After dropping out of school to work

Under late autumn moonlight, my shadow in the narrow shallow sing: “so helpless.”.Deep shadow faded luster, that the dark and into the ink so that he’ll never find the edge..Night night..  The body has gone profile, little by little, twisted, distorted let cool heart good.  This is why the memory of the flowers do not wilt as soon as possible, let me forget this messy, troublesome thoughts, so that the scattered Fun Young falling leaves take it, do not let it freeze leaves the city that long has charming streets, and that gorgeous neon light.Why at this gorgeous screen there clutching his hazy eyes crying man.Alas, dressed in gorgeous coat of people, how many have a beautiful mind!  Lengthy notes can penetrate deep mind, but it can not fall on the heart softest place.Not enjoy the sweet words that nourish the soul in school, this time only one person can only taste the frustration.  Autumn, time quietly flow away, do not go with that sad sigh; tears fall silently, immersed impervious traces of soul.Unlike personal dream, because he was too real to me.Personal like water, because too so I guess shape.How to do.The X!  Author: Ye Xing Miao creation: 2011-10-26–6: 25