Chinese cultural development in fusion

Chinese culture has a long history, profound, continuous integration and absorption of other cultures in their development process, making it an abundance of flesh and blood, before embodies the characteristics of the Ming and Qing profound inclusive.When talking about the source of Chinese culture, when the “Book of Songs” Yellow River and the Yangtze River civilization, culture, “Songs of the South” for the leaders.During the first period of history, two each into a vein, the development of independent, unique, until the arrival of China’s Warring States period of time —– era of great change, with large-scale North-South cultural exchange and integration until the Han Dynasty deposed one hundred Only Confucianism, Dong Zhongshu parties will become the new cultural hybridity and Confucianism, the North-South culture in the union, the birth of a new body.    Southern and Northern Dynasties is China’s second major upheaval during the Great Schism, population movements, economic center of gravity moved south also brought a golden opportunity to blend the replacement of Chinese culture, in which case foreign Buddhist and Chinese indigenous Taoism gradually penetrate into China cultural roots in.Chinese traditional Confucian religion a pulse theory and philosophy of Buddhism and Taoism selectively formed Chinese culture to be abandoned in Science.Confucian culture has gained a new vitality in innovation and transformation in.After the Ming and Qing years, science has been dominated by dominant until the West guns opened the door to China, Chinese people opened his sleepy eyes, the light of Western culture into China through a window lattice in to.    Thousands of years of Chinese culture is how people teach obedience and humility, while Western culture is precisely the opposite, individuality and democracy advocate, in a very long period of time, China is the top of the rejection of Western culture, you can go exclusion exclusion, the passage of time monasteries and subtle make China’s southeast coast of generation come to accept and absorb Western culture, but in modern times the fusion of Eastern and Western cultures together is an important figure we have to mention that Kang.He Western political theory combined with traditional Confucian form a new theory of Chinese and Western-style political reform, such a theory is in line with Chinese-style thinking, his theory was quickly top of her, and thus opened the Reform Movement prelude, whether reform succeeds or fails, Western culture is surly and openly entered the palace door, entered the Chinese bureaucracy in the.    Chinese culture constantly absorbing and evolution along its main line of Confucian context, showing its strong vitality.Now Southeast Asia Emergence of a wave of Chinese Confucian culture, prove it in the world of modern civilization where there is a certain value of its existence, such as its merits on the spiritual and cultural form about ways of thinking are, at the moment the absorption of Western civilization must not forget the traditional civilization also bears gold