After girlfriends and affectionate husband I was pregnant

Derailment is not the man’s patent, and women derailment is not big news.That night, there are hot hazy cover my lips, I thought it was her husband Ding Jun, then so back to the past.The next day woke up he realized it last night with my affectionate man since it is Zhang Yi?How to do this?    Ding Jun and her husband second year of marriage, because it is not complacent, we came together in Beijing.He had four years of college life, and I fell in love with the city of Ding.But the comeback of our marriage, or encountered many unimaginable difficult.Just renting it busy for a whole week.Some of the rent is too expensive, can not afford to live.Some rent is relatively cheap, but find the address, the house has been rented out.Finally we come to Beijing in the tenth day, he found a single room and found escape put three single beds, there is a small separate kitchen, which makes us delight.    After the stay, and I began to busy work of Ding.But also busy for several days, it is still not forthcoming, but we have to spent his money.One day we came back to find a job to see a familiar silhouette in the cell door, and when she pass, and finally see, turned out to be my college Li Fei.She saw me, a moment of surprise was quickly replaced by the joy of reunion.It turned out that she just got married, and I like Ding Jun, and she married her husband also wanted to come out some battles.    After the conversation that the original Li Fei also rent an apartment, so I invited them to spend the night in our newly rented house.But the next day, Li Fei and his husband proposed sharing.I had prepared, and Ding Jun denial, after all, the house is not big, but think of the pockets of a thin few notes.I still nodded and Ding Jun.So, we started two days of conjugal.Too inconvenient, I let Ding Jun hung in the middle of a bamboo at night, Ding Jun and Li Fei husband in the middle, next to each other across the bamboo curtain.Although the house is small, but there is nothing convenient.    In the Philippines and Lee shared the third day, I did regret it and Ding Jun.After all, to get married soon, and the night before Li Fei and her husband affectionate voice faint, so my husband and I can not rest a long time.It makes my heart became so bad.The next day, only desperately looking for work.Fortunately, with good strength of Ding into a joint venture, and I am also an electronics company in finding a job.We think, so send the wages and Li Fei live separately.    But one night something happened that changed my mind.That husband of Ding business trip, I always come home, but really in Li Feiqia.Her husband is beside drink alone Chang.To see me back, Chang politely greeted, then call me drink a little.I want to refuse his offer, but that day has really tired, and I want to drink two glasses of wine and then go to bed earlier.So a couple of drinks accompanied Chang.On the scene said some words, and then lay down to rest.    I do not know how long, hazy in some heated air before putting my lips, I think it should be of Ding, sleepwalk back to the past.The next day wake up to think about at night and I turned out to be affectionate man Chang.    The original Li Feijia night classes back late, and Chang also quite a bit tipsy, coupled with his good impression on me, so hard to love yourself in a relationship.But I was obsessed with that feeling, because of Ding and Zhang Yi is not a class of people.Ding Jun is one of those refined, thoughtful, and with a bit wild but Chang.He handed me a new light.So after Li Fei pregnant back home, I secretly slept together once again and Zhang Yi.    I know I’m sorry husband of Ding, is desperate to curb their behavior, then no longer shared with Ding Jun said, and they moved out after deliberation Chang.Move out of the rental day, somehow I feel good, I am glad I have the willpower to save their own derailment.But not long after moving out, I found that he was pregnant, and unborn child, is clearly not the Ding Jun.It makes me wonder is happy or sad.    After the next morning, I refused her husband’s romance, a person leave secretly went to the hospital, when I walked out of the cold operating room, I secretly vowed, in this life must not make the same mistake, I want to be worthy of her husband, also worthy of own.