Chinese milk vetch

Tianshui to render a spring rain Bise, after the Ching Ming, the day in the spring of life is gradually pressed for up back to Jiangxia, milk vetch bloom just walking in the fields, everywhere a blossoming red flower, like handfuls of purple umbrella, fragrant grass in the lake side, bees and butterflies fluttering in the fields, immersed in the warm spring breeze, facing the bright sunshine, blooming, swaying.Lean but delicate body, some charming, but the United States can not be called.Aroma can be described as refreshing, decorated the school is quite stunning countryside views, but did not make me feel kind of relaxed and happy.    Jiangxia located south of the Yangtze, and most of the southern spring as colorful is its most obvious signs of late spring.Walking in the fields of the countryside, stepping milk vetch flowers, stems and leaves children or milk vetch, heart always unconsciously think that experience a long time ago.Teenager, milk vetch is open Zhefan was very bright, verdant every time I see this piece of Chinese milk vetch, you can not help but lie on this soft carpet a lie, after only a couple of ravaged satisfaction from milk vetch flower carpet of ground up, pick up a milk vetch flowers, woven into a string of garland with in your hand, look relatively satisfied, just take my A yellow dog home.Every time I came home this time because, first cousin to my home Zhongshu and Zeng Ying waiting for me at the gates, they saw this I always said I was like a child, I was not very convinced He refuted, I told them that I, when they also usually two wrestling in the straw mattresses covered with milk vetch than six months old they only small, I always ask them, on this lawn milk vetch, is not only the men promised you would not let us up there Sahuan woman in it do wrestling.Zhongshu and Zeng Ying always go when school’s waiting for me, when I see the hands of the Chinese milk vetch, Zhong Shu told me milk vetch can both be used as medicine, can also be used as wild plants to eat, he said, grandmother gave him milk vetch did give him food to eat, he said milk vetch do the dishes delicious.    Listen Zhongshu said of Chinese milk vetch, I also want to try that dish made of milk vetch What is the difference.But has been missed, only to sixteen years old is milk vetch flowers, Zhongshu has been served to the troops to go, and I had to stay at home reading Ying two, grandmother still lived in the country, and I had Saturday Ying always go home to visit grandma, grandmother gave me after and had done Ying milk vetch, Zeng Ying eaten, they learn to do their own milk vetch dish is said to eat grandma.I did not expect dishes such as Zeng Ying did not do a good job, in my A yellow dog on poisoned, vet told me A yellow dog is in the field between eating poisonous wild vetch died, I sadly buried Ah Wong dog, looking at a piece of open fields was very lush vetch, I can not believe that such things are still soft, so delicate toxic.No matter how good impression and now the former milk vetch in my eyes, can act like a woman, it looks very normal, inherent not so simple.After that, probably died A yellow dog is indeed gave me indelible regret for the milk vetch I began to hate, and hate becomes the beginning, some hate, no matter on how the use of Chinese milk vetch, I do not want to understand, no matter how famous Chinese milk vetch honey, I refused to eat, I always thought that vetch is taken away a yellow dog killer.    Most of the southern side of the paddy fields will be at the end of last season vetch seed.Once finished harvesting rice, farmers direct milk vetch seeds sprinkled rice stubble left in the rice fields, green seedlings to grow winter.After the advent of spring, Chinese milk vetch and the plants grow taller rapidly purple flowers out, wait until the milk vetch planting rice seedlings plow directly to paddy fields, for retting “green manure”.Green manure green manure is the meaning, according to the now fashionable to say, is all-natural green organic fertilizer, planting rice so you do not need Zaishi chemical fertilizers or manure, and it heard, because the long-term by some paddy fertilizer applied to rice nutritional long time, paddy fields will gradually become compacted soil, the lack of fertility, when this situation, as long as the kind of season we can totally improve milk vetch paddy field soil.Milk vetch is truly “green” fertilizer.Know, when I saw the books on Chinese milk vetch this information, I was very disdain, scorn also.See those long in the fields of Chinese milk vetch, and grow in the laboratory basin pictures of the books, I think this grass is very cheap, cheap to the kind of place no matter what, as long as there is such thing as soil it can grow almost did not feel the slightest exercise Festival.    