After all, until that touch of warm sun

Numerous rub shoulders, still did not miss the final, thanks to the time, did not give me a clear sky distant.    Fan hang around a lot of love, in serene meditation, those lonely, like a blossoming water lilies, and without interruption.    Flowers late traces sing the years, the same deep love of plants, there is no resurrection, only calm treasure.    Do not ask robbery edge, let that Eau fireworks, I walk through a curtain of quiet.    Nothing to brothels, life without struggling enough to bloom a lyrical love of my heart, there are fireworks, there is a warm sun, as well as poetry…    The moon shines clear window, I looked out the window and keep those warm, I prefer to wait.    I would like to use only a soft soul to exchange with you, my faith, I believe, and my freedom…    ___ Text / sissy those past lives, it must be that touch each other’s warm sun, regardless of the way to meet, inevitable at first sight.    How much throbbing, Allure come, that piece of sweet white at that place in the enchanting.    Also weak weak to withstand the inexplicable pain, time rush, everything is sometimes.    The secret, snow and safety, the same feelings grow plants begin another cycle.    My life without struggling, only poetry and fireworks, enough to bloom a lyrical love.    Beautiful heart, will eventually drown all yesterday, did not walk in the clouds of soft echo, slightly embalmed face.    So understanding the soft, out of how many simple and elegant, consonance Fireworks spread, eventually flowers into the sea will not be lonely.    A Bing Yu Hu storage, if this, way, or leave, no matter who it is, what does it matter.    Some beautiful, are surging in their Golden Age for Love, those surging, faint Chu Chen, an attraction in itself is enough.    Free fly light a dream, fathom life, there is no hatred in the know, is a snowflake crystal clear mercy.Those snow on the wind go Huadu met people, become a butterfly, how much the United States, there are stunning in mind.    Yishui Han, how many bitter wait?    All to tie him down, much, if any, in the memory becomes another period of profound.    Wisp of smoke, keep in my heart, that smile circulation, are the heart of the portrait, never to return.    Those vast, insisted in love, how much warmth accumulation of earth, how much peace of mind and sequential growth?    Subtle, all are tainted with the arrival of flowers, the shadow on the window frames, the warm sun eventually reunited Nama.    Innumerable twists and turns, thanks to the time I did not wait.    The results of those feelings do not ask, just counterparts, had stranded lintel of time, everything is sometimes can not deliver on the promise no longer.    Everything will eventually return to Tori, Eau fireworks, into a scene from, and they can walk through my Yilianyoumeng.    A drop of amber, quietly solidified in heart, those tacit lingering nourish bright and kind heart, those warm, and instantly be able to open a spring.A simple heart, no seizures, no longer eager to distance, really, only the warm sun and poetry.Silent in the past, no longer talk, to escape that shadow, or immune to the mood of the cruise.    Some people, walked, or scattered, time is not back to the past, only those who are still gentle years encounter reunion.    The lonely hearts are paid to the word chapter kindness, old time of year, is slowly awareness.    Stepping on land south of that white, arrived in the distant, blue and white like the memory of that period, it will insert eleven garland.    Blossoming Qing Ning, thanks to the widespread, Mo heart from the people still bright flowers.    Looking across the landscape, some of the wait after all, solitude exit, Xianchou confession in years of deep lane.    Some obsession, gradually has been frozen, whether publicity or introverted, do not have to live up to their own, is an inner affair of the memory of.    Fragile mind, slowly open into a Samuume, do not say thin cold years old, without a word of time merciless passionate.    How much tenderness into a bunch of quiet smile, talk with snow on the wind flower.    Light pull real dream, those who have a wonderful place, there will always willow and green.Xijinqianhua, some of the feelings, ending winter Mazumdar, the moment, there are always some things close to eternity.    Time of sight, always a legend Allure, those beautiful through the city.    After leaving the miss did not say, in the quiet Murray, deep-seated loss Qing Yang wind, keep a smile Enron crazy.    Slowly learned not to wait, fireworks light pull, those dignified silence.    Peaceful sit-in, an idea that life, those lonely, like a blossoming water lilies bloom, and without interruption.    Like the same profound plants bloom in late sing the years, there is no resurrection, but sentiment and treasure.    Some do not want words, count the time, who are not holding our hands warm?    Never for a clear sky meet Thankfully, Qingyong window that touch of warm sun, the reason is that all happiness.    The moon shines on sunny window, repeatedly rub shoulders, they did not miss, bent on love, joy in the breath.    Life does not seem too much to bear in mind, no matter who came, fireworks hand, is the best precious, and slowly a successful practice just the right.Favor of life, better than many perfect dialogue, serene inside, hold their silence, overlapping joy, off the floor plain petals.    Since I do not know what the situation, a wait, I saw snow, but not owned by people, too late to turn around, everything, are picturesque.    Twilight wind gently swaying, desire and miss heart, low dust.    Wind Flower season season, initially did not know, will not ultimately do not recognize?    A cup of red wine, watching time drops, the night, unintentional encounter, sounds tell, in the barren winter color, it seems so unreal.    From the night of the stub to the heart, is a total cut candle west window, capsules Acacia, in a dream a long, self-sufficiency in the quiet Murray.    Those gentle, do not ask, ultimately falling where, inevitably met, comply with the direction of the heart.    Clean and kindness, it is a rare mood, just as a child in my heart lotus open, never been able to erode years.    Our corresponding understanding, there will always penetrate the twilight of time to plant the posture, the fearless strength of character chilly.    Su Yi half, the proud loneliness, walk through this winter.    Make every weight of his life, and so there is a love, like, the mighty spring.I weave in my beautiful cocoon with years of quiet good, Oh that your thoughts, like my heart.    How many bright color dust cover, read like flames into the pool, still nothing had happened, if light breeze.    Innumerable twists and turns, met no regrets, all the sleepless in touch your soft, the place.    All smiles, all inner portrait, what never to return.    Light pull smoke some dignified, quiet in Murray, can get too deep, full.    A white ground, Shining strength of character, love, compassion, supporting.    The tree still while the wind blows, a treasure displaced, can not start.    Between the sense of loss, renowned far and wide in an idea, a forever, come again?    Transparent lonely, plump courtyard, also splashed my face the vicissitudes of life.    Life, it seems always sad affair, when, in order to ferry my life of quiet good?    Like a person, you can be a little more thoroughly, gather all the restless?    A lifetime to spend a sincere, can reach a white?The wait, in the end, how far the road?    Time flight feathers out of a piece, so that people understand understand, stare every time a serious love.    I am fragile, small scale New Year, will eventually open into a Aoxue Samuume, waiting for those warm swirling snowflakes.    I love words written over and over again, waiting quietly in the silent office, that touch of warm sun gentle recognize..