After insist, is to change

21 years old, I was promoted to the youngest department head in charge of quality department began.Every day with a bunch of a lot bigger than their age, experience also enriched a lot of subordinates, Alexander pressure itself, the most difficult is the lack of experience and qualifications I have, but also with a downright public sector to negotiate with various problems and promote various projects to improve.At that time, every morning I was immune to Xiangtiao Lou.But ability is not in a hurry will be there, so the only thing I can do is to adjust the state so that they are full of energy, enthusiasm to go to work.Whenever blocked, I said to myself: it does not matter, then hold on, try again.Gradually, it has indeed changed for the better.After leaving the original company, once with old colleagues together, chatting about the past, it is curious, then how will they support my three without (no qualifications, no experience, no background) staff it?The answer: your persistence and passion.He said: At that time, we are not convinced, deliberately embarrass you and challenges.We often bet the next day, you will give up.You do not have results.Every morning you see, are high-spirited, enthusiastic, one from’ve never been hit like.To this end, I lost a lot of meals.I was your persistence and enthusiasm infection, slowly changing attitudes.So that.Later, he has done many jobs, after a sharpening multiple jobs and positions, I had the opportunity to go to the general manager of a company.This time, I faced more than ever a challenge: a relatively small company in the mainland city, hire a staff with relevant experience, only one has done similar product managers.So, I had to myself every day with a bunch of new tactics of graduates, divided them into technology, quality, production team, the production line while training, while production.To leave the shop after more than six months time, we are busy every day two in the morning bell.In the morning, I would also like for the previous day’s problems, combined with the needs of the scene that day, to explain the relevant knowledge.When the company on track, instead of full half-day training week, I wrote all of the materials are based on case occurred in the Company.So, we have been insisting for three years.Harvest is: I led this company from doing everyday waste industry recruits to posture dark horse entered the field, year and a half after the company received tens of millions of venture capital.Another achievement is that teaching is my fancy Tsinghua University, finishing a book published.Today, the book became a best-selling Dangdang.After I left the company, many of my friends and former colleagues asked me: you do, tired?So pay, it is worthwhile?My answer is: tired!value!This is my real thoughts and views.I always feel tired at work is not over, do not go all out too, did not have a feeling of exhaustion, never passionate, hearty done, is a pity, or even a failure.Especially a man, one-third of his life and even more time at work, yet there are a lot of people will complain about work, avoiding work, it makes me feel incredible.Work and family are the two pillars of support from almost our entire life, that is, whether the work was another basis for a happy home.In a sense, a fully physically and mentally can not put people at work, when he left the job site, can not be fully physically and mentally on family care and care.Responsible, threw himself into is a skill that is what we want to achieve success in the workplace, basic literacy in the process of creating a happy family with the necessary.If you can understand my thoughts, you will also be able to understand why to do one job, one thing to promote, improve a project, I was so insisted, so indomitable; when the end of the work week, regardless where, no matter how late, no matter what happens, whether by car or by plane, I have to get home with the family.Unfortunately, this kind of thing, if you can prevent, you try not to let it embedded in your work, the more you do not let it climb happy family hut windowsill.The next best thing, if capacity constraints, you can not destroy them, at least, you can not indulge them.On the good things, to do our best efforts to adhere to.If life really rewarding, then this may be my 36 years into this world, and his own insights and harvest the most valuable thing.