After being fired Monaghan

One day, Monaghan learned from colleagues, they have to be fired by the boss.Of course, not only dismissed him, because of poor economic efficiency, the company faced a loss situation, had to fire people, but they are already the second batch.    I think I should go talk to the boss, you know, this job is very important for me.Monaghan said spread his hands.Colleagues listened, frowning, said: useless, Monaghan, even if you go to your boss to be fired will not change the outcome.I do not know how to try it?Monaghan said firmly, walked into the boss’s office.Not surprisingly, after a week, Monaghan boss fired.Really presumptuous knew it was in vain colleagues mocked and ridiculed, the 莫纳汉默默 packed my things, soon after running his brother and a pizzeria.    Originally, Monaghan conversation when looking for the boss, the boss sincerely express the ideas they need to work.Although the owner was moved by his sincerity, but helpless.However, when I learned to cook Monaghan great deal of research, the boss suddenly patted his head, said: I have a friend’s pizza shop is for sale, if you are interested, I can help you get in touch.In the boss’s help, Monaghan and his brother at a very low price bought a pizza shop.With unremitting efforts and the spirit of not giving up, Monaghan own pizza shop brand Domino’s extended to the whole world.    He is the nation’s second-largest pizza chain’s founder Tom Monaghan.The face of his success, he smiled and said: If one thing has not become a reality, do not give up, do not try how do you know the outcome of it?Perhaps the results are not as you imagine, but maybe there will be a windfall it?