After ending the five men affair

Men support the lover, more of a spiritual pursuit of enjoyment and a process that is exciting, but things always have to explain itself and ending.Typically, men will only appear after ending nurturing lover 5.  The first conclusion: men support lover, the outcome will be a lot of people are getting caught and eventually let his wife know that eventually lead to the breakdown of marital relations, and ultimately to the road of divorce.  If you’re single this Valentine’s, men will choose the married lover, to continue to lead back to married life, his wife might find their partner and live a new life.But the child has lost the joy should be the one, the greatest harm them or.But such an outcome is still relatively satisfactory.  The second outcome: If the parties have families, divorce party after the incident, while the other has chosen to continue their marriage, divorce is the only life and wealth, regret.  But the choice of the party to continue the marriage, the couple will leave the hearts certainly still difficult to heal the shadows, give them a normal life left hidden, more harm than good.However, this is also not the worst outcome.  The third outcome: The reason many mistresses and men together, map is a wealth word.Often after a certain amount of wealth, it would be absolutely natural choice to leave.During the life of the men do not bother to influence each other’s family, as long as the money to spend enough, and the man in pursuit of physical needs, what they want.  Until one day a woman enough money, but also want to understand the natural break up is the final outcome.However, this man will still continue to pursue a woman as his mistress, revealed the secret is a matter of.  The fourth outcome: a man looking after his mistress to his wife found his wife out of revenge, it has also to find a lover, the result of so much noise is beyond belief, domestic violence continue.  The mentality of the man at this time is that they can find a mistress, a woman should be three from the four virtues, he is now a forgotten era of gender equality, we must ask themselves first decent, blindly obvious to say that a woman is not fair.In conjunction with this, the relationship between lovers often will change, eventually became a loner.I think that’s’m miserable ending, wounding injury has been, not a husband and wife into anti-enemy, lover whom will regret ashamed, why bother?  The fifth outcome: a man in love with his mistress, mistress fell in love with a man, and the man responsible for it is difficult to choose to leave his wife.After final disclosure, the wife to the family chose to remain silent acquiescence, and lover in order to get a man’s love also chose to love last, so there was a funny scene, one hundred thirty-five accompany lover, two hundred forty-six with his wife, we continue to live at peace, truly both sides of the red flag does not fall.  But this time most probably become a tired man, the pressure is imagined.So how should we do?Can only send one: self-inflicted.