After graduating five years, where will you be?

I also sometimes ask myself: five years after graduation, where would I be?  After graduation, some work, some people want to continue to go to school to make enlightening reading this article, so I hope it can help you in being confused, if you read after yet another Brief Encounter feeling, especially excitement, hope you can cherish this article, think about it many years later, look at this article, I have a different feeling as workers emperor Tang said: I do not think there are two kinds of people competing interests and values return with others.The first person who is just entering the business, the first five years Do not say you can give me a little salary, the most important thing is what can be learned in the enterprise, the development is not always advantageous from flat obtained in less lessons, lessons learned from multiple ordeal; lessons learned from the flat shallow, the lessons learned from suffering deep.A person experiencing hardships in his youth, if properly depending on the, out of the darkness, and that is a person worthy of admiration.The most important thing is to train their internal strength, the best period of five years after graduation is the inner strength of Lianhaoneigong be possible to climb even higher in the future.  Where is the way out?Lies ideas!  In fact, no money, no experience, no experience, no social relations, these are not terrible.No money can be earned through hard work to go; no experience, you can go through the summary of the practical operation; no experience, you can go step by step accumulation; no social relations, can be a little bit to weave.However, no dreams, no idea is the most terrible, just terrified, wanted to escape!  People must have a right direction.  No matter how high-spirited, no matter how resourceful, no matter how much effort it takes, if not a clear direction, it will had a great loss, gradually lose their fighting spirit, forget the original dream, on a detour will not even return , wasting their wisdom, he missed his youth.  Homer’s “Odyssey” in a maxim: no more impressive than wandering aimlessly intolerable the.After graduating five years of confusion, cause panic 10 years later, after 20 years of struggle, or even a lifetime of mediocrity.If you can not graduate after five years out of confusion as soon as possible, out of the fog, we really are discredited in the face of 10 years, 20 years after their own.Graduated five years, we have both a lot of uncertainty, there are a lot of possibilities.  Graduated five years, we have both a lot to be determined, there are a lot of decisions.  Who will experience confusion and confusion, fear and escape no one ever had, but not to be confused with confusion as to give up self, willing to excuse mediocrity, not to become self-pity, and pay homage to the bitter frustration.You need to take their own life, their own destiny but also need to grasp.In five years of graduation, the sooner find direction, the sooner out of the confusion, the easier achievements on the road of life, and create wonderful.Without a head can not find direction, only thwarted at every turn; a person can not find a way out, only confusion, fear.  Life in the face of difficulties, we often have the feeling of desperation.Do not be discouraged, stick to it, to believe that there is no road to ruin a young life, difficulties in front of the hope around the corner.As long as we have the right ideas, detours will be able to find a way out!  Successful people are not winning at the starting point, but to win in the turning point.  Many recently graduated young man, always expect to immediately be able to find their ideal job.However, a lot of good work is not a long wait, you must select a job as an experience.Professional journey first job, no doubt into the starting point of the university community.Maybe find a passable job, then from here, good to precipitate themselves, learn from this job to valuable nutrients, paid off.A thousand miles begins with one step, as long as the departure, there is hope to reach the terminal.  The starting point may be the same, but chose a different inflection point, the end will be much different!  Graduated in recent years, our lives, feelings, occupation and so there are many uncertain factors, the future is full of possibilities.This time, we must learn to choose, know how to give up, give yourself a clear positioning, stabilized themselves.If you do not take the initiative to locate, it will be others and social stereotypes!  It can be said: a man in the past few years graduation nurtured habits will determine the height of his life.Our success depends in part on their own evaluation of their own, which is positioning.What are you positioning yourself, what you are.Positioning can determine life, positioning can change destiny.Ugly duckling into a swan, as long as the pair of wings; Cinderella became a princess United States, as long as one pair of glass slipper.  People’s lives, one-third of the heavens, seven by the hard work, the dream will have red, victories.  