After being rejected 1855 times: inspirational story

Inspirational story: 1855 times was rejected after a dozen years ago the American movie star Sylvester Stallone abnormal abjection, who only had $ 100, can not afford to even rent a house, slept in the car beetles, but he Lizhiyaodang actor and very confidently to the New York studios candidates.  At that time New York has 500 studios, because of mediocre appearance and pronunciation is unclear and refused him.He then wrote the Rocky script, and took the script hawking around, continue to accept other people for his taunts and ridicule, he was refused a total of 1855 times.  Finally one day, he met a willing shot Rocky screenplay of the film company boss, but the other was not allowed to ask him to perform in the film, and finally, in Stallone’s insistence it has been agreed.  You can face 1855 times refused to do not give up?Stallone could, he did the impossible, so he can succeed.  Philosophy of life: you are not successful or has failed, when they want to give up the dream, ask yourself, yet was rejected 1855 times?