How do Saimalasong get together, "Spring Festival" scene grooming

  ■ issue a special guest, Peking University ran round and round the lap longer than Chen Yue Liang Feng, co-founder and CEO 2018 Nian 4 15, is a Chinese marathon run game history magical day, 40-day marathon at the same time all over the country held, including 10 games dubbed "international marathon" name, marathon running friends have nicknamed the "spring Festival"。
Get together and run game, in the end reflects a marathon sport to flourish in the country, or run game "overheating" lack of rational planning?This issue Sanyan, ran round and round we go, Peking University laps longer than Chen and Yue Liang Feng, co-founder and CEO who said their views。   China's Marathon is not "too much" but "too little" Xu Bei: Marathon "Spring Festival" in my opinion was a little confusing, I think now, more needed to be a good runner domestic event services, in particular, competition is more scientific guidance, training guidelines, but most of the race and did not provide such services。
In the end how much domestic runners to complete a full marathon, half marathon and even, I think the extent that may not be the ideal run game party。 We are now in urgent need, perhaps it should be to cultivate the market, rather than given directly to game products。   Yu Chen: I'd think the game now is not too much, but too little competition。
Marathon "Spring Festival" to describe this I find it interesting that the spring itself is something with Chinese characteristics, our vast country, but in fact the allocation of resources is not the average, fell on hold marathon, and it is so。 For example, April 15 is the day more than 40 Marathon, but each race of regional distribution, arranged hierarchically, not very balanced, the number of events is a lot, but very few high-quality event, some of the popular game runners competed enthusiasm high, need to draw lots to get places, and sometimes difficult to draw lots of high-quality game to be even higher than the world's six Marathon。   Liang Feng: First, I do not think the Spring Festival is an avid marathon phenomenon, but added an inevitable phenomenon。
Marathon to be developed as part of national fitness, if it is not able to attract the country, all the people involved, only a few inputs, it can not be said to be truly national sport。 I think from the quantitative point of view, the current domestic marathon sessions is not too much, there are more than 3,000 US a year race, China is only 1,000 more than from the growth rate, in fact, China is still not too soon。 In Tokyo, Japan, a city inside a weekend may also carry out sixty-seven ten km race, or smaller events。
  Xu Bei: but the domestic population marathon, really need so many events it?  Liang Feng: I think we really do not have the population of the marathon we would like to think, from last year, data released by the Chinese Athletics point of view, our population is really a marathon is not enough to support so many events, which need to think about our run game party is to do what the purpose of race。 We take a look at the statistics, there are so many events in the development of many new events, this phenomenon is to illustrate the many organizers are rushing to run game, not thinking calmly。
  Yu Chen: I agree with the current domestic game is not too much, but too little this view。
Too little, not to say that a small quantity, but the quality of the event too, runners choose to participate in a game which will be selected according to the event's reputation, as well as the experience of many running friends, places less good race, but ran Friends of the strong wishes of the competition, leading to a daughter of hard to find places。   "International Marathon" flooding phenomenon is not rational in the morning: Marathon should be layered, has a national event, there should also be regional, national nature of the game for around running friends to participate, mainly regional meet local run or participate in the Friends of the surrounding area, but now, most domestic marathon pursuit of scale, the pursuit of a game how many people attended, even the pursuit invited contestants, quick to crown the "international Marathon," the in the name, but also television, I think this situation is blind, fail to reflect the difference tournament。   Liang Feng: There are many matches before the lack of sober reflection held weigh their track broad enough, security forces enough, contingency plans finish imperfections, health care is not enough, not enough to supply enough volunteers enough, in fact, these areas require adequate infrastructure and team building。 I think from the perspective of the norm, you first need to consider the department in charge of local governments, not to say that every city have to do a whole horse, can be a province, a region, linked together in various cities, small cities, smaller area host small events, large-scale events held in major cities, such events form a network to form a hierarchical pyramid structure of competitions, so not only can make the run game the team get the layers of training, but also to form a joint force training in the form of runners, let runners who have adequate training guide。
Not everyone ran together will have to run more than 40 kilometers, more than 20 kilometers, but within our capabilities, but also through the advanced network events。   Xu Bei: Comprehensive two views can be said that the current domestic competition level is not enough to do, small events, short-distance races in fact is not enough。
Indeed, many runners want to participate in the contest, but not everyone can really run up a full-horse, half-horse, I think the most now is the lack of scientific training run environment, which is also the event organizers can expand its part of the business function。   Liang Feng: So I think the network to create a perfect event would be a better way, whether it is in urban areas, or do race, organizers, this should have progressive advanced intellect。
Currently the number of run game in economically developed areas, but economically underdeveloped areas may even national infrastructure are lack of fitness。
I think it needs to allow more residents to non-developed areas involved, to move, this is the direction of development of value。
  Yu Chen: China is now a high-quality game is indeed rare, few events are really starting to design from the perspective of running friends。
Running friends how to select the game, how conveniently entered the competition, whether there are better conditions to prepare before the game, after the game if you can provide recovery services, and to consider whether such a perfect organization of the event for runners were traveling service?I think there are not many events firm from this point of view and design, it is more regrettable thing。 From this perspective, the number of domestic competitions also more faithful to make coarse selected to run fine, to make competitive events held, the organizers make more sense to plan their run game, operators, operator Forced real from the perspective of runners to consider, how to run a game。
There are many places need a special invitation to the competition of amateur runners, obviously does not match resources and needs, high-quality game too, but there are a large number of relatively poor quality of the game there, this is not a good phenomenon。   Runners in the end What kind of Marathon Xu Bei: two have talked about the current number of events that seem a lot, but high-quality event, attracting runners can participate in the tournament does not have much。
What kind of game in the end runners need?  Yu Chen: First Marathon should not blindly pursue the scale。 Now many regional competitions pursuit of "international", the pursuit of the number of participants how many, I do not think reason, regional game has its own characteristics, to meet the health needs of local residents, I think this is more important。
We now lacks some brand events, in fact, Marathon subdivision are many, there are racing games, there are cross-country, there is a collective game, you can also design some local culture connotation, there is a special body of the game, rather than all alone the number of people participating, the number of invited contestants。
  Liang Feng: Yes, there are many organizations run game, emphasizing live television, I think it should be done first run itself more interesting, more effective communication through the runners, runners circle, this is valuable。
Showcase the city's image, live television is not the only way, or the reputation of the event itself should do a good job, good word of mouth the tournament, the tournament's fun to do, in order to gain something – whether from local governments, sponsors or runners, the race is something of quality。   Xu Bei: We are concerned about the news marathon, runners often see unexpected, poor event organization, run multi-faceted Friends Tucao such information, if there is information dissemination marathon in many such situations, of course, the sport the development itself is no good。
I also believe that events organized for television transmission, it is not so important, but the key is running friends after the game experience to share, then this dissemination of information, which directly show the real side of that event, the track is suitable for running, supply and security is reasonable, whether the event has a unique broadcast interesting picture, television, and can not cover running friends personal experience and feelings。
  Yu Chen: China's Marathon market still needs a longer development time, as the runners we still hope that the game can be more, let us have more experience to accumulate, accumulate only in order to create higher levels of runners, better the organizers, in order to make the game tiered classification, to meet the different needs of different runners。 I think the marathon national associations, official organizations and event organizations, need to do and do it more standardized management, to build a good network events for event organizers, running friends are more scientific guide。