As long as not to confine themselves to the mind’s cage, who bound not you go fly.  The reality is far from what they want it.Thus, when the superiority is turning into a sense of loss and even frustration, when the believe they are a piece of gold to suspect that he is a grain of sand, anger, confusion, low self-esteem began growing.  In fact, it should carefully weigh yourself if you really gold?Real gold, hands have unique skills, in order to have some attractions on the job.Bottom line: real gold is to rely on strength to prove, only the ability to put its own good practice to be eligible to consider the things horses.  Originally each pearl is a grain of sand, but not every grain of sand can become a pearl.Capital wants right way, there should stand out.Can not stand the combat and setbacks, to withstand neglect and dull, it is difficult to achieve glory.Young people to get themselves to be reused, to succeed, it must transform itself into a priceless pearl from a grain of sand.  Days of rain and sunrise, life peaks and valleys.  Mo as clouds blocking, always advisable amount.  As long as brushed haze, skies will be able to reveal their invigorating.If you have some unhappy at work, to believe that they would not have been in the trough of life, one day be able to break through the heavy clouds.Tell yourself: I have not failed, but has no success!Just lit a lamp of hope in his heart, he will be able to dispel the darkness of the shadow and see the bright.  Indeed, on the qualifications, is an absolute rookie career, business involves not deep, a network of poor and white, often run into a wall at work.Clear air pressure is not necessarily like the crushing boulders, but like the sky before the rain comes, deep gray, obviously there is room, but was gray fill every gap, only after waiting for rain-soaked.  Earlier than roosters, sleep later than dogs, doing more than the donkey, eat poor pig.This is a lot recently graduated people like to laugh at yourself living conditions of words.Although a bit exaggerated, but many people indeed has long been shrouded in a gray mood – my heart will always be cloudy to overcast.I remember a philosopher once said: Our pain is not caused by the problem itself, but our views on these issues arising.From another perspective of life, it is a breakthrough, a relief, a kind of transcendence, a high level of indifferent and quiet, to obtain the freedom of happiness.A philosopher said: Life is a series of choices, each person’s future and destiny fully grasp in their own hands, if they work hard, eventually there will be into.Ye Hao employment, careers worth mentioning, entrepreneurship is also true, as long as the strenuous efforts will be successful.  After graduating from the past few years, it is to change the golden age of their own destiny.When most decide their own fate, if not sure, then you have to wait until when it?I am the master of life, fate had help from the people.  Do not live in someone else’s mouth, do not live in someone else’s eyes, but the fate hold in their hands.  Do not say you do not have the background, it is the greatest background.American writer Jack Kerouac said a word: I am still young, I am eager to hit the road.In the journey of life, we are always young, every day should be full of desire.Each person’s potential is unlimited, the key is to discover their potential and a correct understanding of their talents and find a stage full potential, not only was the stage for the inappropriate unhappy.Be objective and impartial view of their ability, combined with their own situation and preferences cool choice as to the most need their own, the most suitable place.  In human resource management sector, particularly popular saying that riding, cows, hog, dog theory: good character, ability and strong, Maxima, we want to ride him; good character but the ability to plain, old ox, we must hold him; character and ability are common, that is pig, we want to get rid of him; poor ability of strong character, it is a dog, we have to fight against him.  I think that just graduated a few years, as ambitious, as people want to be an unappreciated, galloping battle of Maxima, right?So, it is good to settle down.Low on the floor does not mean inferior, overlooking the low today is to tomorrow’s another job.The so-called value of life, our existence is valuable to others.People can take advantage of a good thing, nobody cares about is the real tragedy!  Competent work, do a good job is the basic guarantee of job market.  Any person doing the work are a prerequisite for his ability to do the job.Competent is the most basic standards of qualified staff, work hard is an attitude.A job that many people can be competent, have the ability to dry the basic good job, however, can get the job done better, it depends on whether the practical work hard, suffer from studying the work attitude.  In competent on the basis of practical work hard.  