Chinese Date

Peony good air into the head, Date into a small firm.Zaohua is very inconspicuous, but it is very cute.Each a little Zaohua, will strive to grow into a gold small jujube.Small jujube long ah ah call, in the summer the wind becomes strong, and become enchanting in autumn.Golden, red scilloides, sweet, crunchy, savory fruit of human cents.There are some small hometown scilloides.Large melon shaped like a miniature, Hutouhunao, chubby, called the date melon.Small partial circle, a picture of a child playing ball glass, called candied children.It tastes even better than the date melon.Just confirms people’s a play language: concentration is the essence.But their flowers are without distinction, are insignificant small eyes are hidden in the leaves in Mimizaza.Shallow color is green, yellow looming.Not Xiqiao, will make people misunderstand jujube is not flowering.If nature colorful colored flowers are pretty modern city girl, Zaohua home country is pure plain Xiaojiabiyu.Zaohua very strong scent, but not at publicity.People need flowers Jing Xiaxin God, closed his eyes, a deep whiff, to be able to enjoy the refreshing cool of incense.That was a fragrance directly into the heart, the dough, cis, and very comfortable.Mother in the yard, planted a jujube.Last year, the first time jujube fruiting.Less open flowers, the fruit naturally less.By the time autumn is cool, others scilloides on home jujube long been finished, our family dates still hanging from a tree, bright red, red, eye-catching.From afar, my family became jujube trees and flowers, needle-like leaves, beautiful.I returned home from far, far away, back to his mother’s side.Approached the mother of a small hospital, I was surprised to see the magic tree “blooms”.Mother happily say that you managed to give hope back.Give you scilloides till now, it has become so red.Hey, you most number of home slander, try it a few quick pick!I grinned.Eyes with tears but Yangchu.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) this year, Date opened the Shing.The full House of fragrance.I, have to leave home, out of sight of the loving mother.I do not know, as big as a small grain of rice child jujube child, I grew up in what.But I know that in the Rye maternal love, the jujube tree in the yard, in turn full of fiery red “flowers”.