After I was your brother

He and Kogusu child growing up in a large courtyard, on the same school, the same school, skipping along to catch fish.  Year-old cupboard, they chose the martial arts as sworn brothers.Kogusu son asked him, and now we are brothers, and how would you treat me?  He said that if any man knifed you, I will help you blocked.  Kogusu son said net you say something can not happen swear, who suffered a lifetime of old knifed ah?  He wanted to say, if you die, I’ll help you keep your father and mother photo with your brother.So Kogusu laughter with his son playing with a ball.  Who would have thought, really became a joke.He graduated from medical school, when the second year of a doctor, one day late at night, someone knocked on the door.He opened the door, the door stood Kogusu child’s brother small river, he badly bruised, bandaged.  Xiao Jiang told him that his family, including son Kogusu including, at the time this morning outing, met a car accident, survived only a small river.From then on, he had no relatives in this world, no one to turn to, only to find him.  12-year-old Jiang, with his games, and a pair of sneakers break to go over his.He was crying, leaving a small river.That year, he was 24 years old.  His girlfriend Q: When did the child go?  He was furious: he can go?  Greenhouse grown girl, who has not been so scolded roar, turned away and never came back.He did not chase her, since resolved, if you want to get married, they must be able to accept a small river of woman.After 16 years, he did not encounter such a person.  His parents accepted the child, but many problems still to solve his.He did not think, add a home school children, it really was not that simple dishes Tim double.His hard work overtime, life still tense.  One day, he went to the school to see a small river to play, the child is wearing a pair of shoes blossoming of mouth has been broken for a long time, not with him to new.He turned to sell blood, with that money to buy five pairs of shoes.That year, he was 28 years old.  Xiao Jiang graduated from high school, the university entrance exam would not die, he was afraid to add to the burden.He tied a small river, sent him to the examination hall.That year, he was 30 years old.  Small river about to graduate when he got a chance to go to the US study.He gave up.This year, he was 34 years old.  TV stations and newspapers know their family business, to his true feelings on such a program, he refused: I raised my brother, normal ah, how to get on television?That year, he was 36 years old.  Xiaojiang With his girlfriend, to take home to show him.The girl knows his history, and afterwards still asked him: how your brother is not the so-called marriage, is not a problem?  Xiaojiang standing on the street, sad to look at this pure and innocent girl, and turned to leave, she may call both together behind.From a small river determined, we must find a woman to accept her brother’s wife.This year, 25-year-old small river.  Finally met a good girl, a year later.28 years old, married to a small river.  The little girl and river did not intend to hold the wedding, but he did not want.He took all the overtime, surgery he accumulated under decades, as they make arrangements for marriage.  A bride and a small river solemnly called his brother, stadium fell silent for a full minute.  That night, he was drunk person make a new house, new people to let him sleep in the new house.Trance, he felt really old.This year, he was 40 years old.