After an absence of Random House

REVIEW blood surging sharply again in the veins, heart is beating fast!The walls of my eyes like arrows shot gaze north, full-page, dense, full of rope small print, fine words simple language, beautiful words, verses campus, celebrity works, dazzling.. Near dawn, I was bleary-eyed, suddenly received a phone countryside advanced age of the father, the old house home stand up to heavy rain baptism, broken rafters, roof cave in urgent need of repair.  I jumped up, wake up his wife and daughter, and run toilet, hastily inventory luggage, hastily back in time.  Home away from the hubbub of the city I live in is not far, just over forty minutes to the home of new homes.A few pleasantries, his wife and daughter to accompany the parents engaged in small talk, I was alone in the lower house to see the old house.    My old house is a four-Qing Dynasties three partner sitting East west of the construction of wooden houses, in addition to the public outside the main room, the whole room six rows of four, my family occupy three small rooms on the south side a divided one go, the other side of the main room account a small room.Huts stand high in the central courtyard, a large courtyard, people live much, very busy.I participate in the work of the first year, his father because many people narrow house, not capacity Habitat, at the foot of the mountain in the east edge of the courtyard of the new home repair, old house from the drop lock closed, nobody cares.    Random House, is actually a big old house on the innermost room of a small square room, about four square meters, within a table a stool, south-east each open a window to air and light, simple ultimate!  My heart ah slips excitement, blood rushes.After an absence of many years of Random House; I dreamed of Random House; ambition, inspirational, help me to grow Random House; diligently pursue, Random House last you a lifetime, I finally see you here!    Difficult to unlock, into the room, an astringent smell of gas coming from the bookstore, looked around, cobweb clouds, still as old, as if to return youth Boyhood.Desk under the south window, variegated skin, cracks in the glass platen pressing striking motto, writing on yellow Zhijian still clear, has inspired me to pull its weight, Cui woke me Endeavor baby yo, you never blame years of solitude and went unheeded ah?!I Dunsheng infinite melancholy, deterred eyes on the desk, desk top left corner of the belly rusty kerosene lamp “sleep” in the web, the lights Rui still, try, screw fixed!The upper right corner are several yellow “Youth Literature”, festive scenes like the cover of drums and gongs to welcome me back!Warmth Qin got the idea, the whole body boiling!Past scenes, one after another, emerging into view: how many days and nights the cleric; the number of day and night greedily sucking nectar juice knowledge.Late at night, my mother heartache limited kerosene, Governor I go to bed, pleading eyes that can not be negated!Forget insect bites, forget the cold infiltration barefoot.Less flexible open drawer, I exclaimed!Looking baby decades quietly stay inside, safe and sound!That is my view books Bo essence, this six handwritten notes!Paper angle vaguely be swallowed bookworm, it seems to swallow my bleeding heart!    My excited heart is constantly expanding, I Footloose, stay away from the front desk for many years, to sit down!Back into the game!Completely ignoring his wife brought a delicious meal.The sun quietly climbed transit, hide in the clouds.Suddenly a lot of dark days.    Out the window, “cricket cricket” underground drizzle.An sandwiched Choi Heung heat wave rushed in, tantalizing, but does not move to shake the nail on the book’s eyes; the whine of cicadas singing, with my ideas and my rain to explore the long-awaited book; a praying mantis hit open pages of the book, raised sharp pincers, during demonstrations?!In anger?!Or buried injustice in my late?!I whim, suddenly shouted: catch it in Bookworm!It protect my books!It was my loyal guardian!I was shocked!No forget it, fall into a deep meditation, and yet make strange initiative, gently kissed it, gently move it to the table.Although mantis sharp pincers cut my lips, oozing blood, I do not take into account Xia.Hate rats and fro on the instep, and perhaps hungry, foraging, rushed to empty!Instep a hot, unpleasant odor to Sao straight up, angry Villains pee gone.Passion text book nourishing my heart, rippling my reveries.How can my thoughts run wild chase of Villains?!    Ray of sunshine leak out from the clouds, through the rain and down the line and put it into the window, spilled in the book, my eyes sting raw pain.Skilled cry stuff has, tracks the sound looked window, already extinct sparrow uninvited, squatting on the pane chasing its tail, their friends.Portrait of a group of undergrowth window wall grab my eyes, count, total forty-eight character body image, or laugh, or cry, or knitted brows furrowed, or almond eyes wide open, or bayan demonstrations, or heels Gao Qiao, shapes, very realistic!Like under five scintillating mastery of characters: “Writing model”.That is what I studied under books, follow the example of “Water Margin” warlords, self-portraits epitome of modern colorful characters, men and women, dedicated to the creation of the prototype of their own attempts.Carefully end Cheung, careful fathom, I can not be controlled, Lei Yu torrential, A pair of da da pair of drops in the book, playing in his heart, wet my dry heart.Dim light gradually.A familiar, old, with a heavy accent called me nicknames’s voice came from the other side of the bed east window, side head staring at me, the yard is a silver-haired grandfather humpback towards me bayan hello, see my confusion, bear-like , got the message hobbled away.Duwusiren, goosebumps, the possibility to recover lost time?!My heart was trembling, journeying call the tune, eyes slowly moves to the next window, rows of “ants” neat “walk” to: elementary mathematical formulas, junior high school physics puzzles, organic chemistry in high school name.Bed ,, English words, phrases like tadpoles swimming, slick.    Blood surging sharply again in the veins, heart is beating fast!The walls of my eyes like arrows shot gaze north, full-page, dense, full of rope small print, fine words simple language, beautiful words, verses campus, celebrity works, silver, beautiful.I simply jump into bed, greedily grab, and makes a read of, forget everything in the world!    Dark, my cross fell on the bed, bed head probe, that is suspended in a simple wooden shelves filled with books looking for voids kerosene bottle covered with dust, like compensation to do so, so many years, left a little bottle of kerosene!I’m crazy, seize kerosene bottles, quickly wrap my arms, surprise, Fucking!House old, without electricity!Father on crutches, carrying emergency lights came.I beg father to sleep tonight in the House!    Father to see his son, look at the long absence humble and overflowing with rich connotation of astringency book Random House, an understanding smile.[Editor: Can children]