After derailment

FANG Xiao appointment with friends to go camping large Meishan.Weekend, early in the morning, he packed their bags start driving.Opened not far away, he suddenly saw my father’s car.FANG Xiao thought, but really busy father, to the company’s business, nor break weekend.Dad’s cars bound for the suburbs, FANG Xiao just in the back of Dad’s car.While, Dad’s car parked in the street, a young woman deftly got in the car and drove off.FANG Xiao had never seen this woman, it does not look like a business partner on father.FANG Xiao decided to keep up to see what happens.Father of three car around two around, actually moved into an upscale residential area.FANG Xiao vaguely have a bad feeling.Dad and I saw that the woman get off, they even walk in hand towards the building.FANG Xiao big head immediately, and did not expect the usual seriousness father actually wrapped mistress!FANG Xiao no mood to go camping, dad is too irresponsible to do so, and I’m sorry mom.FANG Xiao’s mother was originally a very good efficiency in the work of public institutions, the most difficult dad career, she decided to resign to help entrepreneurs father, after the storm, togetherness.After his father’s company on track, my mother retired from wholeheartedly housework, wife, mother.FANG Xiao can not imagine if my mother knew how sad it would.To my mother, to the family, he had to do something.Is a weekend, a girl dressed out from a mall, all of a sudden, a car pulled out from the corner, all of a sudden she knocked over.Got out a young man, his face dismayed to say: I’m sorry, are you okay?The girl did not suffer any injuries, but the young man without any explanation holds her car to car, taken to hospital.The way they were introduced themselves to each other, the young man named Xiaofei, a girl named Wang Yunhan.Looking at the tall, handsome Xiaofei, Wang Yunhan heart rippled warmth.To the hospital, he puts a bag and handed Wangyun Han Xiaofei, said: This is your right, you see if there is anything less.Wang Yunhan took the view look, and says: my phone was gone.Xiaofei undaunted, and then made a phone call.A moment later, someone sent a latest mobile phone, as well as a telephone number card.Xiaofei said: all because of me, causing you lose your phone, this is I ask somebody to buy, you first use.I hope not to inconvenience you.Although Wang Yunhan some unhappy because you lose your phone, but people have the words to this minute, she did not say anything good.The next few days, Xiaofei every day to the hospital to visit Wang Yunhan, and one day to send flowers twice.He seemed to know her heart, like, every time to send the kind of beautiful lotus.He was talking to her, she often amused laugh.Xiaofei extraordinary conversation and demeanor, coupled with handsome looks and affluent family, for any girl who undoubtedly are very attractive, not to mention Wang Yunhan just a recent college graduate.In fact, Xiaofei is FANG Xiao, Wang Yunhan while his father was on the outside and nurturing mistress.In these days of hospitalization Wangyun Han, FANG Xiao found that Dad always restless, words are less.His mind that gas ah, I thought Dad really old and confused, restless even as a mistress.We arrived at the hospital the day of Wang Yunhan, FANG Xiao drove over to pick her.Wang Yunhan he thought would take him to the set in the upscale residential area of the house, he wanted to go there to see to see Dad for this woman to pay what price.But I did not expect, Wang Yunhan however, he drove to her own rent rental housing door.Here, FANG Xiao Wang Yunhan first kiss.Wangyun Han did not refuse, even though she was very shy.Since Wang Yunhan released from the hospital, the father of the good mood up.FANG Xiao decided to speed up the action, and decided to travel with Wang Yunhan.But the day when the girl he had just Wangyun Han connected to the car, there is a pretty stopped path.FANG Xiao surprised, it was his girlfriend Li Fei Yao.Li Fei Yao father’s work in the project department.I saw Yao Li Fei Yang Liu Meifei, face anger.How to do?FANG Xiao quickly think of a way.Wang Yunhan sitting in the car to see Yao Li Fei, a fool knows how the story.FANG Xiao had no choice but to get off, but he did not know how to explain to Li Fei Yao.Li Fei Yao angrily said: Well, you actually have it both ways!Say, how is this going!FANG Xiao had to go trick play, said: aware of our relationship is long over, she is my girlfriend, you get yourself.Having car sped away.Next, FANG Xiao Wang Yunhan leaps and bounds and relationships, FANG Xiao Wang Yunhan has become increasingly inseparable from the.A few days later, FANG Xiao discovered more gold necklace on the neck Wang Yunhan.He behaved very angry, saying: how you wear something so ugly, it is a gift you?Wang Yunhan said to be a