Chinese characters charm

[Part one: the charm of Chinese characters, treasures of wisdom] Chinese characters vivid, without equal, is the crystallization of Chinese labor and wisdom.Seal and antique official script, running very smooth; regular script very dignified.They each have their own meaning, each with its own characteristics.  Chinese characters is like a beautiful picture, and each character has a different charm, such as: When people see the “star” word, my mind will emerge out: at night, the stars in the dark sky He has been kept flashing scene.Saw “Moon”, it seems to see the jade-free are positive with off people’s thoughts far away to send.  Chinese characters can not only think of a painting, when you see some words, can smell the scent of it!For example: the sight of “sweet” word, as if from afar floated enticing aroma waves just came out of the bun, then, I really want to follow the scent around, eat a dozen twenty craving fresh meat buns.  We could hear voices from some of the characters, such as: see “crisp” It’s a word, I could almost hear the kingfisher stood proudly erect posture reed pole with a loud voice humming a ditty.  Chinese character of our nation is not only amazing, but also very interesting.I collected a typo on the Internet joke: an old student to “break” instead of “drink”, once, he wrote in his diary: Today, we carry squad command dung, everyone dry very energetically, no one dare to drink a drink (take a break).Finally, we drink secretly carrying a squad leader to drink (take a break).Haha!The joke is funny, right!Funny funny can go, if someone read this diary, it will mistakenly think that the “I” really drank it dung!This shows that the Chinese character font similar, do not pay attention, it will make a mistake, so students in the use of Chinese characters to be careful ah!  I rely on my endless love thinking and exchanges of Chinese characters, and shocking in its infinite activity and peculiar charm.We must learn the wisdom of the Chinese nation’s treasures!  [Part II: Chinese characters, the cultural treasures of Chinese characters] on the charm, I think I need to say we all know, China’s profound culture of Chinese characters, is our pride of Chinese people.  There are various legends of the origin of Chinese characters, people say the text is Cangjie created, all these legends is unreliable, the text is based on working people need real life, after long-term social practice slowly rich and developed.Nightlife Network characters symbolize the Chinese people’s wisdom, the wisdom of the world is full of Chinese characters literally thousands of years to win the respect and love of the world.  Since the creation of the text after the word in repeatedly changed: from Oracle to the inscriptions, and then turn into a small compile official script to the current regular script, cursive, running.  Chinese language has a long history, being born descendants, I feel very proud for the Chinese characters.Kanji Love is love their motherland.  In real life characters are everywhere immediately, if foreigners want to learn Chinese words or write Chinese characters, then is not difficult, as long as they have with a sincere heart, serious science can learn quickly.  Life can not do without Chinese characters.Chinese character for us to open the door of knowledge to help us live, learn to use Chinese characters, Chinese characters have to look at the bag, and more exchanges between our people to use the language of Chinese characters.All this shows that we can not live without language characters, this is the charm of Chinese characters ah!  Chinese characters are treasures of our culture, our pride, let us learn Chinese characters, along with the country’s profound culture to flourish it!  [Part Three: I love the characters] Chinese culture is profound, especially in Chinese characters, the Chinese language has a long history.I am Chinese, I love Chinese characters.  They like one lovely elf, jumping on graph paper, write out one after another touching song of the characters; like a mighty one serious soldiers, neatly formations, ready to battle the enemy ; like a stream of crystal clear a strip briskly flowing through the tip, a chapter masterpiece fleshed.Chinese characters, I love you!  Chinese characters in our lives is indispensable.Communicate with people, can not do without Chinese characters; reading and study, by the characters; cultural heritage, can not do without Chinese characters.We are not all the time dealing with the characters you?Since we are born, we became inseparable from life and characters friend.In the fairy tale book, it tells me many stories about beautiful, in Popular Science, it tells me many stories about the wonders of the world, scientific development.Now, I gradually in love with the writing of Chinese characters became my soldiers, my pen like my easily intimidated, characters have to obediently listen to my disposal, constitute a chapter beautiful masterpiece.I love you, characters!  I love the characters, love characters that long history.Characters from Oracle to Jin, from inscriptions to large, small seal, small seal from the official script, regular script, cursive, running, to today it is not easy, characters every step, all the devotion of the Chinese nation.Chinese characters, I love you!  Whenever I see the familiar characters, my heart will immediately exclaim: Chinese characters and vivid; the spread of civilization, without equal; Lianzhui Cheng sentence, frustrated circumflex; calligraphy fonts, each with expertise.  Chinese words are now popular all over the world, to be honest, I’m genuinely fond of Chinese characters.Chinese characters, I love you!  [Part Four: the charm of Chinese characters] whenever I learn to read the time, it will always be that strange charm attracted.  For example: When I saw “bright” when the word, and that they seemed to step into the summer night, sailed feel the breeze, to enjoy the beautiful night, really relaxed and happy; when I saw the “clear” when the word, I always think there is a foot in the cool creek flowing slowly, then, I will quietly leaned down to listen to the water phonology; when I see the “wilderness” when the word, they feel into the vast expanse of wilderness, riding a horse, speeding on the endless plains; when I saw the “pleasure” of the word, I’ll be tempted to always joyful hearts, always wanted to sing a song or enjoy some of the joy of music.I like to recite classical.Bored at home, I will be with elegant music to recite one: “Hui Cao Zhicong.Cao Zhi more than ten years, reading “Poetry”, “theory” and prose one hundred thousand volumes, good text.Dynasty taste depending on the text, saying that the plant: ‘evil persons Ru Qian?’Plant kneeling, saying:’ Introduction to the theory, write a chapter, when Gu interview, but since people Qian?”Ye copper Jue Taiwan into a new, Dynasty Please note the sub-stage, each is assigned, plant Yuanbi Licheng, Dynasty’s very different.”Initially, I did not understand its meaning, after reading the translation, surprise.Just a few words, “Li Zhi Yuanbi to” actually translated into Cao Zhi picked up the pen immediately made article.I thought: Chinese characters is really infinite mystery, it was deeply attracted.  This is the charm of Chinese characters, it allows people mesmerized, causing heart of love.  [Chapter five: I love you, kanji] we study, read newspapers, writing, characters are inseparable.All these characters, is a tool that we Chinese people exchange thoughts and feelings.  Chinese characters, dating back more than 4000 years of history, is the world’s most populous use text.Although it is just a common, ordinary Chinese character, combined together, it becomes a different meaning of the phrase, a beautiful piece of paper statements, one song after another poetry to express feelings, a thought-provoking story.Looking at these words, like those many stars flickering on paper, like a beautiful flower blossoming pleasure of your eyes.Whenever I met a Chinese character, just met a new friend.When I was writing, and I think that it can help, give me a minute to add articles of different colors.  Each character consists of horizontal and vertical strokes downwards-right, these simple composition, but have their own feelings.You see “month” word, it Brisk external, internal compact, both as snakes coiled, deemed falcon – Legislative.It apostrophe as upturned crescent; it is called that the hook mouth like a bird; it was not square-round cross-fold, when the row Ruofei.Whole word together, people see it bred the heart of love.Look, “sunrise” word make you feel a hint of sunshine shining on you; “sunset” that seems to be able to see the sky in brilliant colors; “fragrance” seems to emit fragrance of flowers, see “frown “the word, think of a face complained.Chinese calligraphy is a unique art.Throughout the ages, the emergence of many famous calligrapher, Wang Xizhi there, Liu public rights, Yen Chen, etc..All these characters, in their pen, Health issued infinite charm.All kinds of calligraphy font, with different characteristics: Seal and official script, giving a feeling of antique.Although cursive scrawl, but it gives people a feeling of unrestrained.To enjoy this all works of calligraphy, as if in appreciation of pictures depicting different styles, bringing different people feel.  These characters has a unique character, these different characteristics of calligraphy works, is each of us Chinese people’s pride.I love you, characters!I’m proud of you!  [Chapter Six: Chinese characters charm of Chinese characters] profound, long history, most dating back five thousand years ago.At that time, our old ancestors created the world’s oldest writing – Oracle.We Chinese people how smart ah!We should be proud of and proud of it.  Can you know?In addition to Chinese characters is a tool for communication, but also for its taste and charm fascinated us, so that we explore and travel in the ocean in the text, which is the fun does not have other languages.In particular phonetic characters in the word is full of wonderful fun.  Let us work together to feel the charm of Chinese characters, right.  Talk about my name in the “Peng” word, he is a typical Phonogram.One of the “friends” the word on behalf of its pronunciation, “bird” stands its meaning.My name means is Dapeng wings.As another example, the centipede “centipede” is also a good representation of the word, “Wu” stands reading “Wu”, “worm” on behalf of the meaning of the word “insect”.”Centipede” is a kind of insects.  Do you know what the ancient Chinese there is a word called it?By the way, is “pictograph”.I give you an example for everyone.”Like” the word elephant is a good example of the right with a flick of a write-like teeth and elephant’s long nose.  Chinese characters charm is so great, how smart our Chinese ancestors were sure to inherit it, build it, so we have to study harder.  [Chapter Seven: Chinese kanji characters] is the most valuable of our material culture, spiritual wealth – such as the “country” in this unusual characters: the mouth with jade, thus forming a take-off in high-altitude world of Hualong, a part of yellow skin, black eyes people family.This Chinese characters all reflect the unique spirit of mystery and!  