Work, live doing more than others, you feel a disadvantage; money to get less than others, you feel a disadvantage; often work overtime, do you think suffer fact, no need to care about this, suffer not a disaster, not a failure, but also a disadvantage philosophy of life.Now eat something small loss for the success of paved road, perhaps at some point in the future, your great blessing came suddenly.  Can suffer is the life of a state, it is a wise attitude of life.  Not do more at work or someone else’s job to do live is to suffer.If you let the leadership Gaga class in time to catch the task, do not think they suffered a major loss, but should feel lucky, because the leadership just called you, did not call other people, that he trust you and appreciate you.A disadvantage is a contribution, the more you contribute, the more the returns.Willing to work overtime, it is such a disadvantage.  Willing to be willing There was only homes; learn to eat when appropriate loss is definitely not mentally retarded people, but the eternally.  To others is to give yourself Liu Yudi Liu Yudi, giving people easier and more convenient to the already convenient, kind to others is to treat yourself.  Stupid is as stupid does, because stupid people do not scheming.And such people together, relaxed, not too much vigilance can be close to each other.Silly in many cases means dedication and loyalty, also means generous and honest, people unknowingly get on his side.Stupid people accidentally get, but also many smart people get more than scheming.Graduated in recent years, the sky just floating a few flakes of snow, so you meet yet?Success need to adhere to and accumulation, rather than focusing on collecting snow, it is better to save energy to snowball.Buffett said: Life is like a snowball, the most important is the discovery of very wet snow and a long slope.Let yourself settle down, learn to find a very wet snow, trying to find a long slope.Remember: scattered snow will soon melt, vanish, only the snowball is more real, long-lasting.  Graduated in the past few years, if you can do an effort to pay more than others, it means more than others accumulate capital one point, the more chance of a successful than others.  What is it professional?Professionalism is the standardization status, standardized and institutionalized, that is, at the right time, right place with the appropriate way to say the right words, do the right thing, so that the knowledge, skills, ideas, thinking, attitude, psychological compliance with occupational norms and standards.For each industry, there are many good people who has been able to exist because harder than others, smarter, more mature.But, most importantly, they are more professional than the average person!That’s the reason why I can now when your boss.A professional person just is not enough, and only professional people who can fly in front of others, makes it difficult to go beyond!Do not think that we are now living a very calm.For the five-year graduation people, it must recognize the five major upcoming challenges.  First, support parents.Second, marriage and children.Third, the promotion and pay rise.Fourth, the work pressure.Fifth, the quality of life.  Some human survival rather excited, his eyes always stop behind, fits and starts network, peter.  Some people develop the struggle, eyes always stare straight ahead, a little progress every day, consistently.  Graduated in recent years, we can not pursue and explore, not without ideals and objectives.Life is like riding a boat behind.Willing to live the status quo is no longer ahead of the ship, can no longer catch up with the pace of the times.We must seize every second of time to learn, to understand that learning is not a student of the patent.Small smart people most proud of is: what he has done?Great wisdom of the people most desire is: what you need to do?  Small smart tactical, great wisdom is the strategy; small smart to see is sesame, great wisdom to see the watermelon.In this world, both big man, but also a small role, big man there is somebody living law, there is little chic little people, everyone has their own way of life, who barely who can not.However, the small smart only small achievements and small field of view, great wisdom in order to have great achievements and big state.Small business owners look, look in the enterprise system, large enterprises look at culture.  Small companies and large enterprises are to survive, there is no good or bad, but the impact on the different stages of a person will be different.  Small companies will definitely want to develop for large enterprises, which is a goal, young people have to set goals for his career.Graduated a few years, if often stage fright or feel have clout?Vigilant in peace time is definitely not an alarmist!This moment will nap, you will have a dream; this moment study, you will interpret a dream.In the highly competitive life on the battlefield, the nap are losers!  