After hiding in late 1980, snoop 90

Speaking after 80, it was a more enviable word eye, those years, 60 old, after 70, while 80 of us is a symbol of youth.Our high-spirited, shouldering the motherland hope for the future.The passage of time can also, when the stage of history after 90, which means we will gradually withdraw.    I was 89 years, and then after a year later, is a 90.In the class, mostly 90 years, our teacher also referred to as 90, and each mention of 90, this small part of the 89 we always feel deserve.Online said, 80 are secretly old, hard not to feel rather bad taste.Once proud to be the youngest of 80, we followed 90, is also not very old, but the word of a lengthy Nandi.    Now, I’m at the critical point of this age, experience two lives, bear Xianchou.    That year, winter.Seaside city always wet and cold, not as cold air to penetrate inland bone marrow, but also wish whistling winds blowing from the netherworld, people can not help chills.Positive school hours, a small road near their home, students in groups to go home.My eyes, walked about five fourth-grade female students.They wore fashionable fur hat, wearing long section of the compression-type jacket and striped leggings, similar feet, a pair of UGG boots.My mouth half open, I do not envy them should have to play a small prosperous life for the people still living standards well-off and celebrate.    Think of their primary school age, 89 was born, life can be a.But like every winter wrapped dumplings, but also single-handedly cold frostbite, flushed dry, the wind also burst into tears.At that time, as long as you used to wear warm, broken cotton sweaters hole, two handmade sweaters, grandmother wearing Jiaao, then outside is a thick coat.Pants to wear a thirty-four, walking, steps have not move, ugly feet thick cotton-padded shoes do not pull a few, are being stepped deformed can not be seen.    Looking at the number of children that can be described as love-hate relationship.They get closer and closer, and passes me, I heard two little girls du jour which recently aired through the drama and the court drama.Several other blushing, both shy and unassuming comments with the boys next class to write their own love letters, one of which said that those guys were a joke, nine out of ten polygamous, that Ding Yihua next door, down like an honest man, but I heard that they were poor.    This much, ah, love love love, and now I do not fully understand, let alone when it?Ask the world what love is, I was not only a deep understanding of call.Also have to say, their analysis seems still in place, ten men, nine bother, given out too freely love, to be followed jealous, too poor to suffer along with.Information is now open, that is, students also have access to these, subtle, how I can not understand it.However, so early, I say adult words, let the lost innocence of childhood, most people feel, not the innocence of childhood is not a childhood.Think about it, we had to catch butterflies, lobster fishing, and more simple laugh, though, no computer is a pity.    Think of one thing, I heard it the year before the college entrance examination, there is a 90 Candidates, the province’s first test, but refused to enter Beijing University and other prestigious Tsinghua University, for his girlfriend, willing to stoop to two schools.For that matter, I do not want to sing also do not irony, it is people’s choice.On the one hand, he expressed his appreciation for their love, loyalty and fear of secular vision.Na also worried if he was just a fad, and that the future will not regret it.It does not matter, remember the teacher said, to the age of 18 will be responsible for their own life, but also deserve a regret.On the other hand, I was upset for myself, I was very fond of art, but I took the test score, can go to study experimental class, I know my parents will object to give up the experimental class, also away altogether with destiny the.Now that I think, a little regret that I did not have the courage.    Look at the TV.I have to admit, now writing novels, making TV more and more rich imagination.It also makes people mixed.Imagination is the creativity of human society, if unimaginative, it stalled.Culture imagination is good, but inevitably had a negative impact, “Palace” fire, and then we took together through court shot.So, students to go to ancient times, committed suicide.Perhaps the reality of discontent that have had the desire to return to the ancient, bold guess, if you do not shoot through the drama of the court drama is so popular, so popular, even if it was dissatisfied with the reality, you will not be resolved through use, the vent the method can be a lot of smashed glass, cut the book, than to be dead Well.    See also criticism of young people now, they say that from the point of view of style, has no sun after 70 energetic child, and now the children affected by the network through the drama of the novel, writing, language network too much, too many adults view.They are not full of hope for the future, but dissatisfaction with reality.    In turn, think about it, perhaps this is no bad.Our generation does not look 80, has been approached solely to society, we hit a wall, to know the reality turned out to be so cruel.Think about it, but they also have advance guard against it.Although there is no innocence and childlike, but in the long run, may be greater than our generation can adapt to harsh environments.However, children should be childlike innocence that seems to be the last generation of people giving their definitions.    Every age has its period features, there is also the essence of dross.If the life line 60,70,80,90 are the same, it is really terrible.There is, after 80, we are not old, and our hearts as young as 90.Here, I can only hope I’m alive to a young mind, happy living.