Ching Lin article

Part one: I am the bridge side of a bridge side of I Ching Lin Ching Lin, leisurely floating in the shallow lake.A small green snake, play with me.  That day, drizzle, a Pianpianshaonian on the bridge, armed with oil umbrella, looked at us stare between.Green Snake slipped under the bridge, I blushed.  Autumn do, spend disability, I had to.  Green Snake smiled, swum to shore.Diffuse back, eyes faint love.  Long, five hundred years, I waited at the bridge side alone.  Is rain, smoke Wu Qi, wanton drift, stroking my face.Suddenly, five hundred years ago remembered playmates.  Broken Bridge, Jakunen.Boy, armed with umbrellas oil on the bridge, staring moist lake.I looked down, face down.Lake, slightly waves.Quietly, green snake atmosphere spread.Bridge woman, tender and absolutely clear, drizzling rain soaked Pathetic, delicate and charming.Is five hundred years, the bridge has been the vicissitudes of life decadent disabled.Drizzle again, I quietly floating in the lake.  Green snake slowly swimming, meandering around me.A different, Thousand.Green Snake shallow smile, tell a profoundly drunk love heart, broken heart for some edge.  I sighed sadly.I do spend residue to autumn.Part II: Ching Lin came from I do not know, I do not know where to go, she said..Toward the place to be, the place to go to, I respond.Followed by a long silence, the trees smoke point.The screen lights up again for a long time, she said: Afterlife is that I would only Ching Lin Buddha.I said: that inhuman.Followed by silence, and finally the permanent separation.  Before that I like Lotus, but today I began to hate it.  Legend of Buddha is a harbinger of the coming of Lotus, Lotus-like his mother’s face, lotus pond as big as the wheel, the last born of the Buddha standing on a lotus flower finger days, a finger and said: Tenjho, overweening!So all this world have become Lotus, Lotus means lotus seat, sitting on a lotus posture, lotus temple called the brake, do not dye the pure lotus realm, known as “Lin Bang”.Because I am not a Buddhist, so I feel that the sky world, overweening mad, then a little taste of the Nazis, at best, he can also ruled that some men and women, or that he ruled the sky world is simply one of the biggest illusion in my opinion, and or that the world is now too real to have to let him take up a half, and I think these will laugh.If you do not dye the pure lotus realm, known as “Lin Bang”, then a clean non-staining and all virtuous countries are not to be called “Lotus Republic of Germany.”?Lotus is not a natural mud stained, India is also a hot place, take the Lotus Buddhist metaphor is more appropriate than.  Not because I hate her words and Lotus, because I hate her hypocrisy and Lotus.A I want to love and not love, to hate and hate people who are not contradictory and blind, so she compromised the Lotus.  Buddhism say no wrong, people should not have emotions, people should not have unnatural, people should not over-emphasis on personal feelings, this life and the next life have to do is make a deal, this life have to do is surrounded by incense and beg incense candle, line the issue carefully, try to perfect as possible and good, try to clean ears, nothing being done as far as possible, try to balance between the living and the dead.Sauna net she should not have to do the repair nun.Nuns do not make the monk’s relatives, the Buddha is not lineal.Even the monks and nuns feel the Buddha, then it obsolete.Monk eating meat, the monk married, and Shang Shengzai, a monk a mahjong twist, a good monk, I like the monks prefer that a few dozen monks on the CS network message a few days ago, and this is not lonely, not boring between belief and unbelief, between the ephemeral and the spirit to find a shortcut, live Happy!  Why did she do such a mystery?No name, no background, no little bit of her story.It makes me very natural, as if my body off a light stand in a dark room, surrounded by walls are airtight, she was my peep hole in one wall, I could do it was unconsciously quiver flick.  Any who told me that he wanted to be a Ching Lin Buddha before I will fight back, but I always had the opportunity to attack her.Ching Lin said the worry was born in the river, I disagree large.Qinglian should be born in the dirt and covered with delusions of greed river, but only on this river out of Qinglian is consistent with the Buddhist sense.Say this is wrong.If you can be a lotus, lotus can be yours, just when there is ideology.If you filled in this situation with a desire to find this world of pure relief, we must also look for troubles in this world clean of heaven deliverance.This is relative relief, the relative relief is never freed relief.So no relief for people no matter where an ideal world.  If there is no relief in addition to human life to do, why should we make life difficult for their own moral?But unfortunately she could not have heard me say a.  People will pay a hopeless life and bergamot, and pay the next life, and this life force myself to hide in nature, then this life and the afterlife will be the same result.For a look that might be emotional, may be pursued.Instead of waiting a no result or the same results would be better with a temper, efforts to fight within the allowable range.  If I’d prefer to be that fancy stepping grass can be made from a bitter life in this world where, why was imprisoned by the.For a corrupted world who live out the meaning of Innocent style.  I hate to think of her own in front of a Buddhist Ching Lin.Said that because owed to past lives and reduced suffering today, but also with delusion and suffering of this life under house arrest in exchange for the afterlife reunion with relief.  What may not have received the Red ordeal before Ching Lin Buddha that a lot of money, perhaps without confinement Red Buddhist community also is nothing.I Who says I do not believe in an afterlife, but easy to promise my next life in hopeless love in.I did this a deception, and say that the Buddha is a kind of deception, but I’m talking about this or that topic when the Buddha should be far behind.  For anyone who can not be masters of our destiny.Even if we do not think Qinglian is a mud stained, even if we believe that somewhere in the afterlife who will be waiting for us, but it’s all silly delusions produced, is deceiving himself.But such deception in one particularly wants to be deceived when seemed so real.  I said I did not need to face the loss of hopeless kind of sustenance, in the face of reality I can not accept the need for a vent, but I will not put their hopes in the next life so irrational thoughts.  If I said wrong, there is an afterlife, then I would not want to be that a Ching Lin.If there Buddha I willing to let him banished to the most panic I lost most places continue to live truly, it was a.  So I will not allow her to say he was willing to be in front of a Buddha Qinglian, because that is lying to me, who live should respect nature, just as natural as Qinglian.