Chinese rose open

Silently, rose campus already is colorful, blooming in the flower garden campus, road holly leaves, pine and cypress trees, corner nook.Open early with people in mind. Shun heart in the Rose Garden a few cluster is much deeper than the red flag, authentic Chinese red!Huge flowers bright, just like the garden of the national team, dignified and full of atmosphere!There are a few bundles are outside the red white and slightly smaller flowers, petal edge color deepened, flower and white, red and white, exceptionally well sculpted!There are a few bundles from the inside out Xirun jade pure pink, like the kind of traditional Korean athletes uniforms red.There are a few bundles are white, though not of peony flowers swaying is so quiet, but she Mazumdar elegant, graceful and neat.There is a large open flower, the size of the land actually out so colorful flowers, really amazing people surprised!Is specially choice when planting, soil or due to differences inch of land?In short Shun heart with a rose garden of the Indus pine fir forsythia white hair Zashu Yang and various leafy, really make people feel good, yearn! The school gate “Yuan Shan” stone diagonally opposite a cluster of orange rose, flowers large and more tender and charming, like a picture of beauty lip like to confuse your heart, she is a welcome sign campus!The campus around the central square of holly leaves, clusters of green rose break out of solitude standing, graceful, with that straight green parapet (central square around Holly) with rows of pine and boys and girls passing matched rivalry! Chinese rose, with the good junior high school mainstream flowers, not with the good junior high school Shabana!Forsythia flowers in early spring, mid-spring cherry blossoms in late spring Ma Ru flowers, spring flowers fade, rose only been open from early summer to late fall, frost and snow cover to open.Some even strong heart bud direct winter.Frost rose unless the parcel is the world’s perfect curtain call! Month rose in full bloom, I could not help but think of the good land of deep former glory – those old flower!We learn school age Pa Wang Yunlan set sail from here, was admitted to Kang, promoted NTUT, then across the sea, it is now the Industry and greatly aircraft designer software development, entering places of worship here, but also out of the test area champion Wang Jiangshan, later admitted to Tsinghua University, is the oil of Saudi foreign Office lawyer!Later 37 high class Hasty admitted China HKUST, 52 classes admitted to Renmin University of China Wang Xiaoli..Turn of the century with the good junior high school education was once the pearl of Yuanqu!He says with a little too early spanned. This magical land Yeah, that was the birthplace of Shun, Shun venture land; it is the heart of the mountain, the cradle of Chinese civilization!Hard-working and intelligent Shun Shun’s teachings with local people, defending the homeland, an epoch-making!Shun mountains can not stop the heavy local people to civilization to the world, can not stop building homes countryman Shun prosperity footsteps! Now the good land of deep sky blue air is crisp, the flowers quiet place, warm and tenderness, to our school as a regular flower rose generally good, all the way to fragrance, but each year!