After encouraged that 27 rejected

17 years old, he cast down the life of the first big mistake, because brotherhood, he hit into the other seriously injured.He is organic to escape, but before he packed the luggage, the police took him home in a small courtyard surrounded the.  Police car stopped in the street entrance to the village, far he saw a familiar figure, it was his father.His father squatting village of old trees, quietly smoking a pipe down, everything seemed to happen behind nothing to do with himself until he was brought to police, his father did not look back at him.  Until then, he suddenly realized that in the process he was caught, he only loved his father never showed up, even without a word.Father exceptionally calm demeanor made him suddenly realized, it must be reported to his father!Enraged, he suddenly jumped like crazy police car, the red hair has some grizzled old man lunged, why, why, I hate you, I hate you!  Sure enough, his father reported him.  Report comply with the father outside a lighter penalty, let him sentenced to two years less.But after all he is a felony, in prison, he spent a full 10 years.  10 years, he became a robust burly young child from a Maotouxiaohuo.10 years, he was with the help of prison discipline and government, a new life.But, he was brought from the police car that remembers, and his relationship with his father will be like fire and water, for irreconcilable.  He hated the old man, despite his mother’s childhood is gone, the old man is single-handedly raised him, even though the old man had to live frugally for him to study for his plan for the future.Once the seeds of hatred planted in the heart, it is very difficult to bear sweet fruit.He felt the grizzled old man does not deserve to do his own father!  He did not want to go home, but want to see the old man.Came out from prison, he was at a friend’s help, rented out a small house.Then, he began his struggle.  The old man Trustee to inquire about his message, wanted to see him, but that he refused the cold: he himself sent to prison, blood affection between him and live with each other in their own long moment the police start!He does not need his own life.  He started college graduates and those childish together, looking for the shuttle at the fair.But, every time that he was disappointed, once a notorious record of who wants to be accepted by society, in which the difficulty can be imagined.  However, each time after being refused, he always received a call from the other phone to encourage in the following days: We did not hire you does not mean you are not good enough, just to show that you are not fit for the job.  Similar words always let him ignite the rebirth of hope, then, briskly into battle under a no smoke to go.  Hard work pays off, when he threw resume the 27th, he finally got a job, although treatment in general, but he has really cherish, particularly hard.  Seven years later, people around who remember the early years already bear the appearance of abjection, except that he is a vice president of a large company..  In these seven years, he’s a lot of things happening around, and he had a fight with a few associates have been arrested, with the years they fled out the process of the case committed, sentence than the sentence he had suffered heavier punishment, in this life almost never possible comeback.  He was a bit scared, some fortunate, my mind flashed even a shadow of that, she has been able to put aside the old man.  Spare time, when he suddenly remembered the hardships of the road is not.Experienced life in marshes, he cherish those who have given him confidence and warmth, even if only a few words there is still that he will never forget.  So he identify those collections of phone numbers, one by one to fight back, and tell them their current situation.Understand how one thing after another, there is always the other side suddenly realized: Oh, it’s you, ah, I remember, I was not also specifically called to encourage How about you?  Do not you just encouraged me lately?He did not understand.  Of course, so many job seekers, I can there be so much time and energy to eleven call back ah.The other party no secret Road.  Then you why I want to encourage it?He asked in wonder.  You do not know, when you cast your resume to leave our company, there is a old man claiming to be your father will find me, begged me in any case be sure to give you call back, encourage a few words, he said you appearance of a strong heart is a vulnerable person, afraid you can not stand against a series of accidents.I think he made it so sincere, almost necessary to my knees, and I agreed.  The truth is to find out after a lapse of seven years, goes stretched between him and his father’s giant net a little bit smaller contraction, sinking, hate frozen heart scattered back to the collapse of his home in the night.In his father’s grave, he was like a worldly child burst into tears.  Three years ago, his father passed away, he made a terrific effort he just did not look back one last time.Now he finally understood early, unfortunately, did not have a chance.