Zhongshu retired to return home after the work assigned to the city this spring, comrades Zhongshu Zhongshu’s point of view, Zhongshu bring him back home Jiangxia fishing, and I agreed to return home together, walking in the countryside trail that point of view those with milk vetch, Zhongshu comrades among the fields suddenly looked very surprised very pleasantly surprised look, he said, did not think we Jiangxia there’s this plant in their hometown has not this kind of thing.Watching a lush bloom of milk vetch, I casually said, this thing is good growth, very cheap, but my mind was saying, “So cold winter did not freeze to death of these things, in the spring, these purple this time Britain’s cloud leafless flower bloom fall also exuberant than canola flower is really the ‘cheap’ word play to the head.When “Zhongshu comrades excitedly jump to those milk vetch flowers, let Zhongshu photographed him, standing, lying, sitting, posture gave several shot again, looking at photos, a these big men in milk vetch flowers pleasant smile, blue sky overhead is, I do not know why, I suddenly felt these have a very harmonious feeling.Then, also in this Zhongshu milk vetch flowers in a few shots, and he was a photo with his comrades, there is a wrestling picture looked very kind of people can not tell the taste, looked at me and see Zhongshu when the picture and asked me if I thought of my piece a yellow dog, I nodded, not to speak.    Zhongshu comrades told me that his favorite flower is the milk vetch, he said his childhood hometown planted a lot of milk vetch, when the milk vetch flowers, the kind of magnificent scenery, really beautiful, a pity since his home is household contract responsibility system, one an own farm their own land.Rice planting seasons a year more difficult, busy summer, “Robbery and Snatching”, that rush in the harvest and plant crops, and harvest rice and rice quality is not very good, so most of the people in the village to change the way the season rice farming season plus wheat or rape, farmers no longer a milk vetch planting.Another reason is likely to be planted vetch feel laborious trouble, turn to facilitate easy use of fertilizers.Although the high cost of fertilizer but will also cause soil compaction and fertility decline, environmental pollution and other adverse consequences cynical.Quick and easy way is a common problem of modern man, preferring to save time playing mahjong drink and chat.Now back home, springtime flowers everywhere no longer see the beauty, fragrance can not eat fried milk vetch, and only stay in the mind of childhood memories.Now to the Jiangxia see these milk vetch feeling of that moment suddenly a kind of back to nature.    I heard him say this, I suddenly think of milk vetch with some changes, by the hatred slowly evolved a little less annoying but still far from love.He went on to tell me, he said, when three years of natural disasters, which can be consumed as milk vetch weed, to feed a lot of life.In his eyes, milk vetch is adorable but is very ordinary very extraordinary wildflowers.    I looked at the milk vetch butterfly-shaped corolla, thin stems and small leaves and grass faint aromatic flavor.I think, in fact, milk vetch is also very appreciative of the value, from the sense, perhaps it will never match the elegant simplicity of elegant peony, maybe it’s not the same excitement and then never catch elegant Jiaorao roses, but when you see one thousand ten thousand Chinese milk vetch closely rely on together, continuous dozens of acres, you’ll awareness, the kind of condensation, the kind of grand scale what was actually reaching a fresh a spring had hoped for, but it can treat everything around quietly, and is itself vibrant feel.    Thinking Zhongshu comrades say, look at this soon-to-become milk vetch green manure, and I suddenly had a kind of “enlightenment” feeling, it becomes milk vetch green manure, which is moist rice, the rice in this the natural organic fertilizer effect, out of the junction is a natural fruit hormone from chemical contamination.Today, we live in the city, along with economic development, when foreign “toxic” things, such as food supplies that turn genes, women who used whitening of cosmetics, with the door open also poured the Chinese market.Our generation still eating something native, and our children, they eat milk powder imported from infancy, to those who grew up eating KFC or use of Amway products, as well as those greenhouse vegetables in-season, which Some do not, and hormones?When we look back, those who want to experience the feeling when once with the simple charm of Chinese milk vetch covered spring, once with fresh natural flavor of the good things are slowly disappearing before our eyes, that one day we really miss from when those things about the dead, will suddenly find it’s too late?    