After being ridiculed for 35 years

One being laughed at people up to 35 years of fakes, eventually a turnaround.To learn other people’s ridicule, as always, adhere to its own way.Truth often lies in the hands of a few.In mid-1895, Hanni Ma was born in a wealthy family in Rotterdam, The Netherlands interested in art collection, the collection has even seen his father lifeblood.But fate often is such a weird twist of fate, in the acquisition of antiques in a desperate father watching missed it, with all the belongings of an antique collection of mortgages turned out to be a high imitation imitations.Finally, living in someone else laughing at the father dies eventually.Before the eyes closed, his hands tightly pinch the small Hanni Ma: really good collections often in private, collection do not just look at price.I hope you can take the road I did not finish, and wash the shame for my mistakes.Han Nima eyes with tears, nodded heavily.In school, come down, wearing old Han Nima been classmates ridicule and bullying.Han Nima also have their own happy hour, and that is in the book wander, look at the artist’s paintings and autobiography.Slowly Han Nima heart fell in love with the painter Vincent Van Gogh.Van Gogh works contained a profound sense of tragedy, its strong personality and unique pursuit in form, far ahead of his own era.Van Gogh sold during his lifetime works only “The Red Vineyard” one, and the price is very cheap, only then four hundred francs (equivalent to one US dollar) only.Van Gogh’s death shortly after the community began to assess his first-class painter.Unfortunately, Van Gogh himself was yet to get proper evaluation before, pull down the curtain on his own life, in intense self-doubt shot himself with precious lives.And drawn 19 days before his suicide must document it as “wheat” in 1913 sold a staggering 12 million high-priced.Han Nima produce a strong desire: life has been poor, must be a collection of Van Gogh’s artworks.His idea was a friend of unanimous opposition, some say let him wake up from his father’s defeat, and some say he is no pair eye in the sky, what means to identify genuine drop in the ocean?But Han Nima did not think back, his eyes emerges is looking forward to see his eyes before his father’s death.Han Nima buy the unsigned, no identification of the book works, had a hunch that the collection is authentic, the results are almost always fake paintings.But Hanni Ma did not give up in other people’s ridicule, as always, adhere to its own way.In mid-1975, Han Nima in the country found one called “Brunet Zutphen windmill” of goods with the poor and paintings, then to 6500 francs bought this picture, he insisted that this was the work of Van Gogh , but the art world believe that he is suffering from epilepsy, and in fantasy.Some people say: Van Gogh’s works so little value?Some people say: Hanni Ma began to go crazy!.Hanni Ma smiled and said: I am not mad, you only see the price, and I saw the value of art.In 1985, the former Han Nima died, holding hands, smiling son Louis van Gaal: I wish life was reached.I’m going to tell God where Van Gogh, my collection of his works.Good save this picture, one day it will be recognized by the world.Van Gaal tears, nodded heavily.Han Nima Favorites “Brunet Zutphen windmill” in March 2010 after 35 years, by the weight of heavy high hope all of Darcy Museum Corning announced that, after hundreds of high-tech identification, confirmed that There is no doubt that Van Gogh painting works in mid-1888.While many stick figures, and does not match the typical style of Van Gogh, but very prominent mill, sway bold bright colors on the canvas, using a commonly used pigment Van Gogh, and also pieces of work Van Gogh’s style was similar.After verification, in February 1888, Van Gogh and Gauguin friends to the south of France Alberto sketching and painting, year-long.Southern intense fields, flowers, rivers, farmhouses and churches under the sun and sunlight, over and over again so that he could not help shouting: brighter!Some bright again!Then there is the unique piece of work, “Brunet Zutphen Windmill”.Finally, after a group of experts to assess the value of the painting at least a billion dollars.Hearing this news, Han Nima son of Louis van Gaal moved to shed tears, as his father before his death in a world full of confidence and insisted ridicule.In his father’s grave, Van Gaal to break the news to let the wind pass father.One is laughing at the world as long as fakes 35 years, and now finally a turnaround.April 2010 A month later, the painting exhibited in major art galleries Netherlands, the audience waves.Because Van?High living a short period of 37 years, leaving about 900 works, this piece of windmill is the first time since 1995, was identified as authentic Van?High work.Believe in yourself, being laughed at jokes for 35 years, you might be able to like Han Nima as a miracle will become a laughing stock.