After a teachers and students love, he married someone else

This is a story about teachers and students love.  This is a story of Christmas Eve.  A young girl falls in love with her teacher, she thought he was her “Mr. Right,” she thought would later write a book like that, even if the reality does not allow them, but at least in their hearts to each other, this love should never forget, not for who.But the result is really the case.?  Lama in his short 25 years of life, leaving many famous poems: that in January I was shaking all the barrels, not for salvation, only to touch your fingertips; year kowtowing in the mountain, not for an audience, only to close your warmth; that I, to the mountain, not to repair the afterlife, only to meet with you the way.- Who has seen this kind of love it?So fragrant quiet, full of piety.- Alai Alai Notes – then teachers and students love to write love theme, the deepest impression Qiong Yao also said the “window”.Still remember how when you first got the novel is eagerly devoured it.  It was a fudge age.Martial arts fan boys, girls romance fans.A gust of wind blowing, almost no one can survive.  It is also a necessary period of years.After all, the growth is to be accumulated through various attempts to imitate and build out.Vaguely remember 17-year-old Brigitte Lin, he has a kind of fairy-like appearance.She and the Qin and Han first met in the “window” of the crew, not only opened a performing arts road, also opened the way of life of a legend.  ”Window” is the story of a shattered dream.One of the girls seems forever, “deep, meaningful, erudite, elegant,” the handsome male teacher, actually within a few years, become a “skinny, decadent, dirty, dull,” the old man rickets waist.  This is the year they let the man enamored of it?Before that he was really handsome, and now that he is really run-down.Life is so fickle.I was in a small theater watching the movie video halls.The reason to see the movie, but also because of the reason previously read the book.And best friend together, and together the story of the characters marvel.  At that time, we were still young girls dream.  Life vigil textbooks still there, waiting unsealed.  Suddenly there is a lot of emotion, but out of the question.  The book says – all of a sudden, life passed many years.Think really is so.  Those days fuzzy colored shadowy groups of tangible intangible bright colorless.Nothing but the wind side of the little flag, floating past, we will never come back Gone with the Wind.  Those who loved and hated, but also can be occupied by a line of text Qiong Yao book — “He captivating, quietly looking out the window Baiyun Qing day, a cigarette in his hand, could not spitting smoke ring on the window, then gazed smoke spread in the breeze.”Interview Time: December 20, 2003 Respondents: Ningning, female, 28 years old, unmarried.In her 21 years old, he had loved his teacher.  I did not think, will be at such a moment, such a scene, under such a situation encountered him it was buried in my mind, a full seven years of story.  Seven years ago, I was 21 years old, after graduating from secondary school, while doing the cashier in a supermarket, while working to review in preparation for the High Self.  His name is Kang, I apply for the post of a teacher Tali.  We know each other so.And to teach us all teachers compared Kang is especially younger.In fact, that year, he was 38 years old, but it is nothing like, look like a total of seventeen and eighteen, very active, very attractive.  Let me say I.He says you do not believe, though at that time I also have a lot of good fantasy of love, but because of their conservative and occlusion and knew nothing about the love of men and women, so they did not have a boyfriend.Not only did not have a boyfriend, and even love have not had.In the supermarket and previous school I go to work, there had to pursue my boys.But when they tell me they love me, except me nervous and embarrassed, the other will have no.No excitement, no anticipation, no more desire.In other words, before meeting Kang, I really like a piece of paper, but a stubborn conservative white paper, research well ink, pen ready, waiting for the arrival of an unknown love.  I think I can move, and certainly not the kind of manic panic hair, very shallow little boy, but I also know that, like me, a little fat, not pretty girl, certainly not able to attract the kind of know women value the appearance is completely ignored her spiritual world of man.  I think that this man has disappeared, until I met Kang.He taught that the “Ancient Chinese”, a very boring class, even because of his analysis, and so vivid.  He told us, “The Book of Songs” in the classroom, I think our entire class girls are drawn to him.  Was also winter, before Christmas, I remember it.I do not know which girl from the news coming out of there, said Kang teacher’s birthday is Christmas Day.For his birthday, we once again cheered, so know how to romance a man, born in relation to such a romantic day fishes.  Curious coincidence, I deliberately chose to stationery store a very nice book to him that says my name and phone number, as well as so few lines: teacher, for Christmas, also to born this day the most beautiful people.After the book mailed, I began teacher’s phone, etc..In fact, this and other, but a little girl want to get the recognition and affirmation of a mood.For example, people say to you, “Thank you for the book, the color is very beautiful,” or “I really like this book,” and so on, is enough.But day, two days, a teacher there are not even a little movement, he was so attractive on the class, after school and we say goodbye politely, and sometimes bring a Trustee of the class notes of the students can not come to class, etc. Wait.But he refused to be more to me glance.  