Chinese characters and calligraphy

Character is the secret of longevity of Chinese civilization..It is a living totem, the eternal stars.——– Yu “Peony waved a Carrom thousand mountains \ pricked a cross-long Great Wall, a sonorous word painted butterfly on a double Magpie Bridge \ a hook travel south a little jasmine one to write,” the song has been sung over the river north and south, its beautiful melodies and rich cultural heritage by the people’s favorite.This song is full of strong texture of the screen: a roll of rice paper started slowly: a figure who trained calligrapher Baozhan edges of God waving a pen, an instant chic whims of surplus natural calligraphy on paper, and that clever line twists and turns mildly, as a wizard with a graceful dance show with profound and implication of the Chinese culture is long; complex-shaped structure changes, but also were more agile flow on the basis of good intentions.Look at all vibrant character with each modality: pines or as the straight or butterflies as the light.After thousands of years of Chinese culture is endless primary reason is that as the carrier of civilization heritage of Chinese characters a pulse, Chinese calligraphy and therefore also received the “millennium life of paper, ink run of years,” the Spirit.  To be on the calligraphy, the first from the text talking about: the origin of Chinese characters portrayed in the symbols on pottery primitive society, but Chinese people more accustomed to talking about from the Shang Dynasty oracle.Chinese ancients like divination, and Shang people is even worse: weddings and marriage from everyday life to set off the crusade against national affairs, have some divination, Ever since, inscriptions become a culture, especially the Shang civilization remains reflected.  In Oracle, people appreciate the subtleties of Chinese characters where: painting identity.That is the simplicity of the original Chinese characters drawing the connotation of the expression of the text, it is no wonder almost holy book later China’s Wang Xizhi able to write Chinese characters “if clouds floating, correction if frightened dragon” in the final analysis is the characters themselves have this beauty, and calligraphy just call this home charm of Chinese characters to an extreme.  When it comes to inheritance of characters we have to talk about Qin Shi Huang unified text, both historically and for the emperor’s private appraise how much, or expose him on Fenshukengru how cruel, in the tradition of Chinese culture, the emperor is not writing a erase the sum of.Spring and Autumn Period vassal state buildings, the text is different, which prevents the exchange of culture and heritage.Qin Shi Huang with his unique valiant posture dominate the landscape outside the unified text did not forget, was invaluable.Here we talk about Qin unified text — Xiaozhuan.  Today, the Chinese calligrapher Xiao Zhuan still favored.Speaking from this Xiaozhuan characteristics: its slender round strokes, Fang has a round, well-circle, symmetrical stress distribution, tightening the loose lower structure, an upper portion of the stroke can be arched, small half is vertical telescopic foot , leaving enough space extension.These features give calligrapher left enough space to play for the understanding and interpretation of the individual for the re-creation of calligraphy.  The original function of the main characters is the practical, to the Northern and Southern Dynasties period of social unrest, Gentry form, calligraphy became the ideal form of self-expression and artistic charm of strength of character.Jin people in our impression Mindanao crown Bo belt, no shoes and clogs.They “simple cloud Dan, aloof Juesu”.Long-term war, sadness, let their emotions were more sad in.And this sad affair needs a catharsis of export: all kinds of publicity, personality, and even the lives of individuals is exaggerated importance, is rendered, to be accepted, came into the Wei calligraphy.  Jin found out the nature, found his inward affection: Compliance seasons to death sigh, looking and thinking things Fun, sad fresh leaves in autumn, like soft strips on Yoshiharu.Awe-struck awe-struck at the heart pregnant cream, while Miao Miao Zhi Pro cloud.And this gives affection who listen, listen to no one, can only deliver forest landscape love or drunk, I do not know occult owned by, or given to his writings, free and easy if the trickling stream.If reading or writing the Wei Wei and Jin calligraphy reward, Wei and Jin have to understand the nature of the figure who trained with joy and so it was that the Wei still rhyme, it just makes sense.  Wei Jin calligrapher Wang Xizhi is second to none in its different calligraphy characteristics descendants Jie praise: in addition to “Gone with the Wind if the clouds, correction if frightened dragon” but also have more poetry votes “stipple beautiful, smooth qi we mentioned earlier ” breeze a sleeve, the moon in my arms, ” Qiu Jin Jian Mei, the peerless no ‘,’ the more expensive product groups, ancient and modern mo two ‘can be summarized as show, clear, Qiu, expensive.Show and clear is the overall impression and enjoy calligraphy as the wind was blowing in the fall, the moon in my arms, spring BUZZ, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, ears and eyes bright, refreshing.Qiu is with your local impression, lines Emotion, profound connotation, and the character one go from now.  Gone through the Wei, let us into the Sui and Tang dynasties, its momentum vast brilliant weather, which affected the Sui and Tang calligraphy style.Sui and Tang Kai calligraphy basically divided into two factions grass: regular script Yan Liu tendon bone exclusive leader.Rich atmosphere of Yan, heavy body junction, Tang reflect rich artistically; Liu determination thin body, rigorous guitar body, with two each modality, but a common interpretation of the specification and testimonies kaishu.  Different regular script specification and testimonies cursive hither easy, as flurry, off the paper, such as clouds, such as electric shock snake into mortal Miles.If on the up, most cursive fonts in many aesthetic value, its effortless, uninhibited, unrestrained and free to walk, self-bloom, without competition for youth, aloof and self-contained.  Chinese calligraphy as an art known as the original silent poetry, no line dancing, no map of, quietly flowing silent music in the land of China.