Everyone seems lofty at a young age, not afraid of anything, but with age, thinking the house, work, feed their families these worldly thing every day, no longer a young man that dared the zodiac, the next ocean to catch the turtle’s courage.We changed the life, or changed our lives?Our thinking more and more complex, because more and more reluctant, more and more concerns, we always wandering, always hesitant.After graduation, began a couple of years, the weight of the burden of life will we breathe, setbacks and obstacles to block the port in all directions, we tend to have their own oppression play potential was only after Deus Ex, to find a way out.But after two or three years, began to reduce the burden of the body, work began to be plain sailing, we relax down, gradually forget the potential dangers.Until one day the crisis is suddenly upon us, we know what to do in the graduation was defeated in the past few years, is still in critical condition, must be vigilant awareness, good hard work, so as to have a real security in life!  Hardships for the worst.If you want to go beyond their current achievements, we can not draw to self-limiting, but must have the courage to accept the challenge.For timid people, the real danger is to not risk!  Young people under the weight of society, adaptability has become increasingly strong, but they do not consciously used to being pushed by the environment.They dare not take risks, afraid to bring their own life-long regret, so comfort yourself: I am worthy of their own, worthy of the family, because I have struggled.In fact, people can only continue to challenge and break through the gradual growth.Long stick on the existing sense of security, will be like a frog in warm water, the ultimate loss of jumping instinct.  Social life has experienced in recent years, should understand: there are rich in this world there are poor, there are also negative light, there is ugly but also the United States, to see what in the end, they are positive or negative depending on.Learn at a young age to work diligently, in a bright thinking approach to life, then, as long as the open palm of your hand, you will find that there are a brilliant life.  The Thanksgiving carved in stone, deeply grateful to others to help you, never forget that this is a realm of life should be; the hatred written on the beach, faint forget someone hurts you, learn tolerance, so that all resentment with the tide gone, this is a realm of life.Learn to pour water in order to hold more water.Graduated from that day onwards, learn to live each day as a new starting point, and each time work from scratch.If you know how to zero in as normal a life, as an excellent continuation, as a kind of time to do, then, after a few years, you can complete their career planning and comprehensive than the right.  In the short span of career path started, want to get better, faster, more profitable growth, it must be zero thinking to face the world.Do not the university of the GAO to flaunt themselves, do not feel particularly good, but to his attitude down, put his lower body frame so that they settle down, holding the attitude of learning to adapt, to accept the challenge.Postures in order to raise their social status, temporary overlooking the low end will contribute to the future of another job.  Young people from entering the campus or from one environment to a new environment, we must dare to be familiar with the original environment, habits, likes things down, and then start from scratch.We want the workplace to be successful, we must first cultivate resilience.From the natural person who is converted to units of the basic conditions for integration into the workplace.A person low starting point is not terrible, fear is the realm of low.The more self-care, the more there is no prospect; the contrary, the more active paid, then he will be the more rapid development.Many people today made some achievements in the early stages of his career is starting from scratch, their own precipitation reprecipitation, emptied and then emptied, then zero zero, because of this, their life was singing along, flying all the way.  Graduated in the past few years, we have to let past zero, it will not become a bird carrying a heavy shell workplace crawling snails can fly as light as a bird in the sky.Please have a good taste of Jack Welch said the sentence: correct their behavior and recognize their own from scratch, you will be back on the workplace level road.Therefore, in order to spit satisfied that the new, in order to calm the body cool, there are homes in order to win the cup empty can full of water, lay down to go beyond.Zero thinking five performance: a mind free from me, in the eyes of money, say no to him, no one towards life-long learning.Inevitable with a bit arrogant young, consider themselves all-powerful, invincible, it is not true, entering the workplace or a new baby is in the growth stage climb away from.Graduated in the past few years, make sure they gradually develop from the apprentice thinking, thinking sponge, empty cups of thinking, with such thinking minds always open, to accept the revelation and all the things for inspiration at any time, always able to feel the call of the goddess success.