Until one week after day, the teacher stopped me after class.Then, he took out from the bag to a book, handed my hand saying, This is the teacher gave you, thank you for your mind.When he finished listening to these words, I was silly.The book opened it at home, were the words above: You are a unique girl, a teacher I hope you are happy every day.Here then is his signature.That night I did not sleep all night, but over and over again I think his assessment was: You are a different girl.really?The teacher you really think so?Stumbled, I dreamed Kang smiled and came up to me, then bent his head.Everything in here screeching halt, woke up, her face still red, trance aftertaste, if just did not wake up, then the next, I will do what the teacher?Think of here, my heart is going to pop.If you say that the worship of the health of students and teachers changed from a simple feeling is Nannvzhiqing then, probably from the beginning of the dream, right.  Since then, I fell into a delicate swirl of people but also the torment of love.I stared at him on the podium.Time seems to have stalled and air.  Kang probably saw my abnormal, he began to avoid me intentionally.Even once, I clearly see the past from his eyes, but do not say hello and I play.”I’m in love.”On the phone, me and my best friend said.”I’m in love.”They asked me, Who?Makes you so restless?I said, you can not tell, I can not say.That night, I went to Kang dormitory at school.He sometimes stayed in school, not often, but occasionally.  Day to go, I just want to take a chance, because I was so uncomfortable.Like a person, you do not know people are not like you.This is how painful.In fact, I do not ask, I just said to me one, yes, I like you.Really, would such a sentence, already lived and no regrets.  Results day I am very lucky, Kang dormitory lights.  I tapped his glass, Kang opened the door and saw me standing outside, at the time shocked.Fortunately, after shocked, Kang’d asked me to go out of courtesy.  He asked me to drink it?What is not unhappy things encountered?Then I asked how you know it I’ll live on campus today?I did not speak, no matter what he asked me, as if not hearing the same.At that time hovering in my mind only one sentence, that is, the teacher I love you, I love you teacher.This sentence kept in my mind and turn, in the end is to say or do not say?If you say, how will his reaction?He would laugh at me?I will look down on me?At that time my mind is really very chaotic.At this time, Kang table alarm clock suddenly “when” of a sound, I looked at his watch, is already 22 o’clock sharp, I know that if we do not say that in the future it may never say.So a cruel, I finally speak out against the bottom of my heart for too long, it then started to cry, wept injustice, Kang seems suddenly helpless, and over the past few flying confident look, he kept saying, you suck my child, you know how much I’m older than you do?I’m still your teacher do.You silly boy, I know you’re wrong, you see you, this allows me to do what to do?I might have wanted to appease too excited mood, he kept his hand slapping me on the back, that moment, I suddenly felt very tired, as long trek out of children, finally found a home-like.Yes, things are as you might guess.Since then, Kang and I would fall into a real teachers and students love.  My first time, but also gave him, he was my first love, my life is the last one lover.  At that time I really thought so.His first secondary me when he hugged my young body, almost started to cry.He said Ningning, you are so good, I can not afford.I said, who wants you to bear, I know you’re married, you just do not say I know.Kang wry smile seems to like but want to avoid that, like my age, if someone tells you he does not get married, you do not believe him.Really, Alai, when Kang I say, I seem to find myself suddenly mature, between girl and woman, so really only one step.When Kang arms around my body is feeling and sympathy and affection, I said to him, Teacher, do not you worry, I will never leave you, whether you are not my wife, if possible, I would like to you give birth to a child, you look like a child, so, even if one day you are not here with me, I have to accompany him.Said this, I think his body even had a tragic thing.Kang I have been overwhelmed by the confession, words, and even feel that he humbled than my virginity.  I love it wrong?That is until I dared to ask ourselves today sentence.During this first love, even a year’s time not to, because the health retreat and died.He said he could not go on like this and I.He said he was not good enough for me, and, if let people know that he and the students engaged in this affair, and that he was dead.  Although painful, but I understand his.That’s why I did not have until today and I love to tell the teacher this reason others, I fear the impact his future and life.He is a man so good teachers, on the podium, informative, full of the magic of the whole person.So we parted, I said, I will not die haunt you.My first is for you, and I do not regret.After a lapse of seven years, I thought, I did not really forget him.Over the years, it was also introduced me to object, I met, also at the, but no one can be as so deeply rooted in my heart like Kang.Sometimes I listen to music, will not help think of him, he well?doing what?You so handsome as ever?  Just last week, the auspicious entrance to the building, I saw you guess who the?I saw Kang, yes, he is.He graciously accompanied looks better than a lot of his young pregnant girl, two people are chatting and laughing like.Christmas seven years ago, I was with him.Before Christmas 7 years later, I see him stay with someone else.Can not describe this scene gives me the feeling.  The next day, I took leave of absence from the unit, to a previous post big to inquire about the situation of Kang.Listen to your teacher, said Kang has long been not in this school, I heard that he divorced a few years ago and later married one of his students, may soon have a baby.At that moment, I see their love and Kang’s image, uprooted from my heart.