can listen to all kinds of birds in the forest, catch the wind wonderful sound emitted by small flags followed intoxicated when blowing the trees where: aunt down the vision to see the world, it is so wonderful, so beautiful!Yang Liping the child’s dedication impressed.Finally one day, Yang began to teach small flags and eye movements.Followed aunt a school that is two years, more and more small flags dance skill, began to desire to race.That year, Yang cordial to a large-scale original song and dance “Dynamic Yunnan”.Small flags appeared on stage also like.When the aunt returned with Yunnan folk songs, her hands clasped together in front of the Trevi Linden, also bought Wishing Lamp.Aunt, I want to know what the promise is willing?Small flags aunt said mysteriously.Yang smiled: vow to God is not to tell people, you tell me busted!Small flags seriously: God can not help me this wish, only to tell you before it come true.After listening to the wishes niece, Yang screenwriters: she was very understanding of small flags desire for the stage, but also believe that the ability of small flags, small flags but this time only four years old, so small that should not have let her on the stage?Yang Liping and her sister to discuss, make decisions sister.Yang Limei a head shake like a rattle, anxious to say: she was so small, in case of loss of control on the stage, how do mess with the show?That is not to add to the trouble you Well.Looking back, she firmly refused the request of his daughter.Small flags Ruanmoyingpao, I hope my mother for her the green light.Chande no way her mother, Yang Limei simply a person Duohui painting went to Yunnan, hope to use the time to the collapse of her daughter’s determination.Clever little bunting know what my mother thought.She also chooses to ignore the mother, the mother and daughter start of the Cold War.Yang Limei results in the studio restless and contradictory struggle for a month, the final compromise to her daughter.”Yunnan” in the national tour start.Small flags on the stage to do so.”Dynamic Yunnan” show the country of more than 100, many adult actors are too much, she was like a tireless little gyro, in a in a rotation of a breathtakingly beautiful 2014 Chinese Year of the Horse CCTV Spring Festival Gala, in witnessed by hundreds of millions of viewers live before thousands of spectators and TV, small flags continue to rotate more than four hours, become the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Year of the horse is a hot topic, the show was dubbed the small gyro.Ten thousand hours theory is not new, but there is no prosperity than through desolate cultivation, just as no one can pay without monotonous, straight pride.After boiling lava in the ground millions of years undercurrents can gushing out one day, profound knowledge of the reason no one understands, however, that not everyone can tolerate million times repetitive labor.Small flags, constantly turning on Gala 4 hours, tens of thousands rotate, the achievements of the very people who can reach her pride.