After ending.What will we.(One)

Indulgent enough, those memories of fallen enough, and should not go recalled the remaining incomplete, can only rely on themselves to make up for the only non-monopoly, just missing that little bit confused, sad, and so what the trampling has been trampled on, please do not stir up a handful of salt on my wound Zaisa I hurt, the pain will cry, cry Heartbreakers me not to put on a tragedy, even if it is the heroine I do not sad once, even if all the happiness will rewind I do not get embroiled in this troubled love stories even if it is very busy after a very grand experience, full of ups and downs, but they lost a mess defeated fate will happen next schedule, so just a question mark why sad, so why Shen round Jiupaqilai hurt, pain is also time to get up one day tired stopped so there is no eternal forever so do not need pity so no sympathy though it’s not the answer I want, not what I want the outcome of those traces loved, how you want to hug you again indelible Wu Nai enough time those happy, unhappy those happy, unhappy or will one day After sealed up after the curtain after curtain no longer recall, those pictures are no longer staged ended, but not the people have changed