It is full all the time in our lives – red paper, the old man reached out to rub the paper flat, and then remove the dip a brush dipped in black ink, on paper it chic to elegant up, ink on paper spread, emitting a unique odor.It is the way this world and the birth of a picture of us can not help but cooing Chinese couplet Miaoju!  It can be said – Each character is a character distinct elf, just book paper sub-constrained their freedom Bale.  Whenever I see “Water, Fire” is the word, left ear almost hear the roar of the surging Yellow River and the Yangtze River rolling; and the right eye sees as a mass burning fire.Waves rushed all sorts of humiliation China suffered since ancient times, the fire burned away the dirt and darkness of the old society, the working people illuminate the way forward.See also “wood, forest, forest,” the words, immediately appeared in front of a lush forest, the wind was blowing, flowers.”Day, Star, Moon” stars makes me feel fast changing, the passage of time.”Parents,” “teacher” two words reminds me of the teacher’s careful guidance and grace parenting.Yes, in our country, where without it, everyone loved it heart.I quietly opened just bought a “Water Margin”, with “hungry” mood.The new printing ink incense suddenly blowing, people feel a sense of refreshing.Intoxicated had bowed his head, whispered to read off a mediocre – Wusong Jing Yang Gang Tiger, Song Gongming three lost Joe patients clear, black tornado killed four tigers.It never tire of reading the story I have been deeply engraved in the hearts of.Indeed, the “Water Margin” interpretation of the bold heroic makes my blood boil, and “Dream of Red Mansions” shown by the passionate woman, things often make me a little sad sob.And the myth of “Journey to the West” and the “Three Kingdoms” in the battle of wits, man passionate stories are popular classics reading wonderful, fascinating.  Ancient people left us poetry is life useful to us, by the inexhaustible treasure.Qu Yuan’s two quatrains “Lament” and “Heaven” makes me feel his deep sense of patriotism, and I smelled the sweet dumplings incense, heard the sound of the audience applauded as heroes of dragon boat; Yue Fei star the “Azolla?Write pregnant “Let me feel his hot blood, as well as his” Kinbyo “hate, loyalty to the Song dynasty, I remember especially the deep is” mother “in his back thorn” sake ” stories and word in the phrase: “Mo lightly, white boy head, empty sadness!”Li Qingzhao” Sheng Sheng Man “has made me feel sad that her mood; Zhizhang of” Willow “brought me next to a willow graceful posture, Li Bai’s” 望庐山瀑布 “brings me to the grand in front of the spectacular great Falls.The classic soul, love poems, it is configured by a Chinese characters.Let us close your eyes, feel the temperature of the thin characters, decoding contains the wisdom and values of Chinese characters; it tastes thousand years of culture, experience belongs only to our distant story.[Part VIII: Text] text, is the result of the identification of historical treasures, it is washed but still glittering gold has experienced thousands of years of wind and rain.It followed the footsteps of history came from the ancient Zhou Dynasty bronze inscription, dignified simplicity; Qin Xiao Zhuan, neat symmetry; the Western Han Dynasty official script, rebellious; Tang and Song running hand, if the floating clouds, correction if frightened dragon; Ming and lower case, solemn elegant.Text every dynasty has left its footprints, it is the change of dynasties can not annihilation of the essence of the era.  The reason why the text appeared in front of people, instead of the ancient symbol, and not without reason.Text, set in a beautiful and practical as a whole, in some cases can be used as decorations hanging in a corner of the room to add elegance and rustic atmosphere, but more often, the text to the fun and convenience of our lives: leisure, Yang Hao executed a on white rice paper with ink made wanton mood swipes, see the text engraved on the subtle emotions, or read a book suffused with yellowish, lightly dusted, like uncover a mysterious veil, to see the text antique, took the initiative to shake hands with it, since acquaintance, sometimes picked up the pen with interest, with a different font recorded bit by bit around, and then to the far off, waiting for the joy in print..Text, text book on the roadside, historical heritage in the end gives them a different color, so that they cross the logistics to be in this world still gleaming and flashing as star-like.  Speaking of history, people naturally think of the first word they plotted a picture scroll with words, with the interpretation of a text field of silent movies, then let us wander.Enjoy Zhuge Liang’s “non-indifferent to Ming, to non-peaceful Zhi Yuan,” Li Shang-yin’s Lament “life difficult for water Gorges cloud”, praised Li Bai’s “back laughing to go out, my generation How can it be basil” imagine “Kai Yun Shen Court early days, Rain Comes from wind,” the West Wing and “Qingchuan distinctly Hanyang trees, fragrant grass parrot Island,” the Yellow Crane Tower.The thought that those who have vanished era, no Internet, no electricity, no car, no all modern things, how boring and tedious that later gradually realized that they a solitary as the background, text laughter, anger, crying, angry, make life due to text with color, but also because of the text but also has a glorious life, people and characters complement each other in that time, people with the same text in!  Text along the way, between ancient and modern people set up a bridge of communication, to see a different style of different eras, when the Qin rigorous, open the Western Han Dynasty, Tang and Song clear, binding of the Ming and Qing, the first people to see from the other end of the bridge look far over, smile like through the years, filled with the scent of ink, Chanafanghua.