After her husband betrayed but too I expose him

Talk: I’m still in love with her husband eight years, married for five years, I used to think our feelings are the most solid, so I excluded all the difficulties, came together with her husband.    All the difficulties I say means a big gap in our education, my parents do not agree.My parents have always believed that a large gap in our education, our future ability to live a happy my parents very worried, but I always firmly believe that if we are feeling good, what difficulties have not beat us.    We have been very happy marriage, our children are now more than two years.After marriage we basically live in my parents’ home, even though we have our own house.    Beginning in 2008 eleven, I think my husband and I are fewer and fewer words, I talk to him sometimes think he is absent-minded, I really can not stand him indifferent to me, so I began to suspect that he is not out there anything.    One day I secretly checked his phone records and found that he and one of his female colleagues and from very close, a lot of text messages sent every day, occasionally playing more than one hour of calls, but sometimes at home secretive texting, I asked her husband, her husband said they are able to talk, talk about anything.Nothing else.One day a classmate and her husband say dinner, I did not think about, but I went to the balcony to see it go out with him and the woman, and he told me and others eat.I found the hotel, but my husband complained that I was too smart, why not play the fool.    I have told her mother, her mother looked at her husband specially from the field, my husband was very angry.My husband did not say what they do, it is the two of us things that should not tell others.I want to talk about her husband, but he’s refused to talk to me, twice the drink, he said he loved the woman, not like me.I am really sad.    I tried many times, and my husband and want good, because I really love him, and he did not want to separate.But he did not respond.He refused to communicate with me, we hardly talk, sometimes I really want a divorce, but could not bear.But now I’m still so painful.I really do not know how to run.    At that time her mother persuaded her husband, a wife said you do not have children, he said I did not say I do not, so I think I still care about her husband and children, but from his current performance, I did not find the warmth that did not I love his marks, I’m not sure he’s not love me.Also never mentioned divorce thing.    I really married obedience to her husband, because I always think that I love him, as long as he is happy, I am happy, I did not expect in return is such a result.    Re: 1, your husband is having an affair is definitely wrong, but a lot of things couples need to put together to solve a double, but please do not trouble their minds to tell these parents.    2, you can see from the text, and you like your in-laws is not a city, do you think the arrival of her in-laws can solve things between you?At best, it will only make the elderly more worried about, let your husband hate you more.    3, even if it is disgraceful what happened between your husband and his co-workers, you and your husband can timely communication, then advise your husband not to play with fire, you can see, your husband possessed just a moment, but he did not want to abandon this gave him a warm home, but the arrival of your in-laws are completely broke the quiet, in addition to seriously hurt a man’s self-esteem, there are more important point is that people in this reverse psychology plays a subtle the chemical effects.    As shown, although the whole thing is because you suspect her husband betrayed the family caused, but under the current situation, you have to apologize to your husband own four pairs of impulsive behavior, ask him to forgive you.Then discuss your marriage in the end that part happened weakness.    5, another thing I must remind you, now that her in-laws has come, in the conditions permit, please do not let her in-laws proposed to leave out, because at the same time you make the effort, for your in-laws will secretly persuaded her husband.No matter how he was silent, you have to put a high-attitude family and his patience exchange.    6, maybe it’s just your marriage life in a small episode, maybe not between him and his colleagues as bad as you think, believe that before long, there will be nothing between you, do not despair, refuel!