friend, and she just by wearing a few days.FANG Xiao said: Who is now to wear this kind of thing, you have to really like it, I’ll buy a better.The next day, Wang Yunhan neck necklace to wear to the mother’s neck.FANG Xiao very sad for the mother, while the father is more dissatisfied.A few days later, FANG Xiao said he had a girlfriend SGX.His remark, my parents were very surprised, especially my mother expressed strong opposition.So long that they have accepted Li Fei Yao.But they say FANG Xiao Li Fei Yao’s many shortcomings, and said: I am such a set, you could not go against use.There is no way my parents, son love affair eventually was given by the son of his own.FANG Xiao guilty, he felt very sorry for Li Fei Yao, he wanted to find her a good time to explain, but then they gave up the idea.Exposing their plan is trivial, as if it exists scandal at home let her know, after how the family get along ah.So he decided to forbear a forbearance.That day, had dinner together with Wang Yunhan, they talked about future plans.Wangyun Han said would like to open their own company, currently is the lack of funds.FANG Xiao said: This have to wait until the time is ripe to say, when I will be a part of the money.Wang Yunhan but said: Who needs your money, I will find a way.FANG Xiao thought, you are not father asked me for money.I did not expect Wang Yunhan asked him: do you know Fang Shian?FANG Xiao heart of a tight, this is the father’s name.He pretended nothing had happened answer: I heard that too, seems to be a big boss.How you know him?Wangyun Han told a Huang Yue: I do not know him, but I have a friend like him very familiar.What do you want to do?FANG Xiao deliberately asked.Now a man came up with a big price to buy Deep-One project and bid the reserve price scheme Fang Shian.FANG Xiao Khan stunned and almost out.He knew deep dragon One project is the provincial capital of a bridge construction project, a huge investment, several companies are fighting for.Dad these days have been busy this matter, a few days before going to Beijing to be associated with this project.Now some people actually try to sabotage.He still quietly Q: Can you be sure to get such a confidential document?Wang Yunhan giggled: as long as I want, then there is nothing difficult.But doing so would be too small to man the bar.FANG Xiao has had an idea, and said: fool, do not eat fat hand, you start a company does, right next century!Wangyun Han said: No, I can not do, say my friends will not agree ah.FANG Xiao advised: if you can give her some reward ah.Not to be missed.You have to grasp the good.By the way, that you girlfriends Fang Shian anything to do with ah?Wang Yunhan blushed and did not answer, do not ask Fangxiao.The next few days, FANG Xiao Wang Yunhan continue to give encouraging, so she must get this matter.Wang Yunhan fail to beat, had to agree.Then the two discussed a program.FANG Xiao know Dad has a habit of valuable things will be placed in the bag, and carry.He learned from the company, programs and offer deep dragon One project is worked out.That day at home, he felt a moment to go out and look for Wang Yunhan father, so he took out two options package.Sure enough, Wang Yunhan very well get the program.But do not let her FANG Xiao immediately forwarded that person, he has to wait until near the time of the tender and then pay out, so even though they did not find any time to modify flaws.Only a day away from bidding.FANG Xiao Wang Yunhan escorted to a hotel.FANG Xiao looked at the young man took a program and gave the money in the car, this calm down.Bidding will be conducted on a five-star hotel in the provincial capital.FANG Xiao’s father personally appearances, he is determined to win this project.FANG Xiao and Wang Yunhan venue to go quietly.To the scene to see, there are three companies to compete, including a company called Wei Peng of the company let FANG Xiao surprised, this is not the uncle of the company it?They had previously been two to win the project by the family, then do a.But this time, his uncle actually go it alone.But this time was abroad uncle ah.Although Wei Peng’s strength is also very strong, but compared with the father of the company there are still gaps.Another company called Wansha Fangxiao have heard, much weaker strength, basically stay with princes reading.It seems this is really a fratricide.But he was confident a better chance to win Dad.You saw that person, Wang Yunhan pointing to a young man, he is the one they plan to buy.But let FANG Xiao surprised that he even behind Liu Yi’s cousin.He never imagined always respected by his cousin would do such a thing.FANG Xiao’m about to explode.I thought for a moment you see the excitement it.The successful bids in.The end result allows the vast majority of people stunned.Winner turned out