Think of these, the heart some panic, recently, in Jiangbei sister called me and asked southern side there is no milk vetch seeds, she said, she rarely saw vetch seeds sold in the river this place, saying ready to take a chance here to the south, I think the first two years will be home Jiangxia even seen the fields in spring vetch, she thought, if if not buy Chinese milk vetch in the south this place, then on the other side of the field the Chinese milk vetch seed out to get some back.She said her family land in food production year after year less.South of the villagers told her milk vetch can improve this situation.She can not buy the time to buy.Hear her say that, I regret some.    Zhongshu comrades at noon in our house for dinner, eating, Zhongshu tend to get fired one of his comrades to give him food to eat milk vetch, when Zhongshu cooking, I thought of A yellow dog, he said to Zhongshu or not that fried dishes, Zhongshu know I was determined to end, Zhongshu told me very patiently, milk vetch is generally divided into two kinds of toxic and non-toxic.One is wild vetch, most of them are wild in the flood side, next to the side of the road and ridge.This milk vetch leaf stem appears to be hairy, pale green floating in white fluff, if accidentally feed the likely cause poisoning, toxic milk vetch can only be used as a fertilizer, so the country folk will not just eat them.It turned out that milk vetch can become toxic fertilizers.    These non-toxic Zhongshu eating fried milk vetch, Zhongshu comrades eat while talking a lot of fun, talking about the things he’s armed forces at the time, she spoke chatted about Chinese milk vetch, he said. he’s in the army, his girlfriend not his girlfriend, when he went to the Pro troops, the girl is reading a book, then, he does not feel beautiful girl, looking for his girlfriend, he wants to be pretty knowledgeable.Unfortunately, the girl is very nervous and some large section, as boys careless look and not touch the edge of knowledge.    He was a soldier for eight years, girls finish high school after his family has been living in the care of his parents, to take care of five years, he shunned every home girl even advised the girl not to look for him, but the girl has been heard go.He had faced just sprouting fields of vetch asked the girl if he does not return to the countryside to marry her, she will think, she stood behind him, just in front of the fields that grow endless milk vetch, she said she did not know if she really did not do anything, but the sight of her own willing to wait.He felt she was right also very real, he could get no words to refute stall girl, he thought, a long time, the girl will quit and will not wait for him for eight years.    But did not think the girls really waited for him for eight years, really take care of his parents eight years, during which the girls often give him send a letter, the letter also often carries a photo of the girl, he said, the most beautiful girl in the photo is illuminated in the milk vetch flowers, the girl lay there full of milk vetch flowers in front of his smile, the moment he felt good gentle girl so beautiful, just like milk vetch swaying in the wind.His parents took the girl as his own daughter.When he was about to recover, the girl’s home out of things, the girl can not only go to Japan to work to earn money, after all, did not see him return home.Later, he knows that the girl has been so silly for him, he touched, he said he did not expect, like ordinary milk vetch was the same girl, has a strong personality like milk vetch, have the same character milk vetch.But it is such that he touched, for to do so on his return in his hometown girl, and the girl during this period he has been in the communications, the girl will come from Japan after to become his wife, and now, they are happy.I said then, although they so far apart, but both heart and mind at each other, rarely together, but his own actions expressed his sincere, which have been very happy.    Well, do not expect love, but a real action to tell each other their true.Look at those milk vetch has become the dishes on the menu, he eloquently piled Zhongshu and I said some things, do not think your side so you usually do not care, really, if one day you lose, then you not only lose It is those things, but a habit of those things, these habits, perhaps as part of your life, life is not easy, and the line and cherish good and!