Chinese New Year, then broom

Chinese New Year, then broom Wang Shangtong childhood impression of New Year’s Eve, in addition to excitement and joy, there is a sense of mystery and ritual.New Year’s Eve, the whole family stood in front of the hall, turn to worship the ancestors to burn incense tablets on a narrow table, kowtow, fireworks-filled, lively eating dinner, stay up the whole family fireplace.Then my grandmother before coming to catch the New Year’s Day, carefully sweep.Meanwhile, knives, scissors and other sharp hiding.In our country folk, the first day is considered the birthday broom.This day, all over the broom are disabled, otherwise it will get rid of the God of Wealth, sweep away good luck “jinx” would sneak into the door, meet the New Year at home disadvantage, and New Year’s Day, no knife, cut, to avoid fierce.The first day, the sound of firecrackers after another, the sound of each other in people’s New Year, the broom “off” day, quietly standing in the corner in front of the car, and bamboo Kei as partners, looks like a poor geese are swans.Month two days, re-broom “job”, but there are sweeping rules: You can only sweep from outside to inside the door, and never swept out from inside.Because, from outside to inside, enrichment gas can close regards, this peculiar method continues to sweep the first month.First month, celebrate Fortuna, shops unloading plated, open at.Bosses hand to congratulate each other, thunder drowned out the sound of firecrackers, “good fortune” of congratulations.Each shop guys, beaming out of the shop, went straight to the next telephone pole, where there are piling up pebbles and bricks, gravel and bricks are quietly placed the day before.Not return empty-handed each man shop.”Dispensers, BRIC!”” Boss, gold!”Treasurer hastened took the bricks, gravel, laughing mouth wide open, each person a red envelope.Boss to discuss “Lucky”, is called a good start, good luck, Caiyunhengtong.End welcome the God of Wealth, breaking the fifth day, brooms returned to normal “labor”, of course, knives, scissors weapon again these “appearances” carry out their duties, has returned to its original function.Broom, as the ancient Zhou.Also known as coma, comet called jinx it will be really more relevant.Who created by broom?In Xu Guangqi “agricultural policy book” and said: “” Yun “cloud: Shaukang for dichotoma broom.”There broom made of bamboo, there are sweet potato grass system, there are aloe system, sorghum rod system, there are brown silk, northwest splendens system, there is still plastic broom.There are some small broom, sanitation workers Dao of bamboo broom may have one high, Shao broom is cute and much more.Shao broom, ancient sedge, because with potato grass system, named Shao broom.Sedge in ancient times was originally ominous sweep out.”Zhou” in there “peach sedge,” said.Xuan note reads: “Peach, the ghost is also fear; sedge, brooms, sweeping it ominous”.Jin when his daughter married, has a dowry of Shao broom.I remember a neighbor from western Zhejiang, abdominal pain in children one day, his grandmother would take Shao broom sweep against the lower number tummy even a child, one, two, three, four count to seven, Shao broom thrown out immediately. ” seven to go, get out of here “, then close the door, folk thought, so kids can eliminate the bad smell, can cure abdominal pain.This practice is called “catch sweep evil”.In fact, the broom is not an unusual cleaning tool.Ancient it is attributed to agriculture, unrefined, is beneficial to eliminate the filth of the device.Broom played negative role like much, one is a late-bloomer called his wife to “jinx”; another “exclusive Garden” also has some: “Yi Xi, the East China Sea Xu Lan slave girl, was seized with Huang Lei, and wipe abnormalities were Sicha, the broom from a corner to see trends bed, is taking and burning, the slave girl that is calm.”Broom mischief, rare.As for the old witch riding a broom drill chimney, that is the foreign fairy tales.It is said, but also refining broom eyesight, open the Qing Ji Xiaolan “Huai West magazine” in the awe-inspiring hair catching tiger old hero.”Self-made man a decade refining arm, refining project years”, the ancient Jichang school shot does not blink first study, by lying next to his wife’s loom, eyes staring up and down the pedal, I saw a full two years.The man is refining the mesh method “Esau’s hair broom does not blink,” and for ten years.So profound skill, how to catch a tiger victorious?A broom, in popular culture of our country, contains ancient working people look forward to prosperity, happiness, good fortune, good wishes of good health, although some feudal superstition, has become increasingly distant from our modern life.But this deep sense of Chinese flavor, moist and it brings us joy!