to be little-known company Wansha.From the provincial capital back, my father fell ill.The blow is too great for him.When the results came out, his first feeling is one of the false, is certainly someone cheating.But this tender concern all aspects of the site and even there the judiciary and the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the people, a very small possibility of cheating.Last look Wansha programs and price tag, is indeed optimized.FANG Xiao Liu Yi found a cousin, said: Today I invite you to dinner.FANG Xiao red faced with anger, shouted: You have the face to ask me to eat ah.FANG Xiao Liu Yi pulled the hotel, drinking and telling: this time we are too miserable defeat.I had a great grasp of.FANG Xiao said: stole our program, you of course have grasped.Liu Yi first surprised, how, you know?FANG Xiao did not speak, only stared at him, see how he explains..Liu Yi sigh: What a strange combination of circumstances, when our company began to prepare their own programs better than Wansha.But blame you provide false solutions.In fact, at first glance, I also feel that this program is certainly a problem, but there is no time to consider the.The two programs had temporary compromise a bit, did not expect to defeat at the hands Wansha.It seems I did too immature.No wonder you do not trust the company uncle to me.FANG Xiao could not help but burst of heartache.The two projects have not been, cheaper outsiders.However, he felt there was something wrong.Liu Yi to take out a cell phone from the bag, placed in front of FANG Xiao, open play, which put the picture turned out to be the day the young man deal with Wang Yunhan.I know this woman?Liu Yi asked, my purpose in fact there is one, is that I have to let uncle know who betrayed him, uncle really the older the more confused, even carrying aunt mistresses!FANG Xiao Q: You knew the?Liu Yi nodded and said: I was once in their encounter.I hated that woman, but I can not go to persuade the junior.Besides such a thing once point out, we are Xiabulaitai.So I want this candid video sent to him.By the time he must put that woman sent away.A few days later, father mood better now.FANG Xiao and her mother just asked to come to his home to look at his girlfriend.FANG Xiao girlfriend again took the opportunity to boast about it, and exaggeration to describe the closeness of the two men through and love, the more confused I Met Your Mother heart itch.Of course, these are orchestrated through his exaggeration.At the end, he even announced that they had lived together.Mother training he really shy.Dad is also the side, shaking his head, he said: Today’s young people is undignified.In fact he lied, their relationship only stay on kissing hugging, FANG Xiao has finally grasp the bottom line.That day happened to be the weekend, Liu Yi also along for the ride.We all look forward to the arrival of Fangxiao beautiful girlfriend.Mom and Dad is waiting.Table cuisine has long been ready.Near noon, they came Fangxiao.First, father is stunned and Wang Yunhan.FANG Xiao watching them that panic in the eyes, heart felt extremely happy the.Liu Yi saw the hearts of a few will.FANG Xiao smile to introduce.When Wang Yunhan when introduced to the father, the father’s face red burst of white, the nose is not a nose, eyes are not the eyes.Wang Yunhan is not natural.FANG Xiao mother put aside some dissatisfaction to say: you this vision?Because she thinks of Li Fei Yao.FANG Xiao said: My dad’s eyes so.You find yourself saying slip of the tongue, and quickly said: Mom, you do not worry, maybe in the future it is still uncertain.Mom sometimes could not understand what he was snake oil medicine.Dad ordered a thorough investigation into the leak of engineering solutions in the company of things.At the same time, in a rented room Wangyun Han Fang Xiaoping Jing said: say I have to say, you go.There is simply not for you, go on like this, you will ruin our family, your future is not good.At that time such a result may not today.Said, handing me a card, the money is enough for you to realize their ideals of.Afternoon, in a restaurant, FANG Xiao Li Fei Yao sternly asked before: Why do you?Li Fei Yao said angrily: You ask me?Why do not you ask how you do it?We fell in love for three years, you say broke up broke up, you hurt not enough for you?I gave Wansha program, simply do not for the money, is to revenge!FANG Xiao closed his eyes in pain.He wanted to do so on the Wangyun Han Li Fei Yao processed just like a good fit.The reality too dramatic and too ruthless.A derailment caused by the storm is over, but the impact on each person brings different but.Dad never saw Wang Yunhan, he now has fallen into deep pain and remorse among.All the while my mother was kept in the dark, still for the FANG Xiao and Li Fei Yao broke felt sorry.