After being named nonsense

Q1: your name?Even wood name, nickname children called street children Q2: What do you think is the real happiness?Are happy to laugh every day, regardless smile becomes not abnormal Q3: Do you think friendship important thing is love, and why?Love and friendship, are critical to the Touch of Zen, the questions asked silly BQ4: do you believe in forever?The amount of the issue Well, used to believe that, ultimately, that some people talk like fart, can not believe Q5: What you happier?Occasionally some happiness, but life is really boring, happy I do not know what out of the pit Q6: If there is a secret.You really do honestly tell each other right?Society, he is mine, I was his Q7: like a small baby it?I do not like it, but occasionally very much hope to be a mother Q8: What think friendship is forever Mody?I make friends, it is a true friend, nonsense, of course, I will always Q9: How much want to get married?Uncertain, maybe someday hot-headed to find a man to marry Q10: You will never do what you do for TA it?Will, but do not go against my principles Q11: Do you think girls curly hair or straight hair better?Curly hair, feeling immortal sister, O (∩_∩) O haha?I super like big wave drops Q12: most wanted to travel?Lijiang, where the water I tempted Q13: never forget something?That never ending love, hate him Q14: If you love someone, is not to hard to restore the TA?No, really hurt, and I will always turn around, whether or not in love Q15: see the sky Who you think of first?Not a person, a song, a feeling that this life will not forget it?Q16: TA life you will love it?Will, as long as I’m sure his heart is here for me Q17: like your people and you like people, which would you choose?I like, like I should not do too much?Q18: You will show your love for the manner in which TA?Occasionally Dances small temper, he was anxious to see the way (in fact, I am afraid, the only way I can feel components in his mind) Q19: If you see their favorite people sleeping in front of you what would you do?Printed on his forehead a kiss Q20: If you want to hurt a person flat, you want that person is?I rely on, who is prepared to die to mess with me, he certainly is a flat Q21: You will regret over his decision yet?No, never, choose a sense of respect dare Q22; what is now the most fans?4 consecutive hours spent doing probability and mathematical statistics exercises, did not answer, I’d estimate several times to hit the wall and died!Q23: You are a good boy you?Appearance is a good girl, bad guy is an absolute inner essence is innocent little girl Q24: Which important that love and bread hate to eat bread, you do not know what, asked!!Q25: What happens if you romance you spend a long time to clean memory, forget the wounds, one night, drunk, and finally indulge his last wish, Farewell…Q26: Valentine’s good friend and you have trouble who will help?Nobody birds, love ye ye drop drop, his aging mother relatively recently busy, no air traffic control this and other pishi Q27: irritability do is point you?Estimates realm too, did not feel ——————————– all of these questions have to be answered, Come on – – ———– who is it to you this questionnaire: do not write you know how long; do not know, there is no concept of time TA important for you to do?Amount, saved my life, relationships are more important to you and the TA are?Pure male-female relationships Will the TA’s interest is?Altman loud noise so naive it?How do you think TA’s personality?The amount, I do not know in your mind is a bit TA?Amount, passing the first thing before going to sleep?Turn off the computer, I think of him what kind of personality you hate?Talk like fart, would you smoke it outrageous?After maybe you’ll drink it?I will be, but not often cry What you drunk?I love the people in front of it you often laugh Mody?Basically do not laugh, but try to make facial expressions full of laughter