After dinner Chayu chat man

Day, peer thirty-five together, more than three cups of liquor degree evening, after dinner chat Chayu man.Man who also learn how to behave!No one will be born man, how man is all the result of acquired learning.Man, that is, their own cultivation.Repair the physical and mental cultivation in personality; cultivation in grace; in mind; also wisdom in moral cultivation.If someone tells you what the most difficult to learn in the world, it must be school life.If someone says what knowledge is worth a person live too old to learn?They must also learn how to behave.”Dreams of all knowledge, human sophistication that article.”.Life is difficult; the challenge is in all aspects of life and work, difficult people in difficult life skills for people with just the right scale.There is a saying man is not easy to stab someone you know about planting, life skills hardships kinds of flowers.Whether rich and poor, young and old hierarchy, as long as it is still breathing should learn how to behave in the first place.Only do this “man” in order to better integrate into the community, into your own side of the crowd.  Life is too short, long years.We tried to walk to learn to behave, along the way is a lifetime.Way of life is like a post road, winding ups and downs.In this way always love mountain peaks, there are rapids dangerous crossing.In this road packed with all kinds of people rushing to survive, embracing crowded with bustling attraction repulsion, friction, who can guarantee that the competition will not be in contradiction?This requires us to do “sit often thought has been, chat someone you know about on the people not” the.  A man related to education, and education related to the formation of human personality.Related to the personality and life, especially the formation of a person’s personality and is closely linked with family education.”Our lives, vegetation of a fall.”.From babbling to the white-haired but also on the scene for decades, from infancy to childhood and then a teenager is learning the initiation stage in life.This is a person ages will learn to imitate the behavior of adults around, mimicking the behaviors of adults, in particular, will imitate their parents demeanor.Some people’s character will be possible during this period form, learning accumulated during this period on the future of adult personality character lay a solid foundation for the product, because the age of the person with high plasticity.So we say in front of the children’s parents to be cautious, Wang how rude crude manners will cause pollution to the inexcusable growing children.This contamination will directly affect the child later in life adult direction and image.A man that he would from time to time when the aftertaste from young to middle-aged in mind those experiencing enlightenment period, he “she” who will accept early education lay into his life, he “she” who will from parents where it received the information as a man of standards.It should be remembered that people’s ideas, once formed, it is difficult to easily change.Stubborn personality has been formed will only deepen in the later years of experience, even if because of his experience really has changed, it will only be a change of angular some personality.  In a civilized society, about the Quebec people have some common rules that must be followed.Some of these rules are tangible, but some are invisible.Conscientious parents, and his sons are filial piety; a wife and husband, friends have done under the leadership life skills to make a moral man in the specification.Not vulgar to keep people often have standard anti-social behavior, we will make some deviant things to destroy themselves or harm others.It is generally believed that a person can do not violate ethical norms, without departing from the norms of social behavior on it.actually not!  People at: stick with people first, friendship and relationship principles in times.But the people at the rules of etiquette is that there is no clear, so the first element of the integrity of the human person became at.There are many relationships between people, such as the relationship between colleagues, superior-subordinate relationship.Neighbors, relatives, friends and fellow students, etc., etc., these are what we want to get along from time to time, from time to time to meet the relationship not avoid.How to deal with these relationships, that is a part of life.So what exactly is the most sensible people at the most acceptable behavior it?Various capacities of people have different perceptions of their own.We believe that with people or meet with friends should first resolve the wind blows the wishes of the mainstream crowd of people, remember not overstepped.Always pay attention to their own rhetoric, avoiding blunt language, try to use the euphemism meaning of Intonation Ti.Do not sounding, and certainly few high notes song.Do a dare, wood show in the forest wind will destroy.Competitors, treat prejudiced people how can we not intensify contradictions and reasonable manner is a very deep knowledge of the.Access to be able to see a person’s physical training, Zengguangxianwen say: Welcome home, not off, a little-known foreign masters.  Doing things: in fact, be doing things at people with relevant.All the things people will be involved.In this way we encounter things must be broad-minded, Huodataidu.It must not ‘would have been the heart of relieving people of Italy’.For example, you do leadership, subordinates do not run this time must not increased aid accused.The calm can only understand what has happened, the mind should say flat out of gas static tables Ti.Such respect is also said to say, and no others angry.In fact, you do a meal that under the curse can not accept, for what has happened can not play the slightest role.Maybe he turned and reprimanded scolded ancestors of you, and your image destroyed by their own people was also behind the curse, ruining his relationship.Similarly, the override itself above others is unwise, because all people are emotional spirit, you respect others, others will respect you will surely.Otherwise you will be surrounded by double face.We complained, and see how much you have eyes to stare at your subordinates.These principles so as not to hurt yourself not hurtful as well, failing which enjoys a short flow length is not swayed.One thing you do not want to participate, must be rejected at the time of giving the face.When criticized suggestions statement should be appropriate, enough is enough, leave room for maneuver.  Like words, words to heart.No matter what the occasion or what relationship the most important speech is not a mouth injury hundred people, try not to say that some of the outdated, others unhappy or embarrassing words.I remember a few friends together for dinner, perhaps because the role of wine, a friend of exultant people talk too affair gossip at the dinner table, the table does not know that there is a gentleman for his wife’s affair in trouble.No matter how we all can not transfer him wink topic, then the relationship between the two men can imagine.There is a saying “what people do not say in front of people, which says no one behind”.This sentence illustrates the fact that people like behind the others remarks about them, not knowing exactly what caused such talk behind the diaphragm between people, resulting in mutual distrust between.People should try to be able confused when confused, do not speak wounding self-esteem.  Cautious, behavioral intent.”The gentleman is satisfied in speech but quick in action,” more and talk less, not bombastic.What should carefully consider the views of people around, not alone dedicated line.Does not take credit offside.Fu arrogance and poor is wrong, not to sprinkle gold, nor stingy.Not to alienate lonely person, who does not flatter popular.Traveling thousands of miles way, reading thousands of books.Commoner also proud princely!  In fact, people on one’s manners were well prepared are evaluated, born from the womb of the moment people in the evaluation.If a child when the birth quietly sweet smile, people say that a more obedient toddlers cry no trouble in the future must be very sensible certain amount to anything, that’s evaluation.Although such evaluation joke a bit mean, but we can see that people care about these goodwill evaluation.For a man, it is pertinent in the evaluation often with a bit demanding.Because the importance of social life, people also care about others evaluation of their own human.  The poor man.Life is not good.”Hear the Tao, Xi can be is dead.”.