After flavored Life is sweet

People are destined to eat “bitter” in.You see, everyone faces are written on a “bitterness”; two eyebrows like a Soji head, around the middle of the cheekbone plus nose like a cross, beneath a mouth is a mouth word.    ’If sowing in tears, joy cometh harvest “eat, adversity, square man Exalted”.”Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold Lei”.This is the best interpretation of the “post-flavored Life is sweet”.    Flavors in life, the bitter taste is often a reluctance to taste.However, in the field of Chinese culture has always been about the hardship of the proposition for a place.    Bitter, like a leader, a rallying cry.It should be gathered; distress, suffering, hell, torture.Gall bladder, difficulties, pains, Bitter.Coolies, ascetic, grind.Bitter, bitter, bitter pill.Hardship, toil, and pain.Hard, lonely, bitter.Toil, Han Ku, suffering.    Ancient bitter story many.Wei compiled Ruin, cantilever Cigu, hanging paid negative angle, capsule firefly Yingxue, dig Jieguang wall, the chickens, Revival, Zhengedaidan.  Eat human suffering, Fangcheng Dong Liang was.Such examples abound all times.    Song Chong Fan politicians flooded, born Zi father died two years.Because without food and clothing, his mother took him to remarry Chu.Fan Chong flooded frail, he endured suffering, study hard.Often lived “off the plan porridge Ji” life.After a long struggle, he was finally able to become a poem Shanwen, ability and political integrity Ming Chen.And leave Famous [Yueyang Tower] handed down through the ages.,, medical scientist Ming Li for the preparation of [Compendium of Materia Medica], went through the more than eight hundred kinds of writing; excerpts from several large boxes of notes; travels down the mountains of the motherland; collect a total of one thousand eight hundred ninety-two kinds of drugs.Until his death 76 years, finally completed the history of our country a medicine book, to be called the world [Oriental Medicine Giant Code].    Britain’s famous neurophysiologist Sherrington, early death of his father, no discipline, taking up the habit, to stir up trouble.On one occasion, he whim, to marry a women, only women who flatly refused: “I would rather skip the Thames and drowned, do not marry you!”It’s a blow, made him wake up, I feel that if they do not learn, will never be looked down upon.Since then, he has achieved great ambitions, energies attack books, study hard, and eventually became one of the founders of psychophysiological, 1932 Nobel Prize.    Paul Youth League of outstanding eighties Zhang Haidi, the age of five due to illness caused by a paraplegic.Twenty years, her amazing perseverance fight with the disease, assiduous self-study.She taught herself acupuncture, in English, while for others medical treatment, while the translation of books.To early 1983 two, Zhang Haidi translated thirteen million words [seaside clinic].Given her remarkable achievements, in 1983 the CYL Central Committee granted her “outstanding Komsomolets” title.    ”Bitter” make clear-headed, strong-willed, spirits, good health.Since ancient times, hotshots Magi are bitter out.Nothing else to do, look at the crystal hope the road to see how many people sweat under the hot sun?How many people in air-conditioned eyes closed?Lei winter comes, how many people at dawn in the cold swagger?How many people did not dare to put his head in bed?It’s like a balance scale, like arbitrage, you can weigh a person’s weight Lei.