Beijing to implement pay the old building by elevator community: too need a | pension services

    Reference News Network February 23 reported that the British media said a Beijing residential old building recently introduced "pay-riding", residents once every elevator ride to pay the equivalent of 2 pence (about RMB)。   According to the British "Times" website reported on February 21, two elevators each test run can take the elevator up to 5 people, paid swipe card reader installed。
Residents free access to the end of March, the first familiar with the program。
  It reported that in Beijing southern Daxing District Huangcun Silesia, Building 56, you can see the "Congratulations to become the first pilot project of elevator users" on the slogan。
  Who lives on the fifth floor of the early 30s Yang said he was in favor of this new initiative。 He said: "Now a much more convenient。
This is an old building, built in the time we did not pay the fee elevator……Now pay some money also, the burden is not heavy。
"Residents" This community is mainly the elderly。
Elevator to make their lives more convenient。
Young people do not want their parents to live together, have moved to a new building, the old building to the rest of the elderly。
Installed elevator, young and old are relaxed。
"Living on the third floor of Ms. Yang said she was completely happy to pay to use the elevator。 She said: "not installed before the elevator, down the stairs with their parents may strenuous。 Paid worth, too need the。 "Reported that the elevator fee for the use of 24 buildings, the residents are very welcome。   In Beijing, the floor is less than 7 story residential building are not allowed to install elevators, residents often have to laboriously pulled purchased items, luggage upstairs and the elderly。 Daxing District, there are only 2264 Multilayer old building without an elevator。
New building generally have a lift, but residents pay an annual。
  It reported that the company plans to lift production fee in the neighboring community of 11 residential buildings to install a number of elevator。
If profitable, further promotion。 (Compiler / Zheng instrument) 。