After all, you were married another woman

When Qiaoxia this article, my mind flashed past full of bits and pieces, past people and events.How much love can be repeated?Previously, there is not much sense of this, and now think of this sentence again, actually could not help but burst into tears.  Please enjoy the memory of their youth can not look back on that period of 01.  Long Feng stared at the desk in a daze, the phone screen on the right hand still on, the screen is a picture, a long hair and waist, skin jade oval face girl wearing a white wedding dress, nestled in the look of happiness a handsome man wearing a suit of body.  Vaguely under the photo reads: December 16, 2016, we got married, look forward to your testimony if, one day, I got married, you will come to my wedding yet?When were her words still ringing in our ears, after all, you are now going to marry another woman yet?Long Feng heart chaos such as hemp, If we had, we have a little more courage, a little more stick, curbing stubborn and humanity, and now you marry the person will not be me?    Long Feng know when Tutu was in High School.Long Feng already in six classes, Tutu is transferred over from other classes.  Tutu is a true big beautiful, sleek oval face, a waist-length black hair, two eyes watery, leaving the other girls envy, jealousy and hatred, and her body is pretty dance has a long open exquisitely delivered and that as suet-like skin.  This makes her one to six classes will provoke a lot of jealousy or love eyes.  Chang-feng is a nerd, usually in addition to learning or learning, other things are rarely concerned.For Tutu’s arrival, he did not much feel, just feel the class more than just a girl.  High School for a whole year, Chang-feng told Tutu’s words, not add up to a slap in the face of the hand index.Usually met with spotlessly clean, and most only nod and smile just.He said that a few words, because he is still learning members of the class, neat job did not pay him to be reminded about.  Long Feng casual encounter first conversation with a real sense of neat, or in a bookstore.That one encounter, many years later, he is still vivid in my mind.  A sunny Sunday afternoon, a long front with the past, like every weekend, alone, Beiqishubao, then go to a large bookstore not far from the school’s reading.  Bookstore owner is probably a love of books, and he compared to others in terms of the bookstore, a more humane considerations, put a lot of bookstores to read and study desk and chair, on the front so long is, just do not buy the incompetent customer, he does not care.  Long Feng took a fancy to this point bookstores, will certainly go there every Sunday afternoon reading.When he took Lu Yao’s “Ordinary World” looking for a place to sit, inadvertently glimpse of the innermost corner of the bookstore there is a vacancy, he hurried to catch the past.  Hey, Chen Changfeng, you have come here to read ah?Long Feng Gang will be in the hands of book bags and back down, we heard a little surprised and delighted with the crisp voice, looked up, the other side of the table sat the occurrence of a teen girl with long hair, is surprised he looked at different places, it looks like, can not tell Meng lovely stay.Long Feng see a burst of trance.  Thoughts are always on the study of the long front that moment, his face unnaturally hot even for a moment, heartbeat accelerating with uncontrolled.This is his first time so close and staring at a girl look, or staring at a pretty girl was intoxicated.  Hsiao Chu-chu?You were here ah!Daze only a short moment, although they recovered the long front or heart flip-flopped, but already calm surface.  Tutu looked at his face calm Chang-feng, my heart is also slightly puzzled, he looked at me, like to see how the same passerby?How I can be considered the number one beauty, when other boys saw me, his eyes could not conceal his excitement in any case, is it in his eyes, for I was not interested?  Nothing scheduled today, you come here to read the.Tutu quietly said, do you come here often?  Long Feng replied: Well, I have every weekend if there is no special arrangements will come here to read.Here’s boss people better.  Long Feng see a very talkative way, spotlessly clean, then more and more multi-up: yes ah, many students like to come here to read.I occasionally come once.Hey, you’re looking at “Ordinary World” Lu Yao ah?I heard that this book looks good, but has no time to see it, where do you see?Can you tell me?  Well, I did not see much, or I talk to you after reading?Long Feng helpless.  Tutu does not scratch non-compliance: all right, ah, how much I looked just like to say, good-looking, I also got to see.  Well, the book mainly to experience life as a clue Shaoan long front began to organize language, try to understand him to say something to listen to Tutu.  A long time this afternoon quietly slipped away, Chang-feng has been thinking hard, trying some of the more exciting story, Tutu listened attentively while at the same time while constantly asking questions.When Chang-feng finally make his stories about the same, he should feel faint on his forehead with sweat Italy.    02.  Since that time a special encounter between the long front and spotlessly clean, and did not change much on the surface, they are still very little communication, but every encounter with, they always invariably smile.It is from that time, perhaps even a hint that they are not aware of the feelings between them filled with quietly.  Short and memorable high school, everyone’s expectations, a loss in the end, the front three-year long efforts were not wasted, was admitted to a major university.Spotlessly clean, but it misfired, and had only a two-line pass.When started his coveted college life in the long front beaming, Tutu chose to repeat.  A month later, Chang-feng suddenly received information Tutu, long front, I’m so sorry, can you say talk to you?  Tutu, thank you for your trust.You say, I’m listening.Long Feng mind flashed that beautiful girl of shadows.  School a month, I still could not get out of the shadows entrance.Recently, when I have been having nightmares, I dream of the college entrance examination again, he failed again.I was hurt, I do not know how to do?I do not know with who said, After much deliberation, or the thought of you, just like you said.Tutu helpless look, long front in the far other end seemed